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    Includes Expert Content
    Anon_164915 posted:

    I've been suffering from melasma for more than five years now. I've gone through countless of products and still have not found anything to help diminish my dark spots. I have several spots on my cheeks, upper lip, forehead.

    I was wondering if anyone has had luck finding a product that has helped diminish their melasma.

    If not have you found any makeup that provides the right coverage without looking too cakey? I've heard of Vichy dermablend, coverblend, dermaflage, and colortration. But don't know anyone who has actually used them.

    Any help will be appreciated, I'm very self conscious about my melasma.

    Thank you!!!
    Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
    Dear Anon,

    You do not have to resign yourself to living with your melasma- treat it and feel confident in your skin again (without heavy make-up).

    Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. It is very important that you see a derm, not another doctor that has a clinic saying they are a "skin expert."

    As dermatologists, we only study and treat skin and understand the best treatments for different skin tones.

    Basic treatment of melasma includes broad spectrum sunscreen at ALL times, lightening creams (there are now many safe ones out there without hydroquinone) and retinoids, as well as adjunctive chemical peels or laser treatments.

    Please feel free to read more at my website if you would like:

    Most importantly, please do not lose hope
    musicdeb replied to Mohiba K Tareen, MD's response:
    I have melasma as well as a result of PDL for rosacea. I've been using hydroquinone and retin a since Sept. 2011. Nothing has changed. The dermatologist, who I will not return to see, told me that I could no longer receive PDL for rosacea.

    I did not have melasma prior to PDL but I've had it since April 2011.

    I hate it and very self conscious.
    Minerva78 responded:
    As of about last summer, I have developed some darkening spots on my forehead and upper lip. I am extremely self conscious of both of them as I do not want to look like I have a mustache, and the other is right in the center of my forehead and either looks like the Harry Potter lightening or the makings of a Charles Manson-esque marking. I hate it. I have recently started using retinoids and a lotion designed to get rid of the dark spots. (Philosophy's Help Me and Garnier's dark spot removal's got a broad spectrum SPF of 28, as well). I also use Nutrogena's at home microderm abrasion.

    For make up that isn't cakey, I use Clinique's Even Better foundation and the perfect matte pressed powder. And in case I have gotten a little too much sun, I sometimes use Bare Minerals concealer powder. Use brushed to apply everything.

    I haven't been using the lotions for very long...maybe three weeks, but I am really hoping it helps fade them. My skin looks a million times better...certainly clearer and brighter. Maybe one of these things will help you?
    mia123456789 responded:
    hey ... i would suggest you to try INVICIBLE SCARS.... It's really effective against scars , melasma and stuff... i used it for my acne scars....and have read testimonials regarding melasma too ... it's really scars vanished in 3 weeks approx. it's great i tell you ... would recommend you to consult its website ..
    good luck
    musicdeb replied to mia123456789's response:
    Hey Mia, how old were your scars? I read a review from a dermatologist who said the product may not work on older scars. I would like to give it a try for my melasma but it's quite pricey. I've tried Retin A and hydroquinone with no results. I'm wondering if Invicible Scars will even work.

    Just wondering...
    Mohiba K Tareen, MD replied to musicdeb's response:
    Dear Readers,

    I would love to hear more reviews on the Invisible scar product.

    For melasma resistant to topicals, chemical peels are really good adjunctive treatments (and typically much less expensive than lasers).

    My colleague, Dr Iyer (a famous NYC derm) just wrote this article about chemical peels and melasma:

    I hope that helps
    musicdeb replied to Mohiba K Tareen, MD's response:
    Dr. Tareen, for one who has rosacea with the melasma, are not chemical peels bad for those with rosacea?

    Thank you
    mia123456789 replied to musicdeb's response:
    Hey.. my acne scars too were like 1 or 2 years old and the cream really worked... you can even check out the testimonials where people who had really old scars used this cream and it worked...but still ... i would recommend you to fully consult the website or even your dermatologist if you are unsatisfied.. but i personally would love to suggest INVICIBLE SCARS because i am very much satisfied by it ... Good luck anyway Hope you get well soon
    melaniebie replied to mia123456789's response:
    want to try this product . can you please tell me how effective it is? i have c-section scars which i want to remove so badly... please tell me more about it
    mia123456789 replied to melaniebie's response:
    sure ... it contains dual vitamin C complex which is always a beneficial vitamin for our skin . InviCible is non-greasy and hypoallergenic acne scar treatment. Since it does not contain common skin irritants like preservatives and fragrances, it is far less likely to cause a break-out than most other acne scar care products.Also,it contains Silicone gel (Dimethicone) which helps soften scars and increase scar elasticity. Silicone gel is effective in the treatment and prevention of hypertrophic scars.I love this product like anything... it is effective for all scar types. it works tremendously...
    010081 responded:
    Yup as other suggested Sunscreen is must. So if nothing is working on you you may need to explore about other conditions that might be aggravating your melasma like oral contraceptive pills, hormone replacement therapy, and certain cosmetics that causes phototoxic reaction triggering melasma needs to be avoided.
    dustinscott replied to 010081's response:
    This is a common condition, characterized by well defined, brown pigmented patches on the cheek, forehead and upper lip. The lesions are usually symmetrical. It is mainly seen in females, occurring during pregnancy and in those who are on oral contraceptives. Lesions may fade in post par-tum period or after discontinuation of oral contraceptive but often persist. Treatment consists of avoidance of sun exposure and use of sun screens like paraaminobenzoic acid (5-10%). Tropical application of 2-5% hydroquinone with 0.1% retinoic acid and 0.025% triameinolone acetate may be useful

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