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    body vibrations at night
    ByteArt posted:
    I understand the last posting relating to this was 4 years ago. My husband started telling me he felt the bed vibrating, and when he reached over to touch me he said I was the source. Many times I felt the bed vibrate, but never considered I was doing it until he said this to me. I've never heard of anyone else mentioning this so I went online and discovered this site. One woman mentioned Lyme disease, and another site mentioned fibromyalgia which I do suffer from. Does anyone have any advice and any experience with this phenomenon? Is there a caffeine connection or some medication connection? I'd appreciate some feedback on this. Thank you
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi ByteArt,

    While you're waiting for responses here, I hope you'll also discuss getting a sleep study done with your doctor to ascertain what is going on.
    An_249896 responded:
    I've had the bed shaking and vibrating experiences too. Most recently, I sat up and turned on the light and it kept going but slowly stopped. That's when I started trying to find an answer, but the closest I've come is Sleep Paralysis... which is almost the opposite. But there seem to be other people experiencing it too.
    1judyburch responded:
    I think my "sleeping behavior" is much much worse than your vibrating but my sleep-dr, a pulmonologist, calls it restless leg syndrome. This is the one that occurs only when you are asleep so you are never really aware of it. I take a med and I think the last six weeks have been free of this It is a horrible thing and I cd not get a med person to take me seriously
    Darli replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I have woken up twice in recent months feeling the bed vibrating. While earthquakes are rare in our area, there have been several mild quakes recently and I thought that was what I was feeling.
    The second time I was sleeping alone and came fully awake and sat up in bed while the vibrating continued for a few more seconds.
    An_259893 replied to Darli's response:
    I feel my bed move too, and it gets worse. I am NOT crazy, and there is something going on in our house. like a ghost or ? I hate it.
    georgew6 replied to An_259893's response:
    I suspect we all feel some kind of vibration in the mattress when sleeping. Without knowing it, this can go on anytime while appearing to be sound asleep. My information comes from many sleep studies over the years. One of the better ones identified my moving around was from restless leg syndrome, grinding my teeth and just moving around during most of my sleeping time.

    Grinding teeth can be helped by having your dentist fashion a mouth guard for exactly that. My current dentist made one that covers all the chewing surfaces of the upper teeth and it's worked the best of all that I've had.

    Testing in a sleep lab can be the best of all procedures for sleep problems. Of course the doctor has to say what to do for any problems discovered, AND then the person with the problems has to follow the doctors recommendations. That's why I am right now trying hard to qualify for the biflex CPAP machine now prescribed. Under Medicare, its necessary to have certification by the doctor saying you are compliant with their regulation on using it regularly every night. That's good since it is really easy to just say the heck with it, and turn the machine off.

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    Get the right sleep specialist and the right CPAP gear
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