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    Itchy Arms & Legs When Exposed
    DH35male posted:
    I am a 35 year old male in good health. For the past 2 years I have been experiencing a strange, and very irritating skin situation. Whenever my arms or legs are exposed to air my skin tingles and itches to the point where it is very difficult to deal with. I've been using Eucerin Calming Itch Relief and upon application this actually increases the itchiness for a period of time. The only cure I've found that consistently works is to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts. When my skin is covered the itchiness subsides. I've gotten to the point where I rarely, if ever, wear shorts or short sleeve shorts. This is no way to live. I've been to my doctor and he recommended the Eucerin. I've been back to see the Nurse Assistant and she said she had never heard of such a problem.

    The itchiness does seem to be worse after a shower, but that is not the only trigger...just taking my work cloths off after the work day triggers the itchiness if I put on shorts or a short sleeve shirt.

    I am scheduled to see my doctor for a physical in October, but in the meantime, being summer and all, I am trying to get more info and potentially resolve this issue. Is there anyone else out there who has ever experienced anything like this? Please help!
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi there,

    You may want to read more about hives and urticaria and ask your doctor about these conditions when you visit your doctor.

    - Annie
    arizona85225 responded:
    I'm having that same problem but only when I get out of the shower. Seems to last about 10 minutes and then i am fine. It gets to the point that I hate taking a shower because of this, It just drives you crazy. I only seem to have this problem in the summer.
    jewels60914 responded:
    My 8 month year old son has the same problem since he was 4 months old. It's summer time and he is wearing sweat pants and long sleeves and he can't go with out socks on his hands so he doesn't bleed from scratching so much. As soon as his clothes come off he goes crazy and after baths. They thought at first he had ezcema, so he was told to take omega 3, 6 and 9's which were fish oil, flaxseed oil, and borage oil. He is also taking probiotics. I had a bio energetic stress assessment test done on him and he had some food allergies and was lacking folic acid and fatty acids. he is now also taking b12 and glutathione and has had some improvement. he also might have a sulfur deficiency. so i'm in the process of taking a supplement for that. Hope that helps you some. Good luck and if i come across anything else i will let you know.
    luciano136 responded:
    I have a very similar condition to DH35male. I'm 30 and in excellent health. Since a few months, I started developing an itch mainly in the lower part of my body. It is not always as pronounced every day but here's what I found:
  • My legs REALLY itch right after a shower;
  • Getting in bed and putting my legs under the covers, slowly makes the itching go away.

    I have no idea what this could be. I already ruled out soap allergies. Covering up the skin and keeping it warm seems to help but doesn't take the itching away completely, except for the bed covers. I also don't notice the itching when I'm exercising. Later in the day, the itching sometimes gets worse. The only thing I could think of is that it has something to do with the blood flow maybe? I have NO clue and it is starting to really bother me... Also, there's are no visual signs of any rash or other sort of irritation...
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi there,

    Hot water and irritating skin care products as well as shaving the legs can irritate the skin starting the itch and scratch cycle.

    Also changes in the weather like humidity and being outside and exposure to allergens like pollens can also start the itch and scratch cycle.

    Bug bites while outside can also irritate sensitive skin.

    Try using skin care and cleaning products that leave out fragrances and coloring to see if that helps with the itching.

    - Annie
    bluebrry responded:
    dont rule out detergents (laundry or scented fabric softeners) either...go for frangrance/dye free!
    luciano136 responded:
    I was thinking about detergents as well but the weird part is that it itches more when NOT covered and it's mainly my legs; not so much the upper body.

    Also, I should've mentioned that I'm male, so I don't use any kind of skin care products (and definitely don't shave legs ).

    What's interesting too is that I have been fine today and yesterday and by coincidence, the weather has been really warm.
    AKBRICKEY responded:
    I am a 33 year old female and I have this same problem. My arms and legs get extremely itchy when I get out of the shower for about 10 minutes. I have only had this problem for about 6 months. I always put a non-scented lotion on my skin and then put my bathrobe back on to try and stand the intense itching. Having the skin covered helps a lot but doesn't make it completely better. I would love to know if anyone has a remedy for this or knows what may cause it. I have tried using unscented skin products as well as using bath oil, in shower lotion, itch relieving body wash... you name it. I have also tried using nothing at all on my arms and legs hoping that would help. I feel like I'm allergic to water.
    luciano136 responded:
    Just posting a quick update. To date, I have not found any solution to this. As mentioned above, it does feel like being allergic to water. Kind of annoying since I have a pool in my backyard.

