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    Going Gray - would you do it?
    Annie_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Hi Everyone!

    I've been reading the most fascinating book, "Going Gray - What I Learned About Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, And Everything Else That Really Matters" by Anne Kreamer. She wrote an article for "More" magazine a few years ago that covered the same topic and turned it into a book.

    She is one brave lady to decide to ditch coloring her hair brown and although she doesn't go gray without a transition and help from her hair dresser, I think the book is an interesting experiment in what it means in this society, especially for women, who decide to go au naturel with their crowning glory.

    I myself won't go gray, I'm going to be coloring my hair brown forever! I'm also a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to coloring my hair and touching up roots. I have a celtic complexion with freckles and I think I would look totally washed out with gray hair.

    My mom on the other hand has an olive complexion and her silver hair shows off her youthful face.

    But gray hair doesn't mean no maintenance. Just because you decide to go gray doesn't mean that you can let yourself go or wear your hair unstyled, in my opinion.

    I think gray hair.... if you are a baby boomer and want to look good and look youthful... means taking care of your hair and your face.

    Anyway, that's just my opinion, but whether you are thinking of giving up the bottle of hair dye or not, this book is a fun read!

    - Annie
    metabolicwreck responded:
    I'm getting older--kicking and screaming all the way! I don't have much gray yet, but what I have is in front around my hairline, so of course it's what I see. I've never colored my hair, so I was a little apprehensive, but my hairdresser put on a semipermanent color a little lighter than my natural color, so it colored the gray without doing much to the brown. I could see that it made a slight change in the brown, but not much, and it has stayed a lot longer than I expected (it's probably been about 6 weeks, and it's time to do it again. And, I definitely will.) BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY!!!

    The Wreck
    lkcltd responded:
    YES, I did. I have been silver gray for about 2 years now. And I love it. I only go to the hairdresser to get a trim about every three months. I am 56 yrs young, have very little wrinkles, skin is very nice. Just the other day someone told me if I didn't have the silver hair they would guess me to be about 40 something. Wow what a great compliment. So don't be afraid to go money on hair coloring. Embrace the age thing.

    cmh1959 responded:
    I am 49 and probably 3/4s grey. My mom was grey very young. I am dyeing, dyeing, dyeing. My roots show in about 2 weeks. I am young looking and not ready to go grey-but it would sure save me a lot of work!!!
    MsOvl responded:
    I don't feel I have time to color my hair so I let it go gray. My family all grayed at a young age. I have waist length straight hair. I personally love the look and get many compliments (especially from men ) I do go once every week to have a good hair wash because it does take a while to shampoo, and sometimes starts looking yellow. Loving my gray hair.
    bikergrl21 responded:
    NOPE,,not gonna do my doo!!! Im 45,,,grays are starting to come,,but for me,,,I earned everyone of them,,and plan on "showing" them!! Plus I know its much easier with short hair to go gray..I do get lots of compliments until I dont.....

    Holding strong in Jersey.
    40Something1960 responded:
    I imagine someday I will do it, I mean I can't imagine coloring it forever, especially if I lived to be 80 or something it would look pretty silly to be loreal 5 G at that age.....

    but I was only 24 when I started getting too many white hairs to pull. I had been pulling the white ones since I was 20. I couldn't color at that time because I was pregnant. I have been coloring since I was 25, and now at 41 I would be snow white if I quit. I am not ready to be snow white at my age.
    MinervaStar responded:
    I actually had to laugh at this topic. I have been getting grays since I was 16 and at first I would pull them out, its one thing to go gry early its a whole other thing to still be in high school!! But after graduation I stoped pulling them out as much, but even now at 23 there are a few here and there that I'll pull on just because I'm annoyed with them lol. Honestly though I dont mind them most of the time and have even stoped trying to hide them by styling my hair. I know that gettng greys early is just a family thing and I have come to accept it because after all there are more important things I need to spend my money on then dying my hair. Though I did get highlights over the summer and it did a pretty good job blending the greys into my dark brown hair, though I missed my natural red highlights that had been over powered by the blond.
    ml28 responded:
    It takes a lot of courage to "go grey". Initially, it will be feel awkward, I'm assuming. I color my hair now (at home, since its too expensinve to do it out), and have been doing it for 5 years. I can't imagine just "turning grey", but I have a friend who did just that, and I must say, she looks awesome! She has short hair, so it suits her very well.
    Shamrog responded:
    I stopped colouring my hair so long ago I can't recall. I'm almost 60 now and am salt and pepper, I like it. Although I wished I would go that lovely white.
    grandma832 responded:
    HI kids! I'm 76 and didn't start coloring until I retired in '93, then when I went on chemo, I had to quit. After that, both my husband and daughter kept on my case - -" don't color it, it looks too good!". Consequently I saved my money and heeded their pleas, and now that I'm 76 most people think I'm 10 years younger! Don't bother - - you'll find that most people treat you more kindly than if you were only 55-60! one of the best parts was when my daughter (56) and I were flying back from Texas when I was approached by an older, nice looking gray haired gentleman and we carried on quite a conversation on the plane. My daughter's nose was a little out of shape, but I loved it!
    davidsju responded:
    I had some gray in high school. I dyed my hair for over 30 years, beginning when I was around 32. I retired at 59 and finally decided to go gray at 62. It was the most liberating thing I have ever done. No more time spent coloring hair and no more dry split ends. I'd love to look younger with dyed hair, but it really isn't worth the trouble. I'm 68. The wrinkles are showing. I'm proud of the fact that I'm active and healthy, even with the white hair. (Fortunately, mine is a nice shade of white.) I cannot imagine ever deciding to color my hair again. At a certain age, dyed hair begins to look silly, and you aren't fooling anyone at all.
    tkc0623 responded:
    Well I have been salt & pepper (kind of silver) gray for the last 2 years. I'm 57 and I like the look--I do keep my hair short and styled. I also seem to need to wear more color in my make-up.

    Not only am I happy to not go through the burden of dyeing my hair--I'm also concerned about the health problems that hair dye can cause.

    Gray can be beautiful--don't be afraid!
    yavaughn responded:
    I am 31 yrs old and last month I noticed 2 gray hairs toward the front of my head. I freaked out about it and pulled them out. A few days ago I noticed 1 hair basically in the same spot as the last hairs. I look much younger than my age (sometimes people think I'm half my age or even about 22). I definitely color my hair about twice a year at the hair salon, but when I start seeing the gray hair more (hopefully not too soon) hair coloring is going to be my best friend.

    My mother started going gray when she was 16 years old. I'm not as calm as she is about hair going gray. She told me I getting too dramatic about it and that it's a part of life.
    coltschrissy responded:
    Hi, all! I have been 25 since 1998. When I turned 21, I was straightening my own hair for the first time and counted 25 gray hairs. Since then, I have been getting them in groups and bunches. Until about 10 years ago I had more gray then both my mother and grandmother combined!!! I have only died my hair 2x's (once for my 10 yr anniversary of being 25 and then again when I went on vacation). Even though I have a lot of gray, I still get carded and still think I look good. I earned every one of my gray hairs and cannot imagine dyeing my hair all the time! Besides, my oldest daughter just turned 18--I would almost be unnatural NOT to have gray hair!!! lol

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