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    Includes Expert Content
    Zenora Laser Safe?
    juls94 posted:
    I've been researching the safety of the Zenora laser procedure. It just sounds too good to be true - laser lipo with no pain, no incision, no recovery and an avg. loss of 3-6 inches of fat and cellulite. It says it doesn't hurt any surrounding tissue, the price is reasonable for 6 treatments. After having my kids I've just got a tummy I can't get rid of and this sounds wonderful but I'm worried about the long term effect and if I change my diet and exercise will it stay off? I haven't read a single negative thing about this procedure yet.
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi juls,

    As with any elective cosmetic procedure your safety is paramount. Be sure that the clinic that you are thinking about has done a lot of these procedures. Find out what types of possible complications there are with any type of laser liposuction.

    You may want to read Dr Kotler's blog as he has several blog entries about how to choose a doctor and what to look for safety wise.

    Tummy Tucks and Liposuction .

    I've also pulled up this WebMD videoclip that you may find helpful:

    Reshaping with Power Lipo!

    - Annie
    An_207987 responded:
    Hi Juls,
    I just finished a six treatment of zenora. It does work, I am really impressed.
    I got the offer thru Groupon, for $999.
    There is more to it, tho. You have to purchase a supplement, Curva. I did not do this, but they recommend it. The laser still worked for me. You have to wear compression(think skin tight squeez) underwear for the entire two weeks. You also wear a thong and bra during the treatments. It is 20 minutes on front, 20 in back. very quick, no pain,no heat. Be sure you wear the goggles during the part that you lay on your back.
    I have seen results this week and that is after my last treatment. I go back again for measureing one more time. I have, so far, lost an inch on my waist, two on each thigh, an inche on upper stomach, none on hips.
    I did not go down a size and that is very dissapointing, but I have hope that it will happen soon. Oh, and you have to folloow a low fat lifestyle and get 30 minutes of cardio in every day
    All in all, if you are serious about getting rid of some fat and will work for it, go for it!
    An_248205 responded:
    I lost 12 inches in 2 weeks with Zerona (the record 2 week loss for the clinic at that time). Cosmetic results were dramatic. During the first session I began to have a tingling/vibration sensation. The odd (non-painful) sensation continued and was recurrent during and in between procedures. I was told this was unusual but that it may be due to it working so well for me. It made me feel a little "fluish" and was told this was a common comment from patients. However, I continued additional weeks of treatments over a period of time because the cosmetic results were so amazing. I was forced to discontinue treatments because I became too ill with flu-like symptoms and low grade fevers. The recurrent tingling/vibration sensations did not stop, nor did the flu-like symptoms. During the weeks of Zerona treatments I began to experience extreme abdominal swelling which I did not correlate with Zerona at that time. Over a period of 13 months I have been examined by 16 specialists (including the Mayo Clinic), had multiple tests as well as complete open abdomen exploritory surgery to determine the cause of the extreme swelling (which now also effects my hips and thighs). It has been determined that the swelling is lymphedema caused by damage to my lymphatic system, likely from being overwhelmed during the Zerona fat loss procedures. I can no longer stand or sit for prolonged periods (more than 1 hour) without extreme lymphatic swelling. I did not have a condition contraindicated for Zerona treatments. Those with the best results may be at the highest risk. I believe the FDA needs to look into labeling changes for the Zerona device. Both clinics I visited followed the approved protocol.
    Mohiba K Tareen, MD replied to An_248205's response:
    Thank you for your experience- it is very valuable.
    Good luck with the lymphedema.

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