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    gracesmom09 posted:
    Hi everyone. Welcome to the new Single Parent Exchange. I created this as a place where we can post questions we may not be comfortable asking on other exchanges. I hope here we can discuss the struggles and joys of being a single parent. Please feel free to join and invite all single parents you know! :)
    transcriber87 responded:
    YAY!! I have been wanting a singles board for about a year now and that sounds great!! Weren't you on the 9-12 boards also?
    gracesmom09 replied to transcriber87's response:
    Yes I am on 9-12 months as well. :) I am hoping I can find some people to join this. They are just so many issues we can discuss like child support, dealing with the other parent, court/custody, every day living, dating (eventually!! lol). I don't feel comfortable posting about all of that on other boards as I don't think most can relate. If you know any other single moms please invite them!
    Baby1at35 replied to gracesmom09's response:
    Hi there
    I am a single mommy too. My husband passed away before my 2nd son was born. It is tough being the solo parent and it will be nice to talk with other single mom's/
    TheDeepBlue responded:

    I'm a single mom of one, a smart, beautuful 12 year old daughter. Raising a pre-teen on my own is just sooooo much fun, LOL! I've been single for about four years. I've been involved (dating) a great guy for three years. Its nice to have this place to share stories!
    gracesmom09 replied to TheDeepBlue's response:
    Welcome! I can imagine all the fun that goes with raising a preteen girl!! I am sure you have some wisdom for all of us single moms with infants. Hope to get to know you better!
    transcriber87 responded:
    I wish I could think of the girls name I was talking to that was also a single mom. I remember doing a poll on the 3rd tri and 0-3 month boards and there were hardly and another girl..gosh, I can't remember her name and I hadn't seen her post anything for a long time when WEBMD took us DOWN
    MISSBUBBLEYAJG responded:
    Wow this is a great idea...I really hope it can help us all out in some way...
    she_wolf_514 responded:
    I am so happy that there is a place where I can go to discuss my concerns. I have an almost 11 year old daughter and I am pregnant and due in a few weeks. I can't wait to gather all the information that I can since there is such a huge gap between children, and I hope that I will be able to help others as well. :)
    wonderland09 replied to she_wolf_514's response:
    Hello she_wolf_514,

    I have a pretty large gap between my two as well. My DD will be 12 on May 12th and my DS will be 1 on May 26th! I have to plan two totally different birthday parties but it's fun though. My daughter is a big help with DS. She's like a second mommy to him. There is still some jealousy because he needs so much stuff and attention and she is used to getting it all, but it's not nearly as bad as it could be if they were closer in age. These big age gaps must run in the family because me and my sister are almost 17 years apart! How is your DD feeling about the new LO?
    she_wolf_514 replied to wonderland09's response:
    I'm not quite sure what all the dd and lo stuff means LOL. My daughter is totally excited and on the ball. She even did extra chores around the house for my mother so she could go and get a bassinette for the baby. She is going to be a great big sister. I have included her in a lot to help out with the jealousy issue. As for all of your May birthdays I can relate. My bday is May 14 my triplet siblings bday is May 23 and I'm due on my bday. We can't wait. My daughter is singing to my belly every day "come out come out where ever you are baby sister" its totally adorable.
    stonger5 replied to she_wolf_514's response:
    This is kind of neat.... single moms board (as far as I can tell if there are any single fathers in here sorry..) Well first off I like to say whoever thought of this has a totally awesome brain!!! I have needed something like this for the past 3 years!!! I have a 2 year old little girl who will be 3 this year! Time flies by so fast. I went through a hard time from the very beginning. Just still need some answers and would like to talk to anyone that has went through everything that I went through and how they manged. I don't want to feel like that I'm the only one that has went through hell. (sorry but its the only way to discribe it) Your help and advice is my much appriciated
    MISSBUBBLEYAJG replied to stonger5's response:
    *Stronger5-Welcome to the boards! This was a good idea wasnt it? lol This board isnt very active but I check in with it every once in a while.. My daughter is going to be 2 years and yes the time flies!! I have pretty much raised her since day 1 by myself which def wasnt part of the plan but it has made me stronger. :)

    So why was it hell for you if you dont mind me asking?? I would have to say there have been plenty of times where I wanted to pull my hair out, I didnt understand why I was left to do this all by myself, but this little girl I wake up for everyday reminds me she needs me as much I need her.
    she_wolf_514 replied to stonger5's response:
    anything you want to know just ask me. im more than happy to help out with anything that i can. also im sure that with such a big difference in ages im going to have questions of my own again too :)
    justthe2 responded:
    being a single parent is very hard and it's good to know there is a lide line out there

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