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    Includes Expert Content
    How to STAY Asleep?
    schraderj4 posted:
    I've gotten so many tips from doctors, friends, internet sources on how to fall asleep, but my problem is STAYING asleep! I sleep for about an hour at a time, sometimes a little more or less. It effects everything in my life now as I am always tired, can't remember things I've known for years, can't concentrate on simple tasks. I've had a sleep study - no apnea but I'm not getting enough Delta sleep. I have white noise, ear plugs, Delta "brainwave music" CDs, Ambien (regular and CR) gives me acid reflux and I still wake up throughout the night. Rozerum did nothing. OTC drugs have done nothing. This has been an increasing problem developed over years. ???
    steadygoing responded:
    Ok so you had the sleep study which showed no serious sleep apnea that could cause problems, plus you do not get enough deep level sleep. What else did the study show? If nothing at all was found then do you have any other medical problems? And if not, then perhaps you are suffering from emotional issues such as depression, anxiety or racing thoughts. Also, fibromyalgia is a condition that disrupts deep level sleep. Beware of those medications, they are not a long-term solution and could actually dirsupt sleep more as time goes on. Also, alcohol can help you fall asleep but it too will disrupt sleep most of the time. And avoid caffeine and too much sugar. How are your eating habits?
    SoulPiercer22 responded:
    Your problems sound a LOT like mine (a lot of the things you said apply for me as well, so I completely understand how you feel)! I've been suffering with the issues of not getting nearly enough sleep for almost 21 years now (the problem started when I was just 12 years old!)!

    I too generally don't have a problem falling asleep (well, maybe from time-to-time), but rather, STAYING asleep just the same as you've indicated, sleeping on average only about an hour or two tops, if I'm lucky! I have seen MANY doctors over the years to try several different things to try to help with this problem, had a couple of sleep studies done (which I was told "We confirmed you have trouble in EVERY stage of sleep, BUT, we can NOT help you!!!!"), tried OTC and prescribed meds. (sleeping pills, etc.), herbal remedies, therapists, etc. etc. etc.......all to no avail whatsoever! Every single night I go through this, and some nights are far worse than others where the majority of the night I lie awake tossing and turning and can't get back to sleep......even if I've only slept a total of an hour or two and feel completely exhausted! I even recently purchased a new good-quality mattress hoping maybe this would help even just a little, but it too has failed me!

    This is also affecting every aspect of my life as well (always tired, job, memory, relationships, etc.), and it gets harder and harder to wear the mask pretending that everything is OK (especially at work) when you keep feeling worse and worse from not sleeping!

    It feels like everyone I've encountered (doctors included) just dismiss sleeping problems as 'not really that serious!' I don't understand how one of the most basic human functions can be so elusive to some of us, and shrugged off by those who just don't seem to understand/care even though in some cases they are the ones we are supposed to be able to turn to for much-needed help!!!!!!!! If you ever find anything that helps, please reach out here as I'm desperately willing to try really just about anything at this point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYTHING!
    steadygoing replied to SoulPiercer22's response:
    SoulP22 you say """" had a couple of sleep studies done (which I was told "We confirmed you have trouble in EVERY stage of sleep, BUT, we can NOT help you!!!!")""""

    Can you be more specific, what did the docs say about your stages of sleep and the reasons they cannot help you. I ask because I too have had life-long sleep disruption which appeared to be related to fibromyaglia..yet there are things I CAN try to do to make the nights better. Also do you have any other medical issues or bad habits which might contribute to the over-all problem. Example, alcohol use, excessive caffeine, there could be some issues you might be overlooking.
    twotterpilot replied to SoulPiercer22's response:
    Been there, done that. CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) worked wonders for my insomnia, both falling asleep AND staying asleep. CBT meant some rather severe lifestyle changes, but the tradeoff was more than worth the effort. I worked with an outstanding therapist in Oregon who had dealt with insomnia for over 20 years. Glenda communicated with me via phone and the 'Net for about two months until I had established habits/routines that allowed me to continue on my own. Best thing I've done for myself in many years!! Please feel free to contact me if I can provide add'l assistance/information.

