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    head activated itchy rash
    dmcdlj posted:
    This first occurred about 6 weeks ago. I was sitting outside and all of a sudden my skin felt like it was on fire and I had red blotches all over my arms, neck and legs. I went inside and put cold water on me and it went away. Happened again a few days later. Then happened inside my house - not in the sun - while I was steam cleaning carpets. Is now happening anytime I start to get too warm - blowing my hair dry. It is not raised bumps, is not blisters, just red splotches. Once I cool down, it goes away. I had been taking biotin for about 3 weeks, but stopped it about a month ago, thinking that might have caused it. I have changed nothing, no new detergent, no new soap, no new perfume or makeup. I've been doing research and seems that low thyroid might cause it and low kidney output. I did have a blood test done recently and my kidney numbers were 58 and they are supposed to be 60 or above, so a tiny bit low, but doctor said it was nothing to worry about. Has anyone had anything like this? I'm scheduled for a yearly physical the first of september.
    atti_editor responded:
    Asking your doctor at your yearly physical is definitely the right course of action, as he/she is best equipped to diagnose what these blotches are after seeing you in person.

    I have had experience with something similar, although only occurring when I have spent significant time outside in the heat (I grew up in Florida). My doctor diagnosed it as heat rash (you can learn more here ), and it appeared mainly on my inner thighs -- sometimes stomach -- and caused a weird stinging feeling. Since moving to a less humid climate, I have stopped getting these.

    There is also a type of hives that can be caused by heat that you may wish to look into (among other skin conditions).

    This slideshow about common adult skin conditions has some photos that you might find helpful to compare your blotches to prior to seeing your doctor to see if anything looks similar.

    Please let us know how you are doing, and if your doctor has any suggestions on what these blotches are and how to stop them from appearing.
    dmcdlj replied to atti_editor's response:
    went this week for blood tests, haven't heard anything yet. But it is getting worse. It is almost like all of my sweat glands below my neck are blocked. My skin is dry and feels like dried paste. I do not sweat. But, I do sweat on my neck, throat, face and head. And, when my head or face sweats, it itches like crazy. This is so weird. How would you just develop something like this at age 64. I've tried to think of anything I'm doing different. And, I have narrowed it down to three things. 1- my company is renovating our work space, a section at a time. Started in mid May, and my first outbreak was second week of June. They are gutting it, pulling out ceilings, replacing most walls, and putting in new cubes for us. Everyone is having sinus issues from all the dust. So, this might be an issue. 2- I started drinking Starbucks Berry Refreshers this past May. 2 or 3 a week. They have green tea or green coffee bean extract, so that might be it. and 3- I started drinking ReaLemon in my hot tea and in my water about 3 months ago. ReaLemon has sodium metabysulfite in it. I was using this in my 6-8 glasses of water - two or three squirts. So, something in that might be the issue. Seems like my histamines are very high and this can cause rashes, itching, etc, that I am experiencing. I'll keep posting if I find out what is wrong and hopefully how they fix it. thx

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