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    Orange-brown spots on hands/feet!
    Mollygizer posted:
    I know this sounds odd... but a three times in the past year I have awoken in the morning with these weird orange-brown stains --some like spots, some more like smears -- on the palms of my hands, and the first time on my feet. It's dry, has no odor, does not itch, does nothing but be there. It also comes out of my nailbeds... and it washes off but then sometimes comes back an hour later, lighter and even in different spots, like it wasn't done showing up when I washed. Anyone have any idea what this is? The first time was October 2008, and I took pictures. The first time was the worst. It's happened once or twice since then, milder, and normally restricted to my hands and not my feet. This is a link to pictures of the very first time:

    It almost looks like dried blood, but not. I'm not bleeding, nor is the boyfriend I'm sleeping with, who is spotless. Suggestions given so far are too much beta carotene, but I had sloppy joes last night and the only carrots I had were in a little bit of leftover mixed veggies from a can yesterday morning... and someone mentioned hypothyroidism to me but I can't find any evidence. My friend the scientist even said there's a disorder where people sweat colors and next time to see if it glows under blacklight (!?), but I find this far fetched. Please help!!!
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi there,

    Please realize that it's not possible for anyone to be diagnosed over the internet. If you are having problems with your skin then please see a doctor or a dermatologist for help.

    You may want to use the Symptom Checker tool to pull up WebMD articles that may be helpful to you before you visit a doctor.

    Good luck!

    - Annie
    Juanmarais responded:
    Hi there, this morning I woke up and had the exact same thing. I noticed about three days ago these strange brown/orange stains on my left ring and middle finger - thought nothing of it. But this morning it is all over my hand and started to appear on my right hand aswell.I know for a fact that I have not touched anything that could give off this kind of stain. I just moved to China and Im freaking out that something big is up. Did you manage to get it diagnosed?
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Juan,

    You may want to take a look at the water supply to see if it's loaded with iron or hard minerals if you notice rusty stains on your hands or on your clothing.

    But in any case it's not possible for anyone to be diagnosed over the internet. You may want to keep a journal of what you are doing, eating, and what products you are using to bathe and wash your clothing if you continue to have the orange- brown spots.

    Good luck!

    - Annie
    rebarnick9 replied to Juanmarais's response:

    I just woke up with the same exact thing on my right hand. Looked liked orange reddish brown dried blood (almost the color of iodine). I was just, within the week diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, possibly Graves' disease or Thyrotoxicosis. I just started and iodine free diet yesterday that is supposed to last for 2 weeks until my uptake and scan testing. I eat alot of junky food full of iodine (you would be surprised to know how much food contains it) for a small 35 year old women with 2 small kids. It was almost as if iodine was leaking out of my body and staining my skin. The stain started to go away within and hour or two. Could the stain be connected to the thyroid?
    kw071 replied to rebarnick9's response:
    I've had the same exact problem. I've woken up in the morning and had the same spots you described. I just found out where i got the spots from. We have stink bugs outside my house. They are worse then they've ever been here and i've been killing them like crazy. I noticed that i stepped on one with my sock on, and had an orange spot on my sock. I took off my sock, and there was a stain in the same spot on my foot. So, apparently if you step on a stink bug or smash one with your hand... they stain your skin. Usually stays stained for 4-5 days then fades away. Not sure if this could be the same problem as you guys... but if so let me know! I'm curious to see if anyone else had this problem. I've been looking all over the internet to try and find out why i've gotten these marks... and was laughing after i found out what it actually was from.
    kw071 replied to rebarnick9's response:
    I had the same problem, then found out i was stepping on stink bugs and it was staining my skin.
    aldalpia replied to kw071's response:
    I woke up this morning to find an orange smudge on the back of my left hand! After the reading all of the posts, I'm a little torn as to what this might be. I had a dose of radioactive iodine yesterday for the treatment of thyroid cancer from Graves disease. Someone earlier had mentioned something about thyroid problems which made me wonder... then I noticed a STINK BUG in my bed after I went to the bathroom and came back into my room. I may have accidentally smooshed it in my sleep with my hand?! Curious to see if anyone else is experiencing this, either with thyroid problems or stink bugs!!!! LOL
    friendlygirl123 responded:
    Did you ever sold the mystery of what caused this? I am having the same problem right now. It started on my feet, and my daughters as well. Now a couple days later I woke up with a small spot on my hand. It's driving me crazy!
    Fluffybo responded:
    I woke up with strange brown stains on my hands, similar to what you are describing and I have determined they are from food preparation, specifically yellow, orange and red peppers. I found other people out here on the interwebs with the same stains from peppers. My stains went away after about a day or two.
    amyclare88 replied to Fluffybo's response:
    I would also like to know what this is. I woke up yesterday with this. On both of my hands. It looks like something was splashed or spilled on my fingers. It is odorless, tasteless, and does NOT wash off in my case. It looks like iodine or henna stains - neither of which have I come in contact with recently. It seems WAY to plentiful to be a squished stink bug - nor did I find the remains of any in my bed and I haven't seen any in my house recently. I am stumped.
    spacecadet65 replied to Annie_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I think its possible to have this if you have too much cortisol in your body. I've had this this last week on my hands and feet. I haven't seen neverless killed any stink bugs .I live in a high rise condo. but i do have some trouble with the adrenal gland and thought that might be causing it. I will check with my endoconologist at the end of July. I hope for us it isn't serious but this is the first I;ve seen or heard of it.
    xjaredx replied to spacecadet65's response:
    I've had this problem when i was around 10 years old, i have now been quite curious as to what this may be. It has been over 5 years but can you keep me updated.
    Mktgbling responded:
    I would strongly suggest for you to go to your doctor and ask to have your cortisol and ACTH levels tested. My son has been diagnosed after three years of going from doctor to doctor with an adrenal deficiency. Since being placed on his hormone replacement therapy to replace his cortisol he has these orange/brown spots on his palms from time to time. This usually happens when we have him on higher cortisol doses (called stress doses). Your cortisol and ACTH levels can be tested with a simple blood test and are typically ran in the morning before 8am to produce the best results. Also look up information on adrenal fatigue, addisons disease and adrenal deficiency to see if any of the other symptoms associated with this condition may pertain to you. The symptoms are broad and random and most fall in the realm of things you would not put together ... Blurry vision, dry mouth, tiredness, fogginess, dizziness, low blood sugar, upset stomach, and the list goes on. Hope this helps.
    xjaredx replied to Mktgbling's response:
    Well for me at least, some of the other symptoms do add up, i recently got glasses because of blurry vision, and i'm literally always tired. But this orange rust stain like rash only appeared once like 5 years ago it only appeared on my feet soles. Anyway, are you saying coristol/ ACTH levels could have been the reason, i have never took any hormone replacements, and could my cortisol/ ACTH levels still be out of wack even though it has been 5 years since the orange spots.

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