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    Includes Expert Content
    the bleeding won't stop!
    An_241070 posted:
    I have had a really odd problem for the last few years,and am wondering if anyone can shed some light on this problem. I know what you are all thinking, but you are wrong. I've had what looks like a little zit forming on the bridge of my nose for about 5 years now. I'm 40 by the way.However when I squeeze it or scratch the "head" off, it start to steadily bleed and won't stop, even after many minutes of direct pressure, just a tiny hole on my nose with blood profusely running out of it. This happened again to me yesterday, however, this time the blood was actually spraying out of the hole on the bridge of my nose, so much so that it actually hit the adjacent wall. Once it does stop, which takes a while, it goes right back to looking like a forming blemish, and is hard to keep concealed. It's not bulky, but does appear like a forming zit, that's the only way I can describe it. What is causing this? It's almost as if instead of my blood vessels being connected to the rest, this one is trying to make it's own escape route out the bridge of my nose!! HELP!
    Mohiba K Tareen, MD responded:
    Dear An,

    Do not despair my dear- this is actually a VERY common problem. It sounds like you have a condition called an angioma. This is a broken blood vessel that bleeds with minimal trauma. It can also bleed based on hormonal changes or stress.

    Angiomas can form on their own (there is a genetic predisposition) or given the location on your nose, from a prior acne spot/ cyst that damaged the underlying vessels.

    Angiomas are very treatable. Your dermatologist can discuss the options but the most common treatment strategies are electrodesiccation or vascular laser:
    - Electrodesiccation: this uses pinpoint electric energy to seal the broken blood vessel. You may have a little scabbing for a few days following treatment and may require up to 3 treatments.
    -Vascular laser treatment: Specific lasers target just the broken blood vessels without damaging the skin. Side effects can include bruising and again a series of treatments may be required.

    I urge you to make an appointment with your derm soon- you will be SO HAPPY when the spot is gone!

    Personal story: when I was a teen I had a pimple on the side of my nose that developed into one of these angiomas. It would bleed and scab and make me feel so self-conscious. When I was stressed it always seemed to get worse! The day before one of my critical medical school interviews it opened up and bled and looked terrible- I was so embarrassed. I felt that everyone was looking at my nose spot and not focussing on my hard work and credentials.

    Finally, at the age of 26 when I started my dermatology training at Columbia, I had one of my colleagues do the electrodesiccation procedure. The spot scabbed for a few days and then completely disappeared and never came back- yeay!!!

    I wish I had done it many years before - it was simple and relatively painless.

    Good luck
    supamomma71013 replied to Mohiba K Tareen, MD's response:
    Can this happen to a 16month old? I mean he has what appears be a small pimple but all red. When scratched open bleeds a lot even with pressure. Don't spray out or nothing. Prolly cause i wipe it with a wipe and that's wet so it just runs down. But I'm worried.....
    Mohiba K Tareen, MD replied to supamomma71013's response:
    Yes, these benign blood vessel growths are actually very common in kids. It may need to be removed if it keeps growing or bleeding. I would schedule an appointment with your pediatrician to confirm it is just a benign lesion and to review your child's options.
    Dr. Mohiba Tareen
    Tareen Dermatology, Roseville, Minn
    Castle Connoly's America's Top Cosmetic Dermatologists
    Adjunct Assistant Professor Univ of MN Dept of Dermatology
    alimoh replied to Mohiba K Tareen, MD's response:
    I've had an angioma on the inside rim of one of my nostrils for as long as I remember. I've never had a problem with it until recently when it became slightly bigger than normal and I scratched it. It was like a tiny little blood ball with think skin (eeew). It started bleeding and wouldn't stop. Now it bleeds with the slightest bit of abrasion (like blowing my nose). I guess I need to make an appointment with my dermatologist to have it fixed, but until then how do I get the bleeding to stop quickly? It always seems to happen at the worst times ...

    - Alice
    dawnharderpeacock replied to Mohiba K Tareen, MD's response:
    But how do you stop the bleeding at home?
    caroljoanne87 replied to dawnharderpeacock's response:
    Hi, this just happened to me for the first time ever, it's been bleeding since last night and the only thing that limited the blood flow was a bandaid. This morning I had several friends tell me to try Red Pepper (Cayenne Pepper). Just put a small amount directly on the sore, it's hurts a little, but within 5 minutes, the bleeding had completely stopped. It worked for me after several applications, but be careful not to get it in your eyes! Hope this helps!

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