    The only other thing I can add to the symptoms is that it seems more pronounced when I get tired later in the workweek. Seems like stress amplifies the itching. The lower part of my body is the most prone to the itching as well. When the itching gets severe, the only thing I can do is get under my bed covers and wait about 10min for it to subside. When I gets really bad, I even use a hairblower on occasion to heat up my skin. Crazy stuff!
    Twilightfan777 responded:
    I am a 21 year old female, and I have this problem also. I am not sure what it is, but I've had it for awhile now. At first, it started as just light itching when I would shave my legs, and putting lotion on helped. But as time went on, it became worse and worse to the point where once I get out of the shower I must put lotion on my legs at once otherwise they get extremely itchy. It is worse still when I shave my legs, but it doesn't matter is every time I get out of the shower. Normally, it lasts anywhere from 10-15 minutes and then slowly subsides. I have to put lotion on and cover my legs to even be able to stand it. I have no idea what it is, and it is seriously annoying. But I have noticed that my legs don't itch when I get out of the is just the shower. I've changed my body wash, my laundry detergent, I've tried tons of different lotions...nothing seems to make it stop.
    dameron75 responded:
    I've also been having this problem for the last few months. I've never been allergic to anything as far as I can tell. The itching affects the back of my neck, my lower back, chest and back of my thighs. I have changed laundry detergent, don't use lotion, but nothing seems to be a identifiable cause as it happens at different times.
    luciano136 responded:
    Well, I wish I could post the solution in the meantime but can't . The itching was much better over the summer when it was warmer. Now that things cool down a bit, it's getting worse again. I found my little methods to deal with it (mainly covering up after a shower) but it remains very annoying.
    cnj521 responded:
    I am a 29 year old healthy female who has been dealing with itching of my legs and arms after showering since childhood. it usually lasts for 10-15 minutes after i exit the shower and seems to be relative to the amount of time that your pores actually take to close after being exposed to a hot shower and then a room temperature house. i sometimes experience the itching at night and it is usually calmed by keeping my legs under the covers. this issue, which i jokingly now refer to as "itchy legs syndrome" since i have never found a medical term for it, seems to be worse during the change of seasons when the temperature outdoors (and therefor indoors) is not consistent. i have sensitive skin and it doesnt seem to take well to rapid changes in weather. i also notice more flare ups during peak allergy seasons. i was lucky enough to speak with a doctor a few years back who actually understood what i was describing and gave me tips to help cope and alleviate some of the itching. he believed strongly that it was directly related to the pores of my body opening adn closing, which for some people causes irritation. here are some tips he gave me, as well as ones that i've learned over the years. i know how frustrating and annoying this can be so after reading these posts i wanted to share with you all what i know to help. it was also very comforting to read about others who have this problem because i truly havent met anyone else (besides one cousin of mine) who deals with this strange ailment!

    1. the most important part of my showering routine and the thing that seems to keep this at bay the most is to run the shower water for about 3 minutes before i enter the bathroom and step into the shower. regulating the temperature of the room so that is equal in the shower and outside of the shower seems to help tremendously as your pores arent immediately shocked by the temp. change (i know it is wasteful to let water run so just try to conserve in other situaitons of you feel bad like i is that important!) 2. before exiting the shower i bring the towel in with me and i pat dry starting immediately with my legs and arms, then the rest of my body. i am compoletely dry before i step out into the bathroom 3. it is also helpful if you immediately apply lotion (unscented, hypo-allergenic, i prefer aveeno as these products are made for sensitive, dry and itchy skin) to your legs and arms FIRST...this was told to me by my doc. he said that this helps to block the pores with lotion so that they close slower. this really helps alleviate the itching. 4. putting clothes on immediately after that cover the legs and arms (even a big robe) seems to help while i am getting ready. usually by the time i am ready to dress my skin is calm and good to go!

    good luck, i hope these tips are helpful! if anyone has anymore (which is actually the original reason that i logged on today during and itchy episode!) please share!
    wscottforever responded:
    how are you im a 43 year old male been to three dermatolagyst and i ave the same itching and rash like on my arms and legs it gets bad at times and i have tried everything i just could dig my arm and legs off nothing works when you find what workd let me know please it goes away for a few months and comes back concerned friend thanks i was told by one dermatologyst that it was staphalocoukus

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