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    Brachioradial pruritus the cause of my Itchy and rash..
    aguidette posted:
    I am writting to all of you in this community about some of my findings that might help you. I to have been suffering about ten months now with itchy arms and shoulders and a rash and bleeding from scratch, sleepless nights and burnt skin from all of the salves i have been using, i had been to dermatologist at least eight times in the last months two different and i was told to change all of my toiletry and shower temp. and had a bunch of allergey test done, taking antihistamines finely the last Dr. said he was stumped and sent me to a environment allergist about seventy five miles from where i lived, reluctantly i went..she asked me if I have ever had trama to my head, a car accident i had in 1980..she said I had a condition called
    Brachioradial pruritus gave me a prescription for a compound ointment and amitriptyline hcl 25mg to take oral..the salves was a bit irritating and she said to stop but continue to take antihistamine and the amitriptyline..after two weeks the itchy finely has been a week now and i am holding my breath..I see her in ten days and will see what she says. i understand this condition if often overlooked and people can suffer for many years with no answer..I suggestion you mention this to your DR. please feel free to email and ask more questions you might have..I thought she was crazy when she mention this since I never heard of it and I never knew of anyone who had it..but here I am itch free for a week strange things can happen.
    An_253585 responded:
    hi aguidette. I have a very bad case of something that no doctor has been able to diagnosis. at first the bumps did itch however we had the house exterminated and they said it was fleas. we live in the country but we don't have any pets except a beta fish. my legs look like something in a scary movie that would have to be cosemetically painted on. my arms have healed but left scars like measeles would leave. my dr. did a biopsy however it came back as nothing abnormal. now both of my legs have scabs all over not exactrating have at least 75 scabs on each leg. I wont go outside our house without long pants on no matter the temperature outside. it is so embarrassing but no matter what ointments I use nothing is working. sometimes they will itch a little bit but nothing like when I broke out the first time. the exterminator will be back to spray again so that if the eggs have hatched out, it will be taken care of, however my body isn't healing like it should and our dr has no answers. my husband is also broken out but nothing compared to mine. I am concerned that the flea infestation is not the only thing that I have been bitten by. the exterminator is the only one who has told us that the culprets were only fleas. we bombed this house 4 times before we called the exterminator. we bought $400.00 worth of bombs that covered every type of creature there could be inside any home. my point is this, my family doc has just dismissed it because of the biopsy was normal, but he chose to take the biopsy from my arm which only had the scars like what I had as a child which was measles, my legs are not close to being healed and he didn't do the biopsy on my legs, therefore I don't think he got the right diagnosis due to where he chose to do the biopsy at. then I drove 40 miles to a dermatologist who had our family docs records and he only told me the same exact words our family doc said. I was so frustrated with that dermatologist who didn't do any biopsy and only looked at one leg, but mouthed off the same exact words out family doc told us. I did get a prescription for 2 different ointments, but some of the wounds on my legs aren't even filled up with new skin yet. they were about 1/8' deep and he acted like he didn't even want to examine them. the ointments are not doing anything I can see to help heal them, it has been 3 weeks now and I'm really concerned about infection in the leasions on my legs. so not only are the sores making me uncomfortable and ugly but I am making myself more miserable by trying to self diagnosis and try every type medicine OTC and nothing has touched my legs. any suggestions? other people think i'm over reacting, but i'm the one going through this, its easy to say just give it time and stop putting anything on them but I am the one wearing these ugly deep sores, I'm the one who is not healing on my legs, and i'm miserable, and it has been 5 months now, I just wonder how much time they think I should just be patient and not use anything on my legs but i'm really concerned as to the diagnosis and my arms already healed, but my legs look just as bad now as they did when I first went to our family doc. I have almost learned every word in WebMD about skin conditions and used everything it gave for the skin, now im only taking Benadryl to try to keep it off my mind. i'm making myself crazy trying to figure this thing out. Again, any suggestions?
    AzOkie4 replied to An_253585's response:
    Hello.... I read what you are going through. I just spent the past 3 months dealing with a burning, itching rash with raised bumps across my upper chest and neck. Nothing I took helped and the docs were unable to determine the cause /source. The ONLY thing I found after researching the web, was Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Nut Oil.

    All I can say is it worked like a charm within 3 days !!!! Every time the itch/burn started I would apply the oil. I applied even when it didn't itch or burn. I'm still using it and it has came back so far. Yes it will be oily, but it will soak in... DON'T WIPE IT OFF!!!! If decide to try it.

    Can purchase online or at local grocery stores (natural food section) or in natural foods

    Hope you find relief soon !!! Best of Luck
    aguidette replied to An_253585's response:
    Now that it has been a few weeks since I posted, I am happy to say I am Rash and Itch free, I see the Dr. a week from today, the compound ointment she requested for me did not make it better but I started taking the Amitriptyline HCL 25mg at night and within five days or so my itch stopped just like that..I am holding my breath because it has only been ten days or so..but so far so good, so I guess her diagnoses was right Brachioradial Pruritus..I am so happy I finely stopped itch after ten months, It sounded really far fetch to me when she made this diagnoses because I had never heard of it. Like you the local Dr. had me doing all the stuff you are doing changing soap,shower temp all that cost me a small fortune getting everything I use at the health food store..I am so happy, now I am trying to rejuvinate my skin after all the ointments that I have used over these past ten months my skin is like leather. but at least the itch has stopped, please mention the Prurtitus to your Dr. this is often a misdigonoised condition and it is worth a try..also mention the Amitriptyline medication. good luck to you be strong you are not going crazy this is a real disease and it can go anywhere on the body, I happen to have it on my Arms and upper extremities..let me know how you make out..I will post again after I see my Dermatologist next week....
    nomoreitchyskinrash replied to An_253585's response:
    I wanted to share what helped me... I am 45 yr old female that had been having issues since last winter. Itchy rash sometimes as bump or raised hives in patches on legs and arms then sometimes on my chest or stomach. I would mostly itch at night. I have been to the dermatologist, given oral meds and creams. Was told it was due to stress. I continued to reach the internet. Thinking pre-mettapausal, autoimmune I started taking supplements. Then I continued more research. As I have arthritis in my lower back, found that its possible something could be being pinch creating the nerves to send out senses which will create the skin to itch. The skin is the largest organ and your spine and nervous system is all connected. The chiropractor took an XRay...I have issues w/my neck, and lower Spine...2 bone spurs, slight curve in one of the vertebras. 4 weeks into chiropractic rash is gone! Please note, I am still taking my vitamin supplements. I strongly suggest anyone with itchy skin, feeling of bugs crawling, especially at night....go see a chiropractor!!!
    aguidette replied to nomoreitchyskinrash's response:
    I have been thinking of going to the Chiropractor or acupuncturist myself, the more I read the more information relating to Brachioradiual pruritus which has something to do with the nerves in my neck C5-C6 are involved and if a spur or damage to this area can cause itching and rash mostly to the upper extremities, I was taking to the Dr. and mention that I have gone to Chiropractor for years off and on and that is what most likely keep the rash and itch rearing its ugly head for the last thirty years since my accident in 1980, I have not gone to the chiropractor for a few years now, my insurance changed and would no longer pay for my Chiropractor treatment, also was talked into back surgery five years ago and a metal disk was placed in my lumbar area and was told not to go to a chiropractor and I am on friendly bases since I went to him for many years .we are having lunch next week and will talk to him about my condition and what I can do..I know t6hat you are happy that some solution to your problem..thanks for email me and confirming that it ceretinly can be the nervous in my neck..good luck to us in touch with your finding and so will I..

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