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    Bf doesnt like me wearing makeup !
    nnd123 posted:
    Well to start things off i am 19 years old and my bf doesnt like me wearing any kind of makeup. So I want to go for a more natural look. I have green eyes and usually used a plum or dark brown color eye shadow and that kinda stands out what others color could i use to make it more of a natural look ? The same for eye liner to what color should i use. No problems for lipstick because i only wear chap stick. Just need sugesstions with shadow and liner ! Please HELP!!!!
    rednewbie responded:
    why doesn't your boy friend like you wearing makeup? I think that is the first question. And then the second question is do you like to wear to makeup? I know this sounds silly, but 5 days a week I wear make up.. very light and natural but I still apply even though most days I do not leave my house. I wear it for me, so I when I look in the mirror I don't see how tired and yucky I feel. (I have crohns)

    I say do what you want for you... If you want lighter, more natural go for it. Just use a good set of makeup brushes and apply light layers at a time. The mineral makeup is great, and usually looks much darker in the packages then when you apply it.

    Good Luck. Gin
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi there,

    Neutral eyeshadows and liners like taupe and beige colors as well as neutral shades of blush can look very natural. A no makeup look though doesn't mean no makeup.

    I would also ask yourself why you want to please your boyfriend so much as it's your face and what you want matters more than what your boyfriend wants. Please think this through as your boyfriend shouldn't be able to control what you look like or what you wear.

    Good luck!

    - Annie
    nnd123 responded:
    Im not really sure why but when i do wear it he always says why do you have makeup on and i said because it makes me feel good and he says that im wearing it to attract other guys......Yes i love to wear it .....I just think that if i go for a more natural look he wont notice it as much and than he will shut up.....
    MizzCurious responded:
    Sounds that your bf is pretty possesive, just because you wear makeup doesnt mean you are trying to attract other guys or are trying to cheat on him. I thinks thats something you need to think about or address with your guy. He should trust you are respect your decesions ( as long as you are trustworthy & faithful to him)! good luck
    angelwings82 responded:
    have green eyes also and i like to wear urban decay make up. they come in a wide variety of colors and they can be applied lightly and still not overpower your face. have you tried almay play up the green? it's a compact with three shades that make you green eyes appear greener. and on one side note if you let your boyfriend ave control over you now he will for the rest of the time that you are together, learn from my mistakes, honey! good luck with everything and i hope that i was a help
    rednewbie responded:
    As always.. it seems I start my posts with a few questions. What age range are you and your boyfriend? he sounds very immature.. And why does he shower, wear deorant, or brush his teeth? Because that is part of looking presentable. Makeup is the same thing. You want to look nice and feel you look good. Its not about "trying to attract other guys".

    Honey, I hate to say this. But........ is this guy worth it? As I mentioned before I shower, and apply makeup daily. I think it makes me feel better, and the only guy I want to keep interested is my husband. Would yours prefer if you only wore old sweats and stopped caring how you look? Doubtful. if so, he is a fool!

    Care about yourself and do what you want to do. Tell this boyfriend to get over himself and trust you. Make up or not.

    Good Luck honey.. Gin
    Cali_gal responded:
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Cali_gal,

    Please take a real good look at your relationship with your boyfriend. A relationship is built on trust and not on jealousy and control. Your boyfriend's issues with how you look are a big warning sign to you that you could be in an abusive relationship.

    Please read this article that I pulled up for you:

    Domestic Violence - Topic Overview.

    Take care!

    - Annie
    rednewbie responded:
    This is so hard.... First I have a teen daughter and second I am so soft hearted I tend to want to hug everyone and make them feel better....

    Cali gal... Dump the boy... Sorry sweetie, I know you most likely love him and want to be with him.. But trust me, if he is controlling your makeup, your friends, your eating habits, your social skill and your own mental being will be the next things he tried to control.

