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    Acting out
    RockerMommie posted:
    I am currently going through a divorce from my husband and my 2 1/2 yr old has recently started acting out. I also just had a baby about 7 weeks ago. He wont listen, seems to do everything he can to push each and every button I own. I swear he spends half of his time in time out or having things taken away from him. He knows that daddy doesnt live with us anymore but I dont think he understands whats really going on. It sucks right now cuz daddy gets to be the fun one since he only sees him once a week and gets to take him swimming and out to do fun things. I unfortunitly have to be the tough one as I am trying to raise him and my other son alone, with no money.

    Did anybody else's child act out during or after the divorce and if so how did you handle it? I need help I am so tired of yelling at him by the end of the night I just cry once I get him to bed. Any advise would be greeat!
    summer_is_here responded:
    May I ask what split you two up?
    ya352 responded:
    I have a 7 year old and a 3 year old. Both of them acted up around this age. Some of it may be connected to the divorce, but a big part of it is often just the "terrible 2s". At that age they are trying to assert themselves. Divorce might be a contributing factor.

    SO, the only advice I can give - pick your battles! A lot of times they do what they do to see how you'll react. If your son sees you react a certain way, he'll want to confirm that it works the same way every time and will do it again and again, especially if he know that's what gets you going. It sucks, but it's completely normal for them. Often, if he doesn't see a reaction out of you, he'll stop after trying it a few more times. So, bottom line - if what he is doing is not safe for him or the baby - that has got to stop. If it's a question of something that's not that important - let him at it for a few times and then he'll stop on his own if he doesn't get a reaction out of you.

    Read up on "terrible 2s" (which, by the way, will morph into terrible 3s before too long). THere is a ton of literature and lots of good advice on how to handle 2 year olds. Most of it will probably be applicable in your situation.

    Good luck and hang in there!

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