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    Light or sound?
    wickedshot posted:
    my wife cannot go to sleep without the tv on. it frustrates me to no end because i need dark and silence to sleep. her 1st marriage wasn't very sweet and thats what i think it is but i'm not a doctor. maybe someone else out there has an answer or goes thru the same ting i do or my wife does. reply please before i throw the expensive tv's out the just kidding
    butterflygarden responded:
    Hi, wickedshot!

    Just came across your post, and it struck home with me. My husband and I also have very different sleeping patterns. He was in the Army for several years, so he can sleep through just about anything. Doesn't matter if the TV is on, lights are on, etc.

    On the other hand, like you, I have to have darkness. And, I run a fan for white noise because sounds at night tend to wake me up. And, if he turns on a light for any reason I wake right up.

    Have you talked to your wife about your concerns?

    One thing you might try is going to bed at different times. Have her hit the sack earlier. Then, when she falls asleep to the TV you can just come in and turn it off before YOU go to bed.

    I have to wonder if she's getting a restful sleep when she's falling asleep to the TV, though. Maybe see if she can talk to her doctor about it and see a sleep specialist who can give her some tricks that will help her kick the TV habit.

    Maybe others will have ideas for you as well. I hope you can come to a compromise at least and both get a good nights' sleep.

    EleanorAnne responded:
    Hi -

    I'm like your wife, I can't go to sleep without the TV on. I set the timer to fall asleep.

    Luckily, my husband can sleep through anything and it doesn't bother him, I think???

    This is a bad habit that I need to try to break and need to try to fall asleep on my own. When I was younger I read to go to sleep.

    Thanks for bringing this up and making me realize it is really a problem that affects both me and my husband. Something I guess I should talk to him about.
    SweetSusieB responded:
    Oh Wickedshot I'm sorry to hear that. I need to fall asleep with the TV, but with that said, I believe the person that can't fall asleep to the noise wins this one. It's very difficult to fall asleep to noise if you just can't. It's easier to learn to sleep without it, I believe.

    Either you can ask her to watch it elsewhere til she is so tired she can't keep her head up, then come to bed, or maybe you can compromise (I know the story of married life) and let her watch maybe a half hour then it gets turned off. I feel for you I do.
    I turn it off right before I fall asleep, it seem to work for us. Good luck!! Maybe cuddle instead? We love that.
    monamia responded:
    Like some others who have posted, I'm the one who can't have any noise and use a fan for white noise and have the room all dark.

    But a compromise can be reached by doing what others suggested: perhaps she can go to bed half an hour earlier or while you're getting ready for bed or reading or something. And she gets what she needs, you have the tv off within half an hour and you can get to sleep.

    I don't think there needs to be anything deeper to this, just different things work for different people.

    I hope you'll update us to let us know how it's going. I'll be wondering.
    MerryLark responded:
    My husband can't sleep w/out the tv, and I can't sleep w/ it on! We have been married 20 years, and we've both tried various ways of adapting to each other. Nothing has really worked! I'm like "wickedshot": I could quite happily take all our tvs, line them up along the back fence, borrow my neighbor's shotgun, and completely demolish them!!! :S Help!!!
    nicksmith08 responded:
    I have the same bad habit as your wife. There should be a way you can put the tv on a timer and it will shut off at the appointed time. She's asleep and so are you. Good luck. Robin
    laylacakes responded:
    an idea that might be a compromise between the two of you.

    get one of those baby sleeping aids that has lights and plays soft music. if she put it on her side of the bed, it might not bother you, but would be light and noise for her to fall asleep to. my nephew had a little aquarium looking thing that he had on his bed for years. i'd go in and lay down with him and that thing would put me to sleep. and i'm just like you. sound and light and i'm awake

    i've been considering the same thing for our friend's 4 year old. we all recently moved in together and the child has always fallen asleep to cartoons. i want to break him of that habit...
    mumbie responded:
    I know exactly what you are saying. but here it is the hubby. I like to have the room dark and I cant stand the tv on. and I like the sound of a fan in the summer. and it is soothing more or less and in the winter I use a sleep machine and I have to deal with snoring. and so I need some to drown out that noise but most of the time I end up on the couch anyway
    Dee77726 responded:
    Has anyone thought about using headphones to listen to the TV at nite?
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to Dee77726's response:
    That's a good idea, Dee! I'm sure they would take some getting used to but could help.
    SweetRose11 replied to EleanorAnne's response:
    Myself as well, I wake all during the night, toss and turn. One solution is ear plugs. Another , most people will not or can not consider is sleeping in another bedroom. When our daughter recently married it opened up her bedroom. I got busy and made it into my bedroom, decorated my way. It also is quiet, dark and I can watch TV or use computer at my leisure. Most times I fall asleep while watching TV. At first my husband did not like the idea but with me keeping the room much colder and all the other stuff, he came around and agreed , we both sleep better.Upside to this , he loves to come to my room when feeling romantic and needing the closeness.
    SweetRose11 replied to MerryLark's response:
    If you have a extra bedroom, make it yours or his. Wanting closeness, go to their room, what a turn on, or he comes to your bedroom. Makes for a great nights rest and adds sparkle back to your relationship.
    terryjk58 responded:
    My wife has the same habit, she HAS to have the tv on, and I'm with you, I have to have quietness. I used earplugs for a while and they worked to an extent, but recently we found some cordless headphones for her, and it's been great ever since.
    ladyligi responded:
    Sleep in the guest bedroom or send her to the guest bedroom. OR she can watch TV in the living room until she is ready to fall asleep! Easy peesy.

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