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    Recurring bumps on my head?
    Derek_J posted:
    3 years ago ever since i found nice lost hat at the ski resort i worked at( i assume that was the cause) I have been getting very painful bumps on the top/back of my head. It only occures 2-3 times a year and it is most annoying august-september these last 2 years. Neutrogena shampoo seems to get rid of it in a few weeks so id assume it must be psoriasis or dermititis since thats what the shampoo says it helps but since its in my hair i really cant inspect the bump. They are very painful to the touch, they become crusty and i pick at them a lot and i often pick some shards of skin out of my hair afterward. Also a wierd thing that seems unrelated but it really only happens during the outbreak, I get a small bulge on the right side of my neck, it doesnt hurt unless you press on it and it isnt very noticeable but its obviously different to the touch. It seems to go away after the stuff on my head goes away too. I understand this is probably something i cant actually completely get rid of but i would really like to know what exactly i have
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi there,

    Please realize that it's not possible for anyone to be diagnosed over the internet.

    In the summer one may be sweating more and having a more oily scalp which may also mean that one has breakouts on the scalp too.

    But to find out what the bumps and lumps are please see a doctor for help!

    - Annie
    Derek_J responded:
    you dont think i thought about going to the doctor? i no longer have insurance and im not going to pay a doctor to help me with something that i am able to fight with shampoo. and i dont believe that its impossible to be diagnosed over the internet, i explained it fairly well, if i was vague about something then i can try to explain better but do not tell me to see a doctor.
    susiemargaret responded:
    hello, derek --

    you asked us not to tell you to see a doctor, so i'm not going to tell you to see a doctor. but i do ask you this, with respect but also curiosity -- if you can treat with shampoo whatever this is, does the name of it really matter?

    i'm also wondering if you could enlist the help of a friend (even tho it might be a little embarrassing) and bend your head over so that one of these places shows. your friend could either describe it or, even better, take a picture of it (do cell phones have that kind of resolution?)? idea -- maybe a hair stylist or barber would do this, then no problem of embarrassment with a friend!

    then perhaps you could find articles thru google or wikipedia or other internet resources that show pictures of different skin problems. another idea -- look at a library book or medical textbook on dermatology, which is almost certain to have relevant pictures and try to identify it that way.

    -- susie margaret

    PS -- the diagnosis that you will be getting, however, is your own; i doubt that anyone would be willing to say, "oh, you have XYZ," without qualification.
    Alfae responded:
    Hi, Three years is quite a long time to suffer with painful outbreaks. Please see a Dermatologist right away. You may have a chance at getting rid of it completely at its source. I hope so for your sake . In addition ask for a CT of the bulge on the right side of your neck. Three years has been enough to deal.

    Feel better soon!
    loriekel responded:
    Hey Derek, I have the same thing. I don't know what it is. It must be dry skin. I wonder if maybe allergies are the cause, mine have gotten worse over the past few years. Well, I hope this eases your mind.
    undefined responded:
    I get sours on my head they go away over time then they start reoccurring in a different spot this has been happening to me since 7th grade I'm 29 I been to a hospital one to mAny times and one told me it was opisha the ointments never worked or the shampoos. Tgel,, tea tree oil, Zink oxide ointment some other ointments. I've noticed my glands in my neck swell up I have a bad issue when it comes to picking at them they are very sensitive to the touch like a nerve it bothers me when my hair moves by it. I have a scar that looks like a snake from my hair line to my shoulder .it's not just one it's 3 to 4 at a time.

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