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    Anyone familiar with chronic crater-like skin sores?
    tom_thinker posted:
    My wife is suffering from a recurring skin sore condition. She had it briefly while in her 20's, then it resumed in her late 30's. It can be present for a year or more, and can also disappear for a year or more. Here's how the sores play out: [br>[br>There is never a blister. They always start out as a very small, flat sore (almost like a very tiny round rug burn). Even early on, it weeps a clear fluid. The sore then grows in size and starts to break down from underneath (becoming concave). The surface becomes yellow, tight, and very painful. The size continues to increase (up to the size of a thumb nail, though usually the size of a pinky nail or slightly smaller). Then the yellow tight surface becomes soft, continuing to weep a clear or slightly yellow fluid (still concave), and she is able to remove it with a tweezers. Once removed, the tissue underneath is raw, spotted with at least one, if not several tiny red dots. At this point, the sore slowly begins the healing process (atleast a week or two), ultimately leaving a permanent scar behind. Years ago, they were only on her arms. When she was pregnant with our twin daughters, they were largely concentrated on her tightly stretched abdomen, and currently, they are only on her legs. [br>[br>Other background info: We've been to several dermatologists, who find it a mystery. One believed she was self-inflicting them. Another believed that it was some form of auto-immune condition (I'm leaning in this direction). The Mayo Clinic did a core sample of one of the sores, and found nothing (no bacteria, etc.). They seem to be triggered by eating certain foods (especially fats that are solid in room temp - butter, partially hydrogenated oils, palm kernel oil), but might well also be triggered by stress. There have been times of great stress when she did not get the sores, so that alone is not the cause. She's also gluten sensitive, though the sores associated with Celiac appear to start as a blister, and then break down. My wife's sores never blister, but start flat and then progress to a concave shallow crater (deep crater once she removes the softened yellow surface). [br>[br>We're at our wits end. Does this sound like anything anyone has read about or experienced before? Any insights or suggestions? I have a photo I could post if there's a way to do so.
    tom_thinker responded:
    Anyone heard of something like this before?
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Tom,

    To copy or post a picture, photo or image first upload the pic to a service like PhotoBucket or Flickr, then link it with the URL.

    Use the camera icon at the top of the reply box to link the URL.

    Be careful when registering with photo upload services. Do not use your name as the user name. When clicking on the photo and Properties your user name will show.

    Also, if you try to link images from Facebook, these are automatically blocked, because members clicking on your images would have access to your Facebook profile.

    Please let me know if you have any questions,
    An_247185 responded:
    I just found your post. I have dealt with what you are describing all of my life (I am in my early twenties). Sometimes I go a year or more without them. Always a seeping crater that starts as a small flat wound and then develops into a crater. I have been to atleast 5 docs and no one has any idea what it is. They take forever to heal and are embaressing because they leave a dark scar. Most doctors think it is related to stress. I am on a low-fat diet due to a digestive issue, they actually asked me to cut gluten to see if that would prevent these issues. I currently have a team of 5 dermatologists waiting for my next one to biopsy..... but I doubt they will find anything of use.
    Whatisit responded:
    I found your post looking for the same information. What is it? I have the same issues on my hands and arms. Wierd... It starts just like you said "a small rug burn" and it does hurt the same.

    I've searched and searched to no avail. Please keep me in mind if you find out what is truely causing the problem and how it can be corrected.

