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    a vented day..
    in the life of a struggling single I hope you all dont mind...
    This is pretty much a pity party vent, so please dont mind me. I just need to get this out because Im too emotional today. So I had to take Celeste to daycare again today. I left my house at 7:10 and trying to time the buses and everything right was hard since this is my first morning doing it(yesterday my morning started late) Well I ended up walking all the way there, it took me 50 minutes! Im so upset because this is really early, Im trying to figure out which would be the best times to leave plus I feel terrible for bringing Celeste out this early. This is not her routine, its cold and I dont feel its fair to bring her out and walk a flippen hour to take her to daycare so I can work all day. Im not enjoying this one bit. Im thinking what if it rains one morning, luckily summer is coming up so it will be getting warmer much warmer in fact. This is AZ the infamous hot weather. Im tired of being late to work, granite this is only my 2nd day of doing this, Im already frustrated with this. I know there are people who are worse off but times like this I feel like Im constantly struggling no matter what I do. Seems as though life tends to be a little easier for others and I feel like Im doing something wrong. What am I doing wrong, when I feel like Im trying so hard yet struggling to stay on top?? Im doing my best for my little Celeste but she only deserves the best, I dont feel like Im giving her a good chance. Im torn. I was venting yesterday too I feel like Im being pulled in all these different directions all the while trying to just be me. Im not sure I even know who that is anymore, but Im still so thankful because you know what..looking at Celeste even thinking about gives me hope, hope for a better tomorrow. Im thankful its the weekend, but I know there are obstacles Im going to have to tackle tomorrow too, I just keep going because I have no other choice. Ugh...
    PrincessNYC responded:
    It really is tough having to leave your house early to drop DC to daycare. The guilt never ends. My daughter is in preK 3 now. And utilize early drop off so I can get to work early so I can leave early.

    I hope you enjoy the weekend and weather. I also hope you feel better.
    ImMe26 responded:
    I remember you from the pregnancy boards...I posted under a different name...dont rememeber it, if you dont mind me asking what happend to your SO? if im being nosey just tell me...I remember thought that you two were together and seemed fine...just curious...
    MISSBUBBLEYAJG replied to ImMe26's response:
    Hi. I dont mind, hes been in and out of jail pretty much. Hes in jail right now and is looking at some prison time. We have had a very long and complicated relationship, and at this point Im not sure whats next for us.

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    My son was born in December of 2008, and I was physically and mentallt abused by his father when i was 5 months preganant. He just got out of jail in ...More

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