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    Preventing and Treating Skin Rashes
    evanmichel posted:
    Rashes and skin problems plague millions, and the artificial world we live in isn't helping much. All those creams we apply contain chemicals, and the pollution in the air is making things worse. When you add the UV rays in the sun and smoke from cigarettes, your skin is constantly under attack.

    If you are going to live a healthy, happy life, you need to get rid of any rashes and skin problems . Not only should you treat them, but you should find ways to prevent them as well. Here are some things you can do:

    Use Coconut Oil -- Rather than using tanning lotion, buy coconut oil to apply to your skin. The nutrients in the oil will nourish your skin, while the oils will protect it from pollution and damage .

    Go Organic -- It may be time to look at your bed, your clothes, your skin care products, and your food, and think about whether you should go organic. Organic mattresses, clothes , skin creams, and meals will reduce your exposure to toxins and chemicals - giving your skin a break!

    Find the Cause -- Are there bugs in your home biting you , causing the skin problems? Is there a plant at home or in the office that is causing the outbreak? If you can pinpoint the cause of the rash or problem, you can prevent it from returning.

    Use Basil and Garlic -- Crush up some basil, garlic, and olive oil in a blender and apply it to treat a rash. Garlic is an excellent antifungal and antibacterial agent, and basil also helps to clear out bacteria. This is an excellent remedy for both facial and body acne.

    Try Chamomile Tea -- Douse the infected skin with chamomile tea to soothe the itch and burn. Chamomile is a soothing agent that will help to reduce swelling and inflammation, which makes the rash more visible and painful. If your rash is itching a lot, brew up a batch of tea and use it to provide some relief.

    Blend Oats -- Give your skin a break by pouring some blended oats over it. Oats are an excellent remedy for your skin problems, as they stimulate the circulation to the infected area and give your immune system a boost. Blend up the oats, let them sit on your skin for 20 minutes, and take a warm shower to wash it off.

    Apply Aloe Vera -- Try aloe vera to treat infected, blistering skin. Aloe vera helps to soothe pain, reduce swelling, and actually eliminates infections. You can buy Aloe vera cream, or just pick aloe vera to apply the natural gel directly to your skin. The sticky gel will help to clear up the skin infections quickly, and it will reduce the risk that the infection or rash will permanently damage your skin.

    You may need to visit your dermatologist to find out what the problem is, but at least you'll be able to get rid of your rash or skin infection!
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    crystalfetterman responded:
    Being a medical aesthetician and having specialized in aesthetic lasers for five years, i would recommend not to take laser treatments if you are unsure about your eligibility. Some people become photosensitive to lasers which can result in rashes on the treated body part. The rashes can be heavy sometimes. These days, people are just looking in to these treatments and they are not at all trying to know its side effects. Be assured that it would no way affect you adversely.
    skinvogue responded:
    Your tip is very helpful for any skin problem. Your point of view is very impressing. All skin product is not really good. But your natural suggestion is very good treatment for all. Thank you.

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