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    Any advice on beautifull Lashes??
    princess1031 posted:
    Hello Everyone! Alright well, I was just wondering if any of you ladies have any great ideas for getting longer beautiful eyelashes!? Mine aren't very long, and I was just wondering if any of you knew any tricks or something to make them look longer, any makeup tips or just anything! No I don't want any Rx or anything like that, I was looking more for like house remedies or something.. Any advise is greatly appreciated! Thnks in advance! =>
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    H there,

    The new cosmetic that comes out this spring called "Latisse" which is manufactured by Allergian will make eyelashes longer. But it's a budget busting $120 dollars a tube for a 30 day supply.

    See my post here to read more about this.

    My suggestion is to not use waterproof mascara as those can be hard to remove even with eye makeup remover and the extra effort that it takes to get off waterproof mascaras can damage the lashes in the short term.

    A good diet for your hair that incorporates vitamin B and biotin may also be helpful to you too.

    I've pulled up this article for you:

    Top 10 Foods for Healthy Hair for more ideas on incorporating foods to improve your hair including your eyelashes.

    - Annie
    SoFabulous responded:
    I think the best thing is to eat properly, take your supplements: especially, biotin (for hair, skin, nails) or any prenatal vitamin will assist also.

    But short of using the Rx Latisse which can temporarily(?) darken the color of one's eyes; as well as affect one's vision. It's best to thicken your lashes with either individual lashes (preferred by most makeup artists over the strip) or the new mascaras that vibrate (thereby distributing more product) or specialized applicators like Guerlain's new duo brush mascara. And it's essential to use an oil-based cleanser which will remove all and any types of makeup.

    Yes, yes, I know - you may have oily skin but Shu Uemura has an amazing range of products that when used properly will remove all makeup, including waterproof mascara. As an oily/combo skin person, I've never been happier since I've found their cleansing oils!! Shu Uemura's products cleanse and balance my skin with amazing results.
    kimichelle responded:
    I hope this helps you, when I put my make up on I leave my eye lashes as the last thing I do on my face. I use Maybelline Volum Express I find that it is the best one for me because it not heavy and way my lashes down. So make sure that the mascara that your using is not heavy and oily. After I curl my lashes I apply mascara when I am finish I use my hair dryer on low cool air and blow the cool air up to dry the mascara my eye lashes stay curled! (Dont put air directly front of lashes, tilt your blow dryer to face up under lashes to set the curl & mascara) By drying the mascara I dont get smudges of mascara on my lower skin under my l eye lashes. I use to get that racoon look from all day wear of mascara till I started drying my lashes. We dry are hair and style it, It works to set your lashes and set your crul style too. Good luck.
    judy38135 responded:
    Hi, I agree with previous posters - using a strong ingredient with the potential to harm your vision is simply not worth it. However, I use some skin care products from This company is headed by a biochemist with many years of experience and an excellent reputation. She has created a product called Brow & Lash Serum with KGF (keratinocyte growth factor), which actually promotes growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Lots of good reviews. Here is the link if you would like to try it: . I use it myself and it truly does make eyelashes and eyebrows grow. It does not happen overnight, but neither do the results of RevitaLash, Jan Marini or Latisse happen overnight. Best of all, it's only $9.50 and should last a minimum of two months, if not longer. It comes in a mascara-type tube with wand. You just swipe it on your lashes like mascara. Lots of good advice in this thread. Good luck, whatever you choose to try!!
    PeekoSanchez responded:
    Several women have told me they brush olive oil onto their eyelashes, some weekly, some every night before bed. My lashes don't need lengthening, so I haven't tried it. Like what Annie and some other posters said, your diet (including drinking enough water) can have just as much of an effect on your eyelash health as what you externally apply. I'd definately give olive oil a try. Apply it with a clean mascara wand.

    You may also want to try using a more lash-friendly mascara. Most commercial brands, from the cheap grocery store junk to the high-priced spa junk, contain chemicals that aren't helping your lashes, no matter what promises are made on the label or how weird the applicator looks. There are some organic brands out there, but, depending on what you're already paying, you may find them to be too expensive. Do a search for "organic mascara" and see if any tickle your fancy and wallet. Just keep an eye out for imposters posing as organics but are full of the same harmful chemicals as the non-organic stuff.