    Best of luck...
    schraderj4 replied to steadygoing's response:
    My eating habits changed completely about a year ago to try and address migraines. I eat very little caffeine and sugars, no alcohol. I had hoped it would help with sleep as well but it has not. I have lupus but only take plaquenil for it, not steroids.
    2flyrc replied to twotterpilot's response:
    Yes, please send me the contact information for that
    therapist. Sounds as if you have found a solution.
    An_206896 responded:
    • which way is your bed facing? have you ever heard about lying in a north/south position? something to do with the magnetic of the poles. check out about cows grazing in the pastures. they're always facing the north
    sleepless364 replied to twotterpilot's response:

    Pleeeze!!!!! Tell me about CBT and how you accessed it, cost, and is it covered by health plans, etc.

    This has been going on with me for 30 years.

    sleepless 364
    sleeplessinark replied to twotterpilot's response:
    Can you explain in more detail? My problem is always waking up after 4 - 4 1/2 hrs of sleep; then laying awake for about an hour before falling back to sleep. I usually get about 5 hours a night and could use another two. Thanks for your willingness to helkp others.
    An_206897 replied to twotterpilot's response:
    My mother died suddenly 28yrs ago and I haven't slept properly since. I have tried acupuncture, hypnosis and all sorts of pills but to no avail. Your remedy sounds great. Please send me your details on CBT.

    With greatful thanks in anticipation
    An_206898 replied to twotterpilot's response:
    I have suffered from insomnia since my mother died suddenly 28yrs ago.
    I have had acupuncture, hypnosis and over the counter pills and prescription pills. Nothing works. I was interested in your letter on CBT and the good results you had.
    Would you be kind enough to let me know about it? I am desperate!!
    Aatif M Husain, MD responded:
    Dear schraderj4:

    There are many types of insomnia, and difficulty staying alseep is a common type of insmonia. There are many reasons for this, just as there are many reasons for not being able to fall aslsep (please also refer to my comment posted under Ambien and Alprazolam discussion). Some of the more common things that have already been suggested include depression, other mental health issues, and fibromyalgia. Some other causes might have to do with behaviors that occur before sleep, such as caffeine and alcohol consumption at night. Many times these problems can not be fiexed with medications, rather the underlying cause must be addressed. For this, the behavior therapy with the help of a sleep specialist (usually sleep psychologist) should be sought. They can often help get to a permanent cure without medications.

    In the near future I will invite one of my colleagues who is a sleep psychologist as a guest expert to direct readers to resources available for behavioral therapy.

    Hope you are able to get to see the correct people.
    soulpax replied to twotterpilot's response:
    I am 53 years old and just started deveoping sleeping problems over the last 3 years. I have a problem falling asleep and when I do fall asleep, I only sleep for 3 to 4 hours. What is CBT and what lifestyle changes did you have to make. I drink wine, maybe a couple of glasses 3 to 4 times per week.

    Thanks for any advise
    jfg515 replied to twotterpilot's response:
    I was just reading your post, and I was wondering if there's any way I could talk to you about how you got over your insomnia. I realize that you posted this nine months ago, but I just now discovered this thread and it's the first time that people seem to be experiencing exactly what I've been dealing with. I'm only 21 years old and this has been going on for over a year now. I've literally tried everything..sleep study, otc meds, prescription meds, talking to a psychologists and psychiatrist, ambien, valium, etc...and nothing has helped. I want to permanently get rid of this since im graduating college and it's gonna be tough to start my life if i can't function during the day. ive tried looking up sleep psychologists but can't seem to find any specifically geared toward insomnia. i was just wondering how you found your doctor and if i could contact her...just trying to find someone on the east coast who does the same thing with CBT, and find out what lifestyle changes you made to get better. Thanks!

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