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    Going Crazy w/Uncontrollable Itching!
    965km posted:
    I have been itching uncontrollably on my back, my stomach, my chest, my arms, my neck and my shins mostly at night for about a month now and it is driving me INSANE! I have eczema which is part of my problem.

    I have been to the doctor's office and they gave me some advice of what to avoid: no hot tub, use Dreft or Ivory or any other laundry soap (not detergent), do not use Bounce dryer sheets, try not to "overuse" cortisone creams/ointments (not sure what overuse means - I was using it 2xs/day - only trying to use 4-5xs/week now since it can burn your skin). I've been following this advice over two weeks and nothing is helping. The doctor also said I could take 2 Benedryl before bed to see if that helps and I upped the dosage to 3 the last two nights and they kept me awake itching and they have not helped.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    lgil85 responded:
    my itching started 10 months ago. its my stomach, back and sides mostly, and sometimes back of legs and arms. tends to itch more frequently around areas where my clothes hit closest....waistline, under bust, and stomach and back if ive worn a tank or cami.
    I changed my tide detergent to a hypoallergenic arm and hammer brand, switched scented downy and bounce sheets with non-scented. the changes relieved the itch some, but its still there.....and its recently gotten worse because of winter (which always dries my skin out)
    i had my water tested (for unrelated reasons) and found out the water has very high chlorine levels. Im wondering if the water i bathe in and wash my clothes with is the culprit. im moving in a few months so perhaps ill know then.....
    need2know replied to need2know's response:
    My doctor convinced me to go back to the dermatologist, however, I also started researching latex and mattresses. I found a lot of information regarding tempurpedic mattresses and there are huge similarities in the itching associated with people who own these. I do not have a tempurpedic mattress, but our mattress does include latex. Does anyone else have this type of mattress? I will be asking the dermatologist to test me for a latex allergy. I believe I am allergic to latex because if I wear a band-aid I have found I get a rash underneath the adhesive area. I will also start sleeping in a different bed to see if this is the culprit....
    wrench replied to need2know's response:
    I have had this problem at least 5 years it will drive you crazy . I went to my private Dr and he put me on a pill that is called R.A Allergy Med capsule and this seem to help me out a lot . I have never used any type of cream. I only use ivory soap and gain detergent to wash my clothes and gain dryer sheets . I have never been to a dermatologist. This was bothering me tonight and thought that I would look after all these years to see if other people had these problems. I must tells you this is a small capsule but will make you sleepy so please if your Dr gives this to you please take it at night only. As long as I take this medicine at the first on set of itching it works very good, I hope that this will help someone. Please let me know
    aguidette replied to darkangle4056's response:
    I am trying to figure out what is causing my Itchy skin..mostly on my hands and forearms but seem to be getting some on my torso..My dermatologist. at our first meeting a few months ago..said careful about hot showers, only use dove soap etc etc..I have never taken hot showers or used a lot of fragrances ..I am thinking maybe the New Tide or Dawn dish soap..any problems with the Tide for you..maybe they changed the formula...what do you think? I am going to by all the free fragrance and gently stuff at the health food store tomorrow..see if that helps..I have read people are having some problems with tide..I will let you know if it makes a difference..
    aguidette responded:
    I have been having the INSANE itching also..I am trying to figure out what is causing it..Dermatologist gave me cream fluocinonide ointment using it a few times a day for about a week now it does help with the itch but I am afraid to use it for long or to much I know this can be harmful..anyway I use Tide and Biz and dawn formula just started using the Advance formula Dawn ..I am wearing gloves for washing my dishes now..I am going to change my washing material to something milder from the health food store..I never had sensitive skin before..but it is driving me crazy and trying to keep note of things I far as the fabric caretaker has gotten me something from CVS it might be that also..anyway what do you think about this discussion...good luck and I will let you know if anything I change helps..sleepless in Santa Cruz
    lgil85 replied to lgil85's response:
    okay so im adding to my post from 2 months ago....
    we moved, and have been living in the new house for awhile now. (enough showers, enough loads of laundry, enough time spent in and around the house)

    My crazy uncontrollable itching that I was experiencing before the move...has pretty much gone away entirely. I was even curious and started using the old detergents, fabric softener and dryer sheets as I had used before I changed to the non-scented, dermatologist recommended types....and theres no itching.

    my best guess is that the high chlorine levels in the water in the old house were contributing, or there was some other environmental factor. hope this helps some of you...
    VickiGene responded:
    My itching symptoms are usually at bedtime and sometimes in the morning. The itching is not confined to but is primarily on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet. I think I have subcutaneous hives. The symptoms my be related to my sensitivity to cold. I've started wearing crafters' gloves (tight fitting) and two pair of socks. The tight fitting gloves help but the socks usually have to come off so I can scratch -- which only makes the itching worse! I'm already taking Synthroid and have been for several years. The itching is a relatively new condition. I've taken various OTC and Rx drugs to control the itching but they haven't seemed to work very well.

