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    Includes Expert Content
    Dry cracked hands and feet
    Laurawatson posted:
    I live in Maine and the weather is very dry now that Winter is here. My hands get very dry and cracked no matter what I use, as well as my feet. Does anyone know of a really good hand cream and foot cream that will help prevent the painful cracks on my hands and feet? Any advice will be helpful. Shea Butter creams help but not completely. Thanks, Laura in Maine
    teelightly07 responded:
    Hand Cream: Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Hand Cream with 5% Urea Foot Cream: Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme
    Stevo32792 responded:
    My suggestion would be to get any moisturizing lotion and one of the wax spas. You start by washing you hands/feet and drying them well, giving them time to air dry to. Then put on moisturizing lotion and dip you hands/feet in the wax 3-4 times. After this, place them in a plastic bag (with the wax still on them)(I realize this sounds silly) and then put that under a heating pad and just let that stay for 15-30 minutes. After this peel off the wax and after a few weeks of doing this once a day, it should help.
    heather41981 responded:
    Oh yes use the eucerine hand or body cream, my daughter has excema and thats what i use on her, i also get the generic. It makes you feel so moisturized.
    replay2 responded:
    "Bag Bomb" works wonderfully well. You should be able to purchase Bag Bomb at any Agway or farm supply store.
    gmansmom1962 responded:
    I have the same problem. My worst area is my heels. I run around barefoot way too much. I've found the thing that helps the most is a sock that goes only over the heel area that is lined with a silicone substance that keeps the lotion from rubbing off on the sock and forces it to be absorbed into the skin. They're available at various places (Sally Beauty Supply, Steinmart, Ulta) but the cheapest I've found is Wal-Mart. I just slather on whatever is convenient (vaseline even works) and let it work overnight.
    Cheddarjack2 responded:
    Corn Huskers Lotion. Plain old vaseline at night for your feet after you've buffed them. Use a good handcream - like Eucerine and wear gloves before going outside - never go outside without them. Use cuticle oil as often as you can. Last - but not least - a hot wax machine - which you can use on your hands and feet. Make sure you slather with lotion and dip three times - wrap with the provided plastic and add-on the mittens and footies provided to go over the plastic. Leave on for twenty minutes then using the plastic - peels right off. I have the same problems and all of the above sounds like a lot but works very well.
    coachsam1 responded:
    I had the same problem....Euceryn and other creams and ointments are topical. At best, they treat the symptom, not the cause. I no longer have psoriasis spots, which become even more active during the dry, northeastern winters. I got tested to see if I was gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant. It turns out I am, along with sensitivity to dairy from cows (am told that goat dairy for sensitive people can be a good alternative, but haven't explored this yet). I dropped wheat and dairy altogether and, lo and behold, the symptoms disappeared completely over a period of about a month, as my system cleansed itself from wheat and dairy. Also, take fish oil 780 (two capsules) daily, as well as one capsule of Evening Primrose Oil (1 capsule). You can also pierce a capsule of Evening Primrose Oil and apply it topically to affected areas. Good luck!
    judy38135 responded:
    Hi, Laura! I love Shea Butter too, but I use organic unrefined Shea Butter, bought at a whole foods store (also available on eBay). I add Emu Oil and Burt's Bees Repairing Serum oils to the shea butter. I heat the shea butter for a few seconds in the microwave until melted, add the oils, and beat with an electric mixer. Wonderfully moisturizing and very inexpensive. Also, wearing the socks and gloves on top of this at night would get results even more quickly. You might want to try putting Emu Oil on top of any commercial product that you use, such as Eucerin. The Emu Oil "pushes" actives into the deeper dermal layers. Hope this helps!
    angellcat97 responded:
    I swear by Sally Hansen's Foot Cream and sleeping in socks for my cracked heels. But my mother uses Vicks Vapor Rub on hers and she swears by it. Apply it at night and wear socks to bed. You can also wrap feet in plastic wrap with the socks if you can stand the plastic wrap.
    arethaj responded:
    I saw last week on Oprah that Stridex pad (salicylic acid) rubbed on heels and then apply thick moisturizer like Eucerin. Then put on socks overhingt, it was suggested that within a week your dry cracked heels would go away and continue routine once a week from there.
    VSwore responded:
    You are right on Cheddarjack2! My hands and fingers would always crack in the winter until I started using Corn Huskers Lotion. It soothes and most especially, HEALS!!!! The best stuff I have ever found.
    merlion1955 responded:
    I use a mixture of vitamin E lotion, baby lotion and vaseline petroleum jelly. Be sure to wear socks when you go to bed and it doesn't hurt to put them on your hands as well. The results are great and very quick!
    ChacoRose responded:
    Wow - these are all great answers. I just want to remind you that it's easy to forget to moisturize from the inside out - be sure and drink plenty of water! Even a small percentage of dehydration can cause us to be forgetful and irritable, and it really affects our skin, too.

    In the winter we tend to drink more hot, caffeinated drinks (which can aid dehydration) so we have to be sure to keep the water flowing in!
    Pye9 responded:
    I found MaryKay Cosmetics "Satin Hands" pampering set works fabulously on feet too! There is a hand scrub cleanser, hand cream, and an emollient night cream that make hands and feet super smooth! I liked it so much, I started to sell it. You can get it at: I offer free shipping too!

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