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    Dark spots on my neck - What is this?
    toffeefriday posted:
    I'd like to get someone's opinion about some darks spots that appear on the front of my neck. I do not have diabetes (I took my A1C test 2 months ago and was in the normal range, though very close to falling into the pre-diabetes range). These spots are only on the front of my neck. There are no other dark spots on my body.

    I've been getting dark spots on my neck since 2008. I went to a dermatoligist a few years ago when I first noticed a dark spot, but all she said was there was no cure and she prescribed me a tropical/skin lightening cream to use if it bothered me.

    These particular dark sports just recently appears about 7 weeks ago and I've never seen an outbreak like this one so bad. They don't itch, but they are really dark. When they first appear, the skin is flakey...but the flakeyness (sp?) disappears a few hours after the dark spot appears. It's very strange.

    I don't use soap on my neck for fear of making the dark spots worst and I haven't change laundry detergent or anything of that sort. I can't figure out why they are occuring. As far as I know, I do not have any food allergeries and I stay out of the sun most of the time. I live in the Pacific Northwest, so it's not like I get much sun to begin with. I didn't have dark spots show up until just a few years ago.

    Any ideas? It's more of a psychological trama for me than anything else. I am able to hide these spots for now since the weather is still cool/cold and I can wear turtleneck shirts and sweathers. However, when spring and summer come, I do not know how I'm going to be able to hide these dark spots.

    Any suggetions on what to do? Has anyone experienced this? Any insight on this situation is greatly appreciated!

    Mary Ruth Buchness, MD responded:
    Dear toffeefriday,
    Don't despair. Something is causing this pigmentation. Because of the scaling that is there when it starts, I think that something is causing inflammation in the skin, the end result of which is the pigmentation. If you have a university hospital near you, go to the dermatology clinic there. You need a skin biopsy to determine the exact nature of the problem. Once that is determined, a treatment plan can be made. Good luck.
    Anon_3114 responded:
    My BF had the same looking stuff on his neck, and arm pits. His doctor told him it had to do with the way his liver was processing, and that basically it happened because he was overweight.

    He's lost close to 50 lbs and the marks are now all pretty much gone. He was almost pre-diabetic when they started appearing, too.
    toffeefriday replied to Mary Ruth Buchness, MD's response:
    Dr. Buchness,

    Thank you for your input! I met with the dermologist this morning and got a skin biopsy. The doctor said it would take 1 to 2 weeks to get the results back. Unfortunately, I wasn't too impressed with her. I actually had to suggest that we do a skin biopsy. She said that because I am of Asian ethnicity, that it is not uncommon to have dark spots on my neck. I really don't buy her excuse and I wish she took me more seriously.

    Anyway, as you can see from the latest picture, the dark spots have gotten worse since my previous post almost 1 month ago. I really hope I am not forever scared like this. I also have some discoloration at the corners of my mouth and chin.

    bbcom responded:
    Hi,toffeefriday,may I know how's the result of the skin biopsy? becos I have a fren having the same symptoms as u but she also found the black spot appearing in her armpit. She is very worried about this.Hope to get ur reply as soon as possible.
    toffeefriday replied to bbcom's response:
    The skip biopsy came back negative. No fugus, no cancerious cells, etc. The doctor said it's just dark pigment and there's no medical cure for it. I've been using heavy skin cream to cover up the dark spots (the same kind of cream that is used to cover up tattoos). It's frustrating, but all the doctor said that these spots will very slowly fade away...but that it will take a few years.
    bbcom replied to toffeefriday's response:
    I feel sad to hear of this news. I really hope that u will get well soon. Cheer up
    evesgarden42 responded:
    I have had the same spots and Ancanthosis Nigricans for a couple years now. ANd i too was at risk of becoming diabetic. the embarssing dark neck mad me feel insecure.

    What you should do.
    • Buy a Aleo Vera plant, not juice, and not cactus. Every single day put some on for about a hour. It dries fast,so keep reapplying.
    • After you put the Aleo Vera wrap it with plastic and you have to exercise, until you sweat alot, mostly aroung the neck.
    • Shower and after reaplly.
    • Then finish with a cream calles PURE KOREAN GINSENG.
    Do this every day. I've only used it a short while, and it itches, but don't scrath. I have almost lost all my ancanthosis, abd the rough dark spot are now smooth greyish, brown spots, In so little they are almost gone.
    I have tried alot of things and doctors don't help. They told me too, that because I was hispanic it was not going to leave, but it does.
    Hope it works!
    bbcom replied to toffeefriday's response:
    Hi, toffeefriday. Have u ever heard about SNE capsule. U can search for the info about this and there are testimonials of this SNE capsule which u can find online. Try to have a look. I hope it's helpful.
    bbcom replied to Mary Ruth Buchness, MD's response:
    Hi, Mary. My bf has the similar case like toffee/ I would like to ask have u ever heard about SNE capsule. In ur opinion, is it safe to use the SNE capsule for toffee's case since she cant get help from doctor at this moment?
    Mjstix responded:
    Hi ToffeeFriday,
    I too have the same patch you show on your picture. I have been exfoliating to keep the flaky layer that comes up and then it's smooth, but still there. I've put expensive creams that just lightened the patch a bit and then I bought the cheapest skin bleach cream from rite-aid that actually worked better than first creams. I've been searching on the internet and found a cream on the website:

    Has great testimonials and I'm going to purchase a jar this week. Take a look and maybe you can try it too. Won't hurt. Good luck and I hope we can be rid of this one day soon!
    Vvhhk replied to evesgarden42's response:
    Thanks, for your suggestions, I have dark spots around my neck, not a diabetic, or a pre diabetic either.
    Doctor said its photo-sensitivity and gave some steroid ointmtment, but it did not help.
    But Aloe Vera is helping ,I can see the difference in 3 days, yet to buy Korean ginseng cream.
    craycraypartay responded:
    know this is really late, and you might have cured it already, but I just couldn't help but share this. I had the exact same problem. It was there for 6 months at least. At first it was small and unnoticeable, but later it started to spread across my whole neck, to a point where I had to pair every outfit with a scarf. I was going to meet with a dermatologist, so I went to my mom to see if she could reference me to any. My mom asked me if I'd ried cleaning it. I had, but I'd just wiped it. She told me to scratch at it with my fingernail, and to my great surprise, it worked!
    Just rub on some soap, and scrape away at it with your fingernail. I'm so glad I went to my mom first. The marks were there because I didn't clean my neck enough. Whenever I take a shower now, I make sure to get my neck!
    Hope it helps!
    toffeefriday replied to craycraypartay's response:
    Thanks! I tried that, but it didn't work. Now my neck is very red from scratching at the dark spots. It's been over 1 year now and they are still there. I had my A1C test taken again last month and the doctor ruled out diabetes again. My blood sugar level was also well within normal range.

    Someone on here mentioned using aloe and buying the product Pure Korean Ginseng. I did all that, but the spots are STILL there no matter what I do. They haven't gotten any darker, but they haven't gotten any lighter either.

    These dark spots on my neck have ruined my life! I can't date anyone because of how ugly my neck looks. I'm constantly wearing turtle necks and scarves to cover up the spots. No man is going to want to marry me because of my dark spots. I'm very depressed.
    toffeefriday replied to toffeefriday's response:
    This is what my neck looks like 1 year later... no change.

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