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    New at this but need child support advice among other things
    allisonsmomma posted:
    I have a four month old daughter and her father and i split up in july. He is on ssi so he doesnt have to pay me any child support i am on welfare right now and get 453 a month, but on top of the ssi he has a side under the table job that he makes 25$ an hour. Up until recently he was sending me money to buy diapers etc. but now he says he isnt going to help because we got into a fight. I need his help financially but him and his dad made me feel like such an ass. they said that the only reason that i had a baby was so that i could get money. So even though i need the help i feel like a piece for asking for it, i dont know what to do. i mean i have the right to want him to help financially right or should i just say screw it then? My other dilema is that i am at a moral standstill i guess you could call it, i want to be the best mom and i am doing my best right now its so hard. I want her to have a dad but i really cant be around him and i dont want him around her. I feel like if he cant help me financially and he isnt responsible with his social life that he shouldnt get to have all the benefits of seeing her grow up etc. I just dont know what the right thing to do is. And i feel like i should know what is best for my baby because i am her mother but at this point i dont know if its best to let him be around her or not. god i feel like i am rambling but it feels great to be able to talk to other single parents that might be going through what i am. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
    allisonsmomma responded:
    and to add we live about 8 hours away from eachother. him in bellingham me in spokane. i have my own apartment now but he is living in a trailer on his dads property (which is one of the many reasons why we split up)
    kristinmarie722 replied to allisonsmomma's response:
    So he doesnt pay any support because he is on SSI? (sorry I dont know the rules). I would again try to apply for child support (if you havent already).

    He seems to have things easier bc he does have this side job and is living on his dad's property. And it doesnt seem fair. I agree my ex lives with a roomate, and I have our old apartment. He makes more $$ then me and pays $400 a month to live with his roomate. I pay $600 alone in rent.

    I wouldnt try to keep him from your DC, but I wouldnt be driving 8 hrs for him to see her either. Especially if he isnt helping you with money because you got in a fight. That is just stupid. He doesnt sound very responsible.


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