    What is it?
    canoecathy responded:
    WOW this sounds exactly like what I have, All of it. The skin around the outer part of the crater actually becomes hard and dry once it starts to heal. I too have been to many dr.s and skin specialists. I was accused of being a picker which I am not. Sometimes there is a burning feeling . I have used everything and nothing works. They didn't know what it is. One Dr. told me it looked like herpes which I Do Not have. I have been burned with liquid nitrogen, hurts badly and doesn't help, more scarring. I have used a high powered cortizone ointment and taken Ivermectin twice. I was told it is a severe allergic reaction, also auto immune, stress related. I was told I suffer from anxiety which I don't. I too am sensitive to wheat. I do eat butter. Mostly on my back. The scars are deep. Once they start to heal there is a crusty dry bump there. I pray everyday for this to go away. I have had this on and off for 2 years now. I first thought it was from a tanning bed, now I don't know.
    canoecathy replied to canoecathy's response:
    I have seen 2 boys not related approx. 12 yrs old with the same type of sore. One was on the scalp and the other on the temple of the forehead. I cut hair and work at a hospital both part time. I had never seen these boys before and they are not related. I feel it is somehow related to sweat. I had MRSA 2 yrs ago and I was septic. This is not anything like that.
    An_252675 replied to canoecathy's response:
    I was excited to find this on the web.... I too have had this issue on and off since my 20's - I am now in my early 30's. I have not been able to get a diagnosis either, other than it is not bacterial and not viral. I have always been active, never overweight and am strict with vitamins and diet. I am lactose intolerant and suffer from various enviornmental allergies so I have to be mindful of what I eat, touch & products I use. The breakouts go in spurts & most recently have started a couple on my face. it is embarassimg w/ out makeup as it looks like I could be a drug user/picker. If anyone knows what it could be, info would be insightful. Thanks
    cheryl4ou74 responded:
    I can't believe that I'm not alone in this mystery dermatological condition! I've been suffering for about 4-5 months now. My 1st lesion appeared on my left shin, in my sleep. When I woke up I was terribly perplexed how I got such a deep burn on my shin, in my sleep. It was already deep, then developed the yellow core like a severe burn that's infected. I took a hot shower and carefully removed the yellow core with sterile tweezers, it started bleeding of course due to reaching healthy tissue. It took forever to heal (a good 7 weeks). It left a cratered scar and there is now a painful lump next to and around one side of it. Every night around 6 p.m. it starts hurting severely with a sharp stabbing pain that lasts until the next morning. I then started waking up with new lesions every morning that are slightly deep that weep plasma before scabbing over. They take about 6-8 weeks to heal completely, leaving cratered, permanent scars. They appear in my sleep, sometimes waking me with the intense burning and keeps me awake because the burning is so intense. Yesterday, after putting clothes in my washing machine I felt a burning on my right index finger and there was what appeared to be a deep paper cut that wasn't bleeding (there's no possible way I could have cut my finger putting tees in the washing machine). I clipped the thin skin flap and as the day progressed, it began looking like a decent size rug burn, with intensifying pain and burning. I put neosporin & bandaid on it. It continues to burn like hell thru the night and is still on fire. All but this lesion and the first have appeared on my right calf, lateral side, and ALWAYS while sleeping. I'm sorry there are others with this mysterious condition yet glad because now I don't feel like I'm such a freak. I'm going to the doctor this week for it but I'm not very hopeful now to get a diagnosis after reading the posts. I'll post after going to the doctor to give an update. I've been under a tremendous amount of stress for quite some time, however since separating from my husband 3 months ago it's reduced reduced a lot since he's 1300 miles away. I'm going on vacation to Florida this Friday and it's embarrassing to have these horrible, thick scabs on my right calf, since I'll be on the beach everyday for 8 days.
    anonymousbunny responded:
    I have the same thing! I had a biopsy a few years back and the dermatologist told me it was a dermatofibroma. Hope this helps!
    Alphabeast responded:
    I have been dealing with something like this myself off and on for while. I was under shared custody of my parents and after a rough weekend at my father's I came home covered in craters on my arms, legs, and some on my chest. My mother was almost called into child protective services because they closely resembled cigarette burns. However test results came back and revealed that they were actually stress hives. They would start out as looking like mosquito bites then after something would rub up on them they would start to concave by the next day. Now in my teens and looking for a job they have to reappeared around the same areas. To get them to heal first I would take a q-tip and dip it in some hydrogen peroxide. Then gently rub it over the affected area in till you see it starting to bubble. This will eat away cells that are infected. Let it sit for a few second then rinse it with rubbing alcohol. Keep doing this for a couple days then just use alcohol to cleanse it daily, otherwise when it heals it turns into a wart. Within a couple weeks it usually closes up and you will be left with scarring that is hardly noticeable and your skin will feel hollow were the craters where located.
    Klyn7 replied to Alphabeast's response:
    This skin condition is extremely odd to me. It just started occurring a couple weeks ago. First on was on my right forearm and started off as if I nicked myself with my nail by accident. I didn't think anything off it. It did slightly itch. I had noticed it one morning on my way to work. It then began to form a concave shape and had a burning sensation, like rug burn. Once it scabbed, the scab had a slight yellow tint to it. And eventually about a week later was a rough, thick, dark scar. About a week after that first one healed. Another appeared on my right elbow. Same thing, and only a couple days after the second appeared a smaller one is starting on my right nostril.

    Its quite frightening, and I'm curious what it is so I can treat it properly. I recently started school just a few days ago. And is an accelerated program so I've been a little stressed and sleep deprived.

    I have a history of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). Just throwing out some possible common denominators, if thats the proper term. I also work int he medical field. Latex? I have a couple cats and a dog.....

    Hopefully this will help figure out a cause because I very much want to nip this in the butt before it becomes a chronic condition.

    Also the past 2 post mentioned one diagnosis as being dermatofibroma, I googled images of this and nothing looked like what I am experiencing as well as the stress hives.

    Please HELP!
    killdee456 responded:
    I'm suffering from this same type of you have any answers yet on what it may be? I have had this for many years No one can figure it out.Please email me if you have any ideas. Mine has now progressed and I'm having brain issues after the sores start to heal...this reoccurs once a year usually at the beginning of summer.thanks for your time. T
    hb706 responded:
    Any luck since this post with a diagnosis? I have same issue and have no explanation.

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