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    How often do you color your hair?
    Annie_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Hi Everyone!

    It seems like most women and quite a few guys color their hair. Whether you color your hair for fun or to cover gray hair, how often do you color your hair?

    I color my hair light brown and I find I need to do a root touchup at least every 2 weeks to keep the gray away! I think I'm obsessive about gray roots so I won't go more than 2 weeks without touching up my roots. I don't pull the color through the rest of my hair though or that would make it too dark. I generally use Natural Instincts by Clairol and I have to leave the coloring on for longer than the suggested time to cover gray well.

    How about you?

    - Annie
    granny199 responded:
    Annie, I do mine about every 5 weeks and by that time its really faded out. I usually use dk blonde Excellence by Loreal or nutrisse. I like the warmer tones. I believe natural instincts is not permanent??
    granwithms responded:
    Hi all

    I have mine done at a salon every 6-7 weeks.My natural color is dark brown but I have it colored a medium brown with lighter highlights. Doing it every 5 weeks would give me better 'root' coverage but I'm too cheap to go that often. I'm a 66 year old grandmother with no intention of going gray soon!

    I love it!

    granwithms aka Coleen from Kent, Wa
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi there,

    Natural Instincts is a level 2 hair color so the bleach isn't as strong by volume and doesn't lift out as much color as a level 3 does. Level 2 if for if you are up to 50 percent gray and not changing their natural haircolor drastically. A level 3 color uses a stronger volume of bleach and is good for covering gray if you are more than 50 percent gray or if you are changing your hair color more than 1 or 2 shades from your natural hair color. I have used permanent colors too but they tend to leave my roots too red as the bleach lifts out too much brown. So for now I use Natural Instincts since I'm not looking to change my natural hair color.

    But definitely it takes a bit of experimenting to get a good color match!

    - Annie
    rltrgal responded:
    I color my hair every 4 to 5 weeks. I use Preference Medium Auburn and have been using it for about 12 years now. My hair is in excellent condition however, I don't use curling irons or other appliances on it. I usually wash it twice a week and only blow dry it at that time. My hair is long, straight and fine, but thick. Even though the directions say to leave on the color for a max. of 25 minutes, my beautician told me to put on the roots for 30 minutes, then apply balance to rest of hair for 15 minutes which is what I do. I have heard that reds fade the worst of all colors but L'Oreal has been improving the product to the point where the fading has lessened quite a bit over the years. I started using this product before I turned gray at all so not sure how much gray I have but I believe it to be about 50%.
    kelli727 responded:
    I'm the same way! If i didn't have any gray i'd not color at all. I go for my touch-up every 3 weeks. I can't stand any gray peeking thru. I did find that going a little lighter in hair color helped make it blend in better, making it not as noticeable, anyway, that's what i do. Kelli
    kabe0821 responded:
    Hi Annie, Glad to see someone else admit to coloring their hair every 2 weeks! I guess I'm a little obsessive, too! Every 2 weeks for me. I don't know if it is as obvious to others, but I just cannot stand to see the white roots. I use Nice and Easy, in med. ash brown, leave on the roots for 30 min. then add to the rest of my hair for 1 1/2 to 2 min. Just to refresh the color, and not build up too much. Just glad to read others also color it this often!!
    mariflo913 responded:
    I have my hair done at a salon every 5 weeks to cover the gray; I have dark brown hair with lighter hilights.
    meksthi responded:
    I am looking for a plant based hair color, I have my hair colored about every 5-6 weeks at a Salon. however, My stylist does not know of any plant based. I have been hearing that any hair color that we use unless it is a plant base, can be a real health hazard?
    pbj35 responded:
    Hi Annie ,..I'm 59,..and color at least every two wks....because I de-sensitize my scalp during my teen yrs...I'm unable to use coloring / hair is black and graying is around ears and temple.. and since I'm not ready for the whole graying .........yet.. ..I will continue to rinse......anything with peroxide and amonia.would be disasterous for I will rinse and rinse. hmmmmmmm...I wonder if Natual Instincts would work for me? Pbj
    Cotten1946 responded:
    Hello. What I've not really noticed here is the care colored hair should get. Not only for the sake of healthier hair but it retains the color better. The shampoo used can strip the color out much faster then that gradual fade. The color you are using can also allow re-growth to show way too soon. I color my hair about every six to seven weeks and sometimes even longer. The fade out is so gradual it merely looks like different levels of hair natural hair color - no one has ever thought I needed a retouch. Shiny healthy looking hair can go a long way!
    rosierider1933 responded:
    Natural instincts... Roasted Chestnut...covered gray very well - dark warm brown. Just used it last night and will wash out in 28 shampoos. Very gentle product. I don't usually color my hair, but my husband said the gray wasn't very flattering!!! He then said I looked 20 years younger...please!!!! Rose
    Sakuralin responded:

    I only color my hair once every 3 months. I will be 60 soon and my hair line is white. I color my hair dark brown and use a natural product from the health food store. No smelly ingredients to leave your hair with that smell after you are finished. I use a hair color crayon on the newgrowth that works great. I have hair past my waist and it is in nice condition except for dry ends. It is easy to cut it myself and I do so a little each time I color. Linda
    cheina00 responded:
    I use an Aveda salon you can go to the offical web @ which uses the following: Full Spectrum Deep? Creme Color for Dark Hair Transforms dark hair to light?vibrant, true-to-life tones from a single, simple process. All from a 93% naturally derived* formula, so color is healthy-looking, luminous?and it's gentle on the Earth as on hair.

    Shades of Enlightenment? Advanced Lifting Creme Hair Color Blondes awaken with the first permanent hair color system that's 97% naturally derived*?capturing the active energy of plants.

    Full Spectrum Deposit-Only Color Treatment This 99% naturally derived formula* delivers rich color that lasts up to eight weeks. Treatment formula actually improves the condition of damaged hair.

    Full Spectrum? Protective Permanent Creme Hair Color A 97% naturally derived formula* which delivers superior permanent color that resists fading?keeps hair shiny and essentially damage-free.
  • from plants and non-petroleum based minerals
    Heather_Savann responded:
    I color my hair about every 3-4 weeks. My natural color is dark brown with red tones. I use light or medium golden brown shades to keep it close to natural because i'm fair-skinned and the darker shades look harsh! I like Garnier has fruit oil extracts, and the after color conditioner is excellent. One day I'll let it all go gray, but i'm not ready yet! I hope it's not soaking through to my brain...

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