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    What plastic surgery...
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    What plastic surgery would you like to have? Bigger breasts? Different nose? Get rid of that turkey neck? Maybe an eye lift?

    If money was no object, what would YOU have done?

    Take care, Olivia
    butterflygarden responded:
    I'm only in my early 40s, but I already have some wrinkling in my neck. Ugh. It's gross. If money was no object, and I KNEW that everything would go perfectly, I'd do it in a hot minute.

    You know, when i was in my 30s, I never would have thought I'd even consider plastic surgery. I guess stuff changes when you really start to see the age showing. Or it did for me.

    Monamia responded:
    Upper arms first; whether slim or overweight, they've always been heavier than the rest of me and they influence what clothes I can wear (always buying bigger, always covering my arms). Then it's a toss up between lifting breasts and dealing with the jowls. And just tightening all around. After years of dieting, gaining, dieting - and gravity playing a part - things are a bit looser than I'd like.
    tenuli responded:
    Eyelids first (they droop and have tags), then nose (everyone else in my class did it at age 16, but not me; now I'd really like to have it made a bit smaller), something to fill in the scar on my cheek, then liposuction my chins; and last but certainly not least, a really good tummy tuck. Babies are hard on a body!

    I stopped worrying about my breast size in high school. I am naturally on the small side there, but saw how much pain my sister who is a DD cup experiences and vowed never to wish for anything bigger than I already have.
    hecate2752 responded:
    I'd like some kind of smoothing done to my lumpy face. Also I'd love it if I could get my thighs reduced!!
    Shelly_Kaye responded:
    If money were no option, I would probably have a face lift and a tummy tuck.
    SusieBee13 responded:
    You mean what wouldn't I have done! Although it's funny, Jamie Lee Curtis was just on Oprah yesterday, and she was saying she had some things done, even the flabby arm thing done, and she said "it doesn't work" You'll still always see who you are or were, when you look in the mirror. Point is, you have to like who you are inside to like the person outside, no matter what surgery. It was funny though, as she waved good-bye at the end of the show, there were her arms swaying. She laughed as well as the audience. She's great.

    Yet, I'd still get an eye lift and some botox. Also a breast lift. Gravity is killin' me.
    Devaster responded:
    I have never really thought of plastic surgery for myself, unless I were in an accident or had a disfiguring illness. I love those Dove (?) commercials with the people with real bodies--none of them perfect, but each uniquely beautiful.

    I think if money were no object, I would probably use if for something else. But then again, maybe I'd consider a tummy tuck. As a PP mentioned, pregnancy can be hard on the body.

    I have family members who have had, or want to have plastic surgery. My younger sister surprised me by saying she thought a 'vaginal rejuvenation' would help out her sex life. I wanted to ask 'So when is he getting his 'penile rejuvenation?' Shesh!

    TeeW responded:
    If money was no object, I would probably pay for children who have disfiguring birth defects or injuries to have reconstructive plastic surgery. The stories of children with severe burns, bone issues, etc, break my heart every time.

    I can't imagine any scenario in which I would choose plastic surgery for myself. I like myself, lumps, bumps and scars. The risks far outweigh any remote benefits I could imagine for myself.
    Lursa_Duras responded:
    If money were no object, then my appearance wouldn't be an object either. I'd be myself – sags, wrinkles, and rolls – and too rich to care.

    I'd spend the money to restore an old muscle car before I went under the knife to change anything about my appearance. It's just not that important.
    pinksapphirelady1 responded:
    Hmm...if money were no object I would have liposuction or whatever it takes to get rid of the cellulite on my thighs. It's not fair that some women DON'T get cellulite but that's the way it is. I've seen marathon runners with cellulite so it must be genetic. I would fix my spider veins too!

    I would also fix the acne scars on my face with fillers.

    A boob job? Nope. Nobody tells you that the small breasts that you have when you are young won't stay small as you get older. And a breast augmentation doesn't last forever and I wouldn't want to have to have them redone down the line. You can always tell someone with fake breasts, they look fake and that awful ridge on your chest, ugh!

    Now if someone could invent something to get rid of gray hair permenently!
    Spotdogs2 responded:
    I would like to have my legs, thighs and backside done. Also my arms done. I had gastric bypass surgery done four years ago and can not afford to get the plastic surgery done that I would love to have done. All this hanging skin has no place to go.
    ChinkyChinkChinkaroo responded:
    I've always wanted bigger breasts, but since I've had two kids, one via c-section, I'd love to have that skin removed with a tummy tuck. I'm 26 and can't stand to show any part of my stomach due to stretch marks and that little skin pouch.

    Harley19145 responded:
    If money was no object, I would probably have an overhaul! From my weight fluctuating from thin to heavy. I would love a dermabrasion, breasts, tummy tuck and lipo. Heck, go for it all!

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