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    Somnapure comments?
    bfackrell posted:
    Can anybody comment on Somnapure? I'd like to try it but I can't find very much info about it. Lots of advertising though....
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear bfackrell,

    I visited the SomnaPure website, and beneath all of the glitzy claims, I found this: "The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease."

    I would suggest saving your money and visit a sleep disorders doctor to get some expert help with whatever issues you're having.

    Best wishes for better sleep,

    bfackrell replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Good point! Not having FDA approval certainly throws up a 'red flag'. I would be nice if somebody, like FDA, would evaluate this type of supplement because it seems like some things like this could be legitimate.
    bluecaterpillar replied to bfackrell's response:
    But that statement is on all herbal supplements. They put it on there because the law says they have to.
    rhennessy46 replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    My husband has tried this and other similar sleep aids and they work for him.

    WARNING: Be sure to note that if you order the trial sample that within 18 days of that date they will send you another bottle and charge you $54.00 which is pretty high. You can get the same sort of thing for less at Whole Foods and other places. This is one of those send you monthly and auto-charge your account things.
    bfackrell replied to rhennessy46's response:
    Thanks! Thats very helpful.
    yindee replied to rhennessy46's response:
    Thanks, this is really helpful as I suspected the reason for the free offer was just to get your credit card number.
    kbigler1 responded:
    It made me jittery and actually had the opposite effect of sleep. However, sometimes the opposite happens with herbal stuff, so that won't necessarily happen to you. The company was very easy to cancel with. Nice people.
    rmc621 responded:

    I have to lol, how people scare other people by words. First Somnapure is not a drug, it is a nutraceutical. The FDA governs drugs, not nutraceuticals. Since the drug companies are very powerful so they will not allow nutraceuticals to get patent. Somnapure may have with your sleep. It can not be any worse than taking a drug that will have side effects. Somnapure may not have the side effects.
    brightserenity responded:
    I also ordered this but have yet to try it. I was a little put off when reading the ingredients to my husband and his reaction when I read "polyethelene glycol" . He said "That's antifreeze!" Hmmmmm.....
    erics5151 replied to brightserenity's response:
    Probably is used in antifreeze, wouldn't be surprised; thought to be low toxicity, but I avoid any products containing any glycols. Have read nasty stuff about its cousin, propylene glycol, which is also used in antifreeze; I believe it was also a primary component of the dispersant Obama dumped in the Gulf to break up the oil spill. Try finding a cosmetic that doesn't have pg these days (we pay double for those that don't); have even seen it in some commercially prepared baked goods. Unreal...
    kermet5934 responded:
    I tried Somnapure and my blood pressure shot up from 131/62 to 199/103. Almost had to call 911.
    Rottieman replied to brightserenity's response:
    Should you have googled "polyethylene glycol" you would have learned that it's not toxic. When used in appropriate concentration and the correct amounts its the active indgredient in the laxative, Miralax. You can buy Miralax in any Costco (not implying that means it's good for you), but many tens of thousands, if not millions of people use it safely every day.
    thesanpan responded:
    I tried this Somnapure and it left me with no sleep and druged like never before in my life , I tried it the one time and decided I could not take the effects of Somnapure and besides that if you don,t unsubscribe from their free trial in 18 days ,guess what , they send you 2100 more and nail you for $52.00 for something that has to be desposed of in some way other than digesting , it was a horrible experience .I ask the Somnapure operator what was was the % of people that get nailed like that and she said about 50 %.. It may work for others but it floored me and no sleep if fact it keep me awake worse than a sick very drunk person .. Never felt like that bin my life !!!!don;t bit on their add , and if you do , cancel right away before they get you for your $52.00 Bob Wall Sarasota Fl. .
    everrede replied to brightserenity's response:
    Ethylene Glycol is antifreeze. Polyethylene glycol is basically a laxative or stool softener.

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