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    What are all these sore, red spots on my fingers and feet?
    EnchantedElf posted:
    I have red spots that feel sore and kind of tingly when I touch them. They are on the sides and tips of a few of my fingers, and on the bottom of my feet, which actually makes it a little painful to walk. I had a sore throat for the past three days and still do, and I had a fever too, along with a headache, body aches, and even chills at one point. Perhaps that has something to do with it? I don't believe it to be hand and foot syndrome, nor hand feet and mouth syndrome, because I looked those up and it didn't quite fit my situation. I also asked this question on yahoo answers, and someone said it was "le riz" or rice virus, to which I am very skeptical. These spots aren't bumps, they look like they're underneath my skin, so what could they be? Please let me know what it is and if it's serious.
    ccole56 responded:
    That sounds like scarlett fever & is very serious. Please call your doctor right away.
    hopefullyhealthy17 responded:
    Did you ever find out what it was? How long did they last? I have the exact same thing. I was really sick for 2 days and now i have these sore spots on a few fingers and the bottom of my feet.. the ones on my feet hurt pretty bad when i walk on them... let me know if you know what it is!
    Jagtaaf responded:
    My husband is currently experiencing the exact same symptoms you have listed in your post. Did you happen to find a diagnosis for this? Thank you,
    Jagtaaf replied to hopefullyhealthy17's response:
    My husband is experiencing these symptoms as well. Did you happen to find a diagnosis?
    Thank you in advance,
    cg1980 responded:
    I have had the same symptoms. I thought I was getting a cold, had bad fever and body aches for a couple days and when that started to subside, I woke up with these red blotches all over me, but the ones concentrated on my fingers and toes are the painful ones, making it difficult to grip with the afflicted fingers and painful to walk, putting any pressure on my toes hurts. Please get back to me as I was told by the ER dr who saw me for a total of a minute and a half after waiting 4 hours to be seen, that I had a staph infection, but everything I read about staph infections doesn't seem to coincide with these symptoms. I need help.
    cg1980 replied to Jagtaaf's response:
    Did you find a solution? I have the same symptoms and have had no help finding out what it is. Any advice is appreciated.
    cg1980 replied to hopefullyhealthy17's response:
    Did you find a solution? I have the same symptoms and have had no help finding out what it is. Any advice is appreciated.
    Emilylew0410 responded:
    I'm really curious if anyone has had a diagnosis. Monday late night, I was feeling ill. Body aches, mild sore throat, head ache. That continued into Tuesday, until I took a nap. I woke up from the nap with a 102.9 fever, chills, sore throat, couldn't walk, had breathing troubles, was dizzy and very weak. I noticed yesterday these red dots all over my feet. They kind of look like blisters, but aren't raised. They hurt like crazy and have a stinging/tingling sensation when I touch them. Any idea what's going on?!
    kueezy responded:
    I have pretty much the same symptoms. Its really hard to grip woth my hands and very hard to walk. One finger is swollen. I had a slight fever, chills, body aches, and now i have all these spots that itch and theyre soooooo sore. Please let me know if you find out what it is.
    kueezy replied to kueezy's response:
    Also had a and still have a sore throat
    layzboy075 replied to kueezy's response:
    What are everyone's geographical locations.
    I grabbed a handful of cactus spines called glochids. Nearly invisible often transparent hairlike thorns with reverse barbs on them. They grow on prickly pear cactus and cholla as well as others of the opuntia genre. They are shed like a tree sheds leaves. They only work their way in farther and mostly I was/am affected around my fingertips and under the fingernails and subsequently anywhere I touch (tops of forearms, chin, nostril, etc.) They take a long time to come out from what I hear, 9 months but longer if they were jammed in deeper as I suspect if you walked through some they would be in your feet. I'm having trouble finding doctors who have heard of these or especially anyone who looks closely enough or long enough to determine that is what they are. People who chew they're fingernails or put their fingers in there mouth get them into their tongue, lips, hard palate, and throat. Regardless of what each of us has some good advice is:
    Drink lots of water.
    Don't pick or scratch at your skin.
    Don't chew your fingernails or put fingers to mouth.
    Eat healthy
    Wash hands often. (non-antibacterial soap)
    Properly clean and care for you fingernails and body
    Learn. Knowledge is power.

    if it is glochids, don't do anything to push them in further. Research methods on removal. Be cautious of mental health referrals. It will be hard, but try and find a doctor who has dealt with them.
    An_258531 responded:
    Good news, everyone! I found this post when googling my symptoms. Everyone here is experiencing exactly what I was. (Although I would personally put more emphasis on my chills, fatigue, and sense of weakness, and while my extremities had red spots and tingled, they weren't quite so sore.) I have returned with my doctor's results:

    My doctor said I DID have hand foot and mouth disease.

    Probably got it from my four-year-old (who recovered from his symptoms in one day, so we never took him in.) My symptoms however lasted seven days.

    My doctor told me I was contagious for eight days after the first signs of my symptoms. Since it was a viral infection, all I could do was treat the symptoms. Some ibuprofen and chloraseptic did the trick. I drank lots of water, got lots of rest, and I waited it out. Good luck to everyone who sees this!

    (Also, if it were scarlet fever, you would probably have a rash over most of your body. I am not a doctor.)
    wellnsick replied to An_258531's response:
    Thanks for the confirmation! Just left the Doc and he said it was a viral infection and gave me a prescription and said wait it out, but to avoid contact with others.... Ohhhhh how my finger hurt while typing!! Lol
    agent13 replied to An_258531's response:
    Thanks so much for the confirmation, I've been losing my mind for the past days trying to figure it out, but my doctor also confirmed this.

    I'm currently on day 3, I wanted to know, after those eight days, did everything clear up completely?

    it sucks that this happened during December =(

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