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    Ladies -- How do you fight facial hair?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    5 - 10 percent of women battle problems with excessive facial hair.

    Androgen-lowering drugs, medications that lower male hormones, may help reduce excessive facial and body hair in some -- but not all -- women, a new review shows.

    WebMD will have more on the story later today.

    Do you have unwanted facial hair? What are you currently doing to take care of it?
    nicknack12 responded:
    I have some dark hairs above my lip that I dye. I would never remove them. I do wax my eyebrows about once a month.
    augreat responded:
    I am 54 and have regular (masculine type) disgusting beard & mustash from excessive testosterone -- source still to be determined -- most probably Cushing Disease. I used to pluck for at least 30 min a day, finally gave in and now shave once or twice a day. It is very depressing to watch myself in the mirror, lathering up and shaving. I can't afford any of the more expensive treatments (waxing, laser), Would an insurance company ever cover hair removal, if it was the result of a disease or cure of disease?
    tcmckinzey responded:
    I have so much on my chin, neck, upper lip and side of face. I use a strong hair remover or shave.
    softtothetouch responded:
    I've had trouble with this for years and have tried shaving which only made it grow in faster,then I tried plucking that caused scars and made the hairs start coming in underneath the skin leaving big hair bumps. Finally in desperation I asked a plastic surgeon to work out a smaller payment plan so that I could get rid of these hairs that were causing physical and mental pain , he agreed and we started using laser hair removal. After about 5 treatments ,we increased the intensity of the laser thinking that this would stop the stubborn hairs from trying to return but it turned out bad. After having had the treatments already I knew that tingling and some stinging was normal, but when I left the doctors this time my face felt like it had been laid on a hot griddle. The next day my face darkened and blistered . A year later , I now have scarring from laser burns and the hairs that are now coming back courser and darker. So I've gone back to tweezing and realize that nothing is going to get rid of this problem, and I just have to accept it and try and live with the problem.
    redpop1116 responded:
    I have very dark coarse hairs on my chin (a lot of them). At 1st I would pluck them which caused scars and ingrown hairs. I then started to see an Electologist. The proceudre takes about 15/20 minutes for the amount of hair that I have and it does feel annoying while it is being done. Once the hairs are removed my face is sore and scabs form but once the scabs go away after a couple of days the scars actually lighten up and the hairs stay gone for about a month. The procedure is about $50 for the 15/20 minutes (in my area)and is well worth having a smooth clear chin.

    Right now I am preggo and I can't see the Electrologist so my chin is killing me. I have decided to say forget it and not shave b/c it was causing bumps and plucking is a No No. So right now I am the bearded preggo woman. I have no problem with it though. As soon as I deliver I will make an appt to see my electrologist to get these pesky hairs removed.
    dixielady1954 responded:
    I have suffered from this for all my adult life,some of my high school years. It is so embarrassing when you work with children and you hear "I don't like her. She has a mustash or beard." Anyway, my dream is permanant hair removal. For years I pluck...pluck and pluck is never ending. My eybrows I call my catapillars. I use hot wax or cold wax on my upper lip. I use cream on my chin and face area. This burns, sometimes takes skin and all and then blisters. It is painfull and then you have scabs and scars. There should be something affordable for us. I don't know about you other ladies but mine causes depression,embarrassment, and reclusive problems. I have no insurance, live in one of the poorest counties in the US and work two to three part time jobs as there are not many full time jobs so laser, electolisis or vaniqua are out...can't afford them. Where is Oprah or Montel when you need them?
    winless1989 responded:
    I use Veet facial hair remover, but lately I have noticed that this product is harder to find and when I bought it last time, they had a sign that it was being discontinued. I hope that is not true as this is the only product that completely removes all of the hair. I have to use it every 3-4 days because the hair is white when it grows in.
    CALL210 responded:
    I started removing my facial hair when I was 17 (as if I was a boy!) Now, 20 years later, I've tried plucking, the hair-removal creams, laser and even the Vaniqa (at $60 a tube!). A doctor in Tulsa was treating me for it with spiroadlactone, but I moved, and haven't found a doctor yet to treat me for it. I went to my ob/gyn in Atlanta, and he wouldn't give me anything like the spiroadlactone, and sent me to the laser... but who can afford $200 a pop?! It ended up not working because my hair isn't dark enough, but still dark enough to see it. (not to mention course). The Vaniqa only caused me to break out in zits like a 14 year old (I'm in my 30s). I now shave every morning in the shower. It's on my chin, neck, lip and even cheeks! Help!!!!
    MLMullins responded:
    Pluck, pluck, pluck, and pluck daily until I can't find any black or stiff hairs.
    tlburch responded:
    I am 33 years old and have been fighting unwanted facial hair for years now. I began plucking mainly my chin and mustache area approximately 15 years ago. I averaged 30 to 40 minutes of daily plucking before applying my daily makeup. I tried waxing and it didn't remove enough of the hair. I used cream hair removers as well as bleach. Finally, a friend of mine suggested electrolysis. She said she had it done and won her battle with the dreaded unwanted facial hair. Ok, just the thought of having smoother skin with no stubbles or ingrown hairs. . .I was all for it but yet reluctant due to the fact that I thought I had no tolerance for pain. (have since changed my mind . . .I do have a high tolerance for pain) But, since electrolysis worked for her, I decided to give it a try. I called a professional in my area who has 11+ years of experience. She informed me of the fees and appointment times. I figured I'd need the 20 minute session no doubt. Then came the worst part, I had to let my facial hair grow! Per her instructions, I could shave up to three days before my appointment but that I absolutely could not pluck a single hair! The thought of shaving my face like a man was devastating.

    My first appointment lasted from 1 to 1 1/2 hours! She removed 800+ hairs from my chin, upper lip and a few on my neck! How in the world she found that many hairs I don't know. I never knew I had that many hairs! For years I had kept the hair plucked away daily. (most of my acquaintances did not know that I had facial hair at all)

    I have been going continuously now for almost a year. I only go once every two weeks and am down to approximately 400 hairs on my chin, upper lip, neck, cheeks, and chest. The hair removal areas have increased and the appointment frequency has deacreased. So I am making progress. To me electrolysis feels like pricking your skin with a hot needle so it is not pleasant.
    lettie0113 responded:
    I have five hairs that repeatedly appear on my chin. I used to pluck or wax. Then heard an actress tell me to shave them, as she claimed her profession and Asian women do. So, I shave them, every day, an easy task.
    joylyn1965 responded:
    I have a slight mustache and several hairs on my chin area that are really annoying. There are starting to be more and more as I get older. I recently went for a consultation for electrolysis and it wasn't too bad. I am going to start going weekly and for only 15 minutes at a time. It wasn't too painful except for right under the nose. I didn't have any blood or any sores or anything afterwords. I am just tired of having to pluck at these crazy black course hairs! The lady I am going to has 30+ years of exerperience so I think it will be okay.
    frecklesmom1949 responded:
    I am so tired of plucking out "witch" hairs on my neck and all those coarse black hairs on my upper lip.Depilatories don't really get rid of the coarsest ones so I have to still pull them out.My eyebrows are a problem too,but not like my upper lip.I used to think I was the only one with such a problem,but now after reading what these other ladies go through,at least I am not alone.Electrolosis is out of the question because of the cost and also the risk.So I will continue every other day to "hole up" in the bathroom for about thirty minutes to pick hair.
    limbokimbo responded:
    I have had 3 session of laser hair removal and I'm starting to see results. The down side 6 weeks between sessions, you have to shave or snip no plucking, you need 6-8 sessions and it's not cheap. But when I'm hair free it will be worth it.

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