    I haven't changed my laundry products, bath soaps, foods, etc. My doctor suggested I buy Benadryl -- I think she was in a hurry. If you have any suggestions, please respond to this post. I'm tired of this maddening itch.
    EdithIkerNagyonFacebook replied to VickiGene's response:
    Hi, if you take thyroid meds like me the dry skin was maybe acquired before you realized you need thyroid med. i have same problem with dry skin til i started using Nerium Ad lotion that fixes a lot of wounds, dry skin and itchy rashes. it is a new, great lotion. Look me up on facebook to talk more about it and see pictures of people who used it with results. Edith (Iker) Nagy. Good Luck
    TweetTsa replied to VickiGene's response:

    I itched uncontrolably for around 4 years from head to toe, my
    tongue even itched ! I went to Doctor after Doctor during this
    time and all they wanted to do was dope me up on stuff that
    didn't work. I FINALLY figured out that it's hormones and menopause and found a Doctor (a woman) that listened and
    belived me and didn't act like I was crazy... anyway she has
    given me more relief than anyone. While my itching hasn't
    stopped at least I can tolerate it most of the time... however it
    is a lot worse the week before my period. Anyway the Doctor has me taking Allergy Alegra 24 every morning, omeprazole 2Xs a day and Singulair every night and it has really made a hugh difference during this past year. My Doctor (an allergy
    specialist) also said that during the week befoer when it gets worse I can take 2 Allergy Alegra 24 (morning and night).
    She said she has a lot of people with the same symptons and this combo of meds seem to at least help. I also use unscented everything because I have additional allergies. Hope this helps you find at least some relief.
    Mohiba K Tareen, MD replied to TweetTsa's response:
    Great suggestion on the medications! I am happy that the combo of meds is working for you. You may also want to see a dermatologist in the future for patch testing, in order to determine if you are coming in contact with common topicals that are leading to the itching. I have had so many patients find the one or two chemicals that they are allergic to and then their itching is significantly improved or even cured!

    I hope that helps
    Dr. Mohiba Tareen
    Tareen Dermatology, Roseville, Minn
    Castle Connoly's America's Top Cosmetic Dermatologists
    Adjunct Assistant Professor Univ of MN Dept of Dermatology
    jebeni13 replied to need2know's response:
    I resemble 95% of all the remarks above. I am 48 now and have thought it hormonal possibly all along without confirmation. I know I learned while pregnant (years ago) bodies change. Even puberty etc. So I have been thinking that my body is changing again so what's happening this time? I still don't know the answer yet. I kept thinking nerves at first. I do think nerves contribute to it, but I do not think that is the cause. I am not on any meds, have not changed soaps, sheets, clothing, etc. I find a little temporary relief in just 1 Benedryl during a flare up. A cool damp rag also helps at bedtime. Prednisone definitely helped but there's no way I can take that with any regularity so I will continue my pursuit. Please let me know if you learn anything more about the hormone aspect & if anything helps. I am thinking of trying Progestrone cream & see if that doesn't help. I have also seen something about something they are spraying us with in the Chemtrails. I live in the Northwest, north of Seattle, which makes me wonder about radiation from Fukushima and the lack of ANYONE talking about it more since it is the worst disaster of its type ever... Please keep me informed if anyone learns anything that can help. Itching and scratching until then!!
    Curious111 replied to Ginger627's response:
    I had all these same symptoms, went to an allergist tested positive for mold and cats and dogs.. I think at this time in NY something in the environment is happening with mold??? can all of us be allergic to something in the environment? I am nervous about taking antistimines.. do they make you nervous or sort of "speedy" I hate to take stuff which changes my system. What about the steroids.. how did you feel when taking them.. ???
    Curious111 replied to darkangle4056's response:
    what is sarna?
    Curious111 replied to wrench's response:
    Isnt there anything else that can be given that doesnt make you tired? Thats is my concern, to take something which changes how I react during the day. So you believe that RA allergy Med cured the itching and do you still take it everyday? Please respond, this is so uncomfortable..
    Curious111 replied to TweetTsa's response:
    What is OMEPRAZOLE.. is it a steroid> and how does it make you feel.. do you get anxious while using it? I am familiar with Sungulair.. It sound like we are all allergic to something in the environment which comes out in the spring.. Alegra.. does it make you nervous ? I am concerned about taking anything mood altering. Please respond, for I am suffering with this ...

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