    Good luck!
    wuzacna responded:
    ok well, i was blessed with long eyelashes. I also know how to make your lashes look longer by the products you can use. I have been usng the same masara for 30 years now and some people have asked me if I actually wore fake lashes. when i went to modeling school they taught us a trick some people today do not believe, they choose to do the opposite. Try Great lash mascara, the darkest color, by Maybelline. This mascara is awesome! ONLY apply to the tips of your lashes, seriously. Continuously go over them until your desired look. Do this by looking down into a mirror so you don't smudge them. Make sure you DO NOT use the waterproof kind because it does not have conditioner in it and if you use the waterproof kind it will dry out your lashes. So use the regular brand. I have tried multiple mascaras throughout the years and found this brand the BEST.
    Diva08 responded:
    To remove the harsh waterproof mascaras (and all other makeup) I use Purity Made Simple from Philosphy. It's gentle enough that you can actually open your eyes while washing your face and yet it takes everything off.

    As to make them look longer, years ago we use to lightly brush baby powder over the lashes (and old theater trick) and then apply mascara. These day I use the Mineral Veil from Bare Escentuals to do that. It's a lot finer milled than baby powder. I too use good old Maybelline. Lining the top of the eyelid with an eye liner helps the lashes look thicker. Here again, I use the Bare Escentauls line. Also lots of water and a good diet help too. Good luck!
    pinksapphirelady1 responded:
    I won't use waterproof mascaras because I think that they make my eyelashes fall out. I can never seem to get the mascara off very well even with eye makeup remover.

    I'm starting to take some Biotin supplements as those are good for hair and I figure well if it's good for hair then maybe it will be good for eyelashes too.
    Johnnie38 responded:
    I think the best thing you can do is to not use waterproof mascara, it is too difficult to take off and may damage your lashers. Do use a makeup remover and wash your face before bed. Mascara is tough on your lashes. I'd skip curling your lashes if you are doing this currently. It may be damaging your lashes. Do try one of the new formulas of mascara. I LOVE the new Lash Stilleto. Best thing about it, it washes off with baby soap.
    LisaJennettWood responded:
    Lashes...well all I can say is that I have tried both kinds that my company offers. One truly lengthens and adds volume without evening curling them. And the formulas are water resistant. I stopped using water proof upon learning about animal by-products. I went botanical and love educating others on the options out there. It's amazing what we don't know!
    Nikkichik17; responded:
    If you coat you eyelashes on both sides, it really makes them look longer. I saw someone do it on TV once advertising some brand of mascara, but I tried it with mine and was really impressed. Just coat your eyelashes like normal, then do the top side as well. Hope this makes sense- worked for me!
    Lew2626 responded:
    I just ordered the new lash strengthening mascara from AVON! Can't wait to try it, as I have the same situation as you. There is so much information on their new tested products that are have been #1 product provider since 1885! You can now order online, 24/7, from 50 states and get FREE shipping with a 100% Guarantee!
    An_207986 responded:
    I have short lashes like you do. I've tried Revitalash and it really did not make enough of a difference to tell. I've tried many different mascaras but my lashes still looked short. My favorite look was when using the semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions and flare eyelash extensions, but to have them applied properly by a technician and maintained every 4-6 weeks can be quite expensive - always got compliments, though. I've finally settled with applying the strip invisiline eyelashes (short length - which are longer than my own lashes)...they are easy to apply, look natural, are reusable and very easy to remove as well. Oh, and they are not that expensive, either. E.L.F. Cosmetics has a decent strip for $1.00 each. Another good website to purchase both strips and individual/flare extensions (if you want to attempt applying them yourself) is through Madame Madeline...great website that always provides discount coupons and specials, too, along with great customer service.

    Good luck!
    Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to Annie_WebMD_Staff's response:
    As this thread is at least a year old, I'm updating it with newer articles about the eyelash growing prescription drug Latisse .

    Here's also a couple more WebMD articles about this topic:

    FDA OKs 1st Eyelash Drug Latisse

    Hail Latisse! The Eyelash Enhancer -- Dr Robert Kotler's cosmetic surgery blog article about Latisse.

    Lashing Out: Make Your Eyelashes Grow -- WebMD Commentary from "Marie Claire" Magazine.

    So how many here have or want to try Latisse?

    - Annie

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