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    Random itching, goosebump like rash. Despreate for help.
    kittyque posted:
    Hello, everyone. I'm hoping someone here could help me out, because I have no idea what to do next.

    First off, I am a 21 year old female and I have had this situation going on for roughly 4 months now. I have been randomly itching (most often at night/early morning) like crazy, and when I scratch, it brings up a slight rash. I notice a little bit beforehand that there are little bumps, kind of like goosebumps, that are in the spot that itches and it's a slightly pink color to the skin. It seems to appear the most on my shin/calf areas, lower and upper back, forearms (elbow to wrist) and occasionally on my chest and the back of my neck. It comes and goes, and normally travels to a different spot after I've itched for awhile or apply anti-itch cream. The itching is almost unbearable at times, and seems to appear more frequently when I am relaxed. This happens once or twice a day.

    I work with a lot of cardboard boxes, since I handle truck orders for the restaurant I work in. The recycled boxes contain fiber-glass, which I've recently discovered I could be allergic to. It seems to break my arms out with this rash sometimes if I touch them or rub up against them. If I happen to scratch myself on one of these boxes, a welt shows up. I don't think this has much to do with this situation, mostly because I could be off of work for days at a time and still break out with whatever this is.

    I have sensitive skin for the most part, especially my face. However my face never breaks out with this rash. I am not allergic to any foods, or medication that I am aware of. I cannot tolerate high acid content foods, such as pineapples, or anything with high potassium (bananas) because they break my tongue out into blisters. I haven't changed any laundry detergents, or household cleaning supplies in months prior to this all happening. I have, however, switched from the laundry detergent I've been using, to Ivory soap since it's for sensitive skin. This was after I started itching. I have rewashed everything from my wardrobe, bed sheets, towels, etc. with no relief.

    The only medication I have been taking (other than benedryl) on a daily basis has been Phentermine, which I have been taking since April. It is a weight loss medicine that is prescribed, and I took it a couple years back (for roughly a year) without enduring this problem. Rashes are a very rare side effect with this medicine, but I asked my doctor about it and she said that she has never heard of anything like this happening to anyone else. I tried not taking the medicine for a few days, and the itching still continued.

    I find that anti-itch creams and sprays help a great deal, but as I said the itching travels after applied. It finally stops itching after I've basically covered every part of my body that normally itches. If it doesn't, for whatever reason, provide relief, I take two benedryl and go to bed.

    I would just like to figure out what is happening to me. If anyone has any insight, any at all, it will be much appreciated.
    brainfried77 responded:
    Ask your dr to give you an Ige bloodtest. If elevated, it will confirm an allergic reaction. Looks like a chemical in the boxes perhaps. When I was a chef, I bought mechanix brand workgloves for my cooks and had them keep them in their pockets. Try using good gloves when handling the boxes. See if that may help
    An_267757 responded:
    I have the exact same thing! The doctors couldn't figure it out! I work with fiberglass as well and assumed it came from that! Why did you do to end the itchiness?

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