    A good relationship is not controlling each other, nor doing exactly what the other wants. Its about compromise AND making the other feel good about themselves. You are suppose to built your love one up, not beat them down literally or figuratively. Today, its your make up, tomorrow its your friends, and then your family and with all that gone you will feel like you need him and he is the only one who cares. At that point you will have a horrible time getting free, and find yourself actually believing he is the only one who cares...

    Wear that make up honey, feel good about yourself and kick junior to the curb if he can't let you be who you want .

    Hugs, Gin
    princess1031 responded:
    Yeah I kinda understand what your going through! Well kind of.. I'M 19 and so is my boy friend, and he doesn't like me wearing make up either. But its because he tells me I shouldn't have to wear make up because I'm beautifull w/ out it. So he perfers me better w/out it, but to tell you the truth i feel like a look horrible with out it. => So i still wear it, just for my own self esteem ya know? I feel prettier w/ make up.. So if you dont feel comfortable w/ out it or if you like putting make up on then dont stop just because he tells you not to wear it. His reason is a stupid one because he should be able to trust you. Keep wearing makeup how you like or stop wearing it, but which ever one you choose do it for yourself not for what your boyfriend tells you to do. Good luck!
    sabrina_lawton responded:
    I think it's cool that your boyfriend doesn't want you to wear makeup. If he is mature and loves you very much, it is a sign that he loves how you look in the natural, which is wonderful! My husband doesn't like me to wear make up either but I do wear a little foundation and eyeliner. I like the fact that he likes me all natural! Ladies, did you know that most men surveyed do not like makeup! Ladies, we spend more time trying to impress each other than we do trying to impress guys! I'm sure there's a survey on line to prove my point.
    Mickieg14 responded:
    When I was first married to my now ex husband he wanted me to stop wearing makeup. I was too young and inexperienced at the time to know that this can be one of the first signs of an abuser. Turns out my ex-husband was an abuser. In your situation I would wonder why the boyfriend wants you to stop wearing make up. Is he asking you to give up other things, for instance contact with family and friends? I wish you all the best with your relationship while urging you to find a check list for the signs of an abuser....just to be safe.
    Mickieg14 responded:
    I am very concerned when you say your "boyfriend doesn't allow". I hope that you and others will read up on the signs of an abuser. Here's a site that might help:
    oneprettymommy responded:
    Let me tell you a little story. I am a 32 year old married mom of 2, but I am really lucky to be alive today. When I was 16 I fell madly in love with a 23 year old man, who was first. He was my dream man and treated me like a queen, and was gorgeous too! I fell head over heels in love with him the same day I met him and we were saying "I love you" by night 3. After he knew I was hooked, he VERY SLOWLY started to change. He started having me spied on school, started taking away all of my make-up, telling me what I was "allowed" to wear, and so on. Then he started yelling at me. THEN he started acting like he was going to hit me. THEN started shoving me. THEN he started choking me. THEN he started hitting me. Then he started getting creative with it. He would take his big, dirty hunting knife and put it to my throat while screaming at me. Or taking his loaded shot-gun and putting it in my mouth. He eventually broke my jaw and I lost several teeth. He also used to sodomize me and force me to perform oral sex on him to completion (if you know what I mean). I wasn't allowed to drive my mom's red car, because "I looked like a whore". I wasn't allowed to visit my grandmother, for reasons still unknown. The last incident involved him attacking me so violently that, in 32 degree weather, I escaped from him and ran about a mile barefooted to a convenience store to call the police. I had no money, and the cashier wouldn't call the cops because she knew who I was and who my bf was. She was scared for herself. I managed to survive the 11 months we were together and get the strength to move on. The point of my story is that I really want you to watch for these slow, subtle changes and if they start to occur, run for your life!! I lived through 2 relationships like that. You may not be so lucky. Please be careful. You are so young and have your whole life ahead of you. I am not lecturing you. I am warning you. It just sounds too familiar. If you want to talk to me come see me at

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