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    Can NOT Wake Up Before Noon
    An_251820 posted:
    This is SO frustrating, and there is so much I feel that is at play.

    First and foremost, I'm obese. I mean, I can still buy clothes at regular stores and have no difficulty maintaining a brisk walk, outdoing most normal people. But I can't help but assume that's a factor. I'm not sure about the typical sleep problems related to obesity. I snore, I've had a couple bouts of apnea, and have been recorded inhaling no more than 3 times a minute.
    I. Love. Sleep. And my bed. Especially on a rainy day or when it's cold.
    I'm a nightowl. Staying up too late comes too easy to me.

    It's been a lifelong problem. When in school, I slept in day clothes and stopped eating breakfast so I could sleep in later. I slept during classes. Sometimes I'd make myself sick or fake it to stay home.
    College is a blessing because I don't take classes before noon, although I've ended up missing about 1/4 of my 12:30 class. >_>

    Traditional alarms give me an instant headache, which means I have to stay in bed. Music/vibration worked for awhile but I either sleep through it or shut it off without even waking up properly. My dad will spray me with cold water and while it wakes me up initially, the cooling effect actually puts me back to sleep. Getting yelled at works but only after noon. If I'm yelled at prior to noon, I just keep sleeping. If I try to rise I'll fall back over.
    I've actually cancelled plans with friends just to sleep in more.
    Most of the time, alarms don't work well because then I stay up, anticipating them, or keep waking up, worried I missed them.

    Logically, my sleep cycle occurs because I'm a nightowl. But I'm not even sure I'm a nightowl by choice or habit at this point. When I "reset" (go an entire night without sleep so I fall asleep early in the hopes of getting on a normal schedule)... it doesn't work! I'll either get a "second wind" at night when I'm supposed to sleep and stay up till stupid-o-late-AM, or, if I go to bed at a reasonable hour, it ends up being a nap, and I wake up wide awake after a few hours, and can't go back to sleep for a few more hours.
    For instance, last night I was dead tired, and fell asleep at 10. I woke up at 1:30 wide awake. I couldn't go back to sleep until 3:30. And wouldn't wake up until 11:30, although I was still tired for awhile.

    And that's what drives me crazy! Why, after a few hours of sleep, when I am most deprived, I awake refreshed, but after a couple hours of laying in bed, I need several hours more sleep and wake up tired? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Maybe 10-4, go back to sleep around 5, wake up at 8 or 9?

    I wake up tired. Almost always. Enough is never enough. The exceptions are the rare times where I am left to sleep undisturbed, then I sleep soundly from 2-8am till 2pm (no matter what time I go to sleep, I get up on my own between 12-2 just fine), but this is rarely allowed to happen and it won't just shift over!!!

    It's taking it's toll on myself and my family. I need ideas!
    I've tried melatonin and while it knocks me out and usually keeps me out, it gives me nightmares that leave me distraught throughout the day, and makes waking up before noon even more impossible.
    Alexmus responded:
    I think you should take a look at this [a name="OLE_LINK5"> [a name="OLE_LINK3"> [a name="OLE_LINK2"> , this is a program from Dr Andrew Stevens , Many people have tried this and this help me to get back my sleep in 2 weeks, They said it's good for baby too , just a little note that you should try at least 3 days for the best result
    Alexmus responded:
    I think you should try the program from Dr Steven , ake a look at this [a name="OLE_LINK5"> [a name="OLE_LINK3"> [a name="OLE_LINK2"> , this is a program from Dr Andrew Stevens , Many people have tried this and this help me to get back my sleep in 2 weeks, They said it's good for baby too , just a little note that you should try at least 3 days for the best result
    allstar94 responded:
    I have this same problem. I'm 19, probably around your age.

    In high school I was miserable and skipped much school also. I've tried a ton of different things to wake up before 11 or 12. Nothing has worked. I think that having to wake up at 7 and going to bed at 1 or 2 for years contributed to the depression/bipolar i was diagnosed with.

    I've just accepted that that is the time my body naturally wakes at. Why go against your nature? I feel much better now and no longer take any psychiatric meds. I really enjoy being up when everyone else is sleeping. It's peaceful. Nothing is wrong with people like us. My understanding is that before modern society people like you and I used to stand guard while everyone was sleeping.

    It can be frustrating because oppurtunities for jobs/careers become limited. I've cancelled many plans as well because it will just be no fun if I haven't gotten sleep. There really aren't accomodations for night owls. But that's just something you have to live with I guess. I wanted to get into the painting business but couldn't wake up before noon so that option is no longer. Take the bitter with the sweet. More options will come along. For now I'm working on getting a job waiting tables at night. Eventually I'd like to be a bartender.

    Always look on the bright side if you can. Go with what your body is telling you to do. Don't be ashamed. Don't let people tell you you are lazy. Just work with what the universe gave you. There are tons of people like us out there.

    Give me an update as to where you are at. Have you tried treatments? What is your life lookign like right now? maybe we can learn from each other.
    mobilewrench responded:
    you sound just like my story I was awake all my life as a child and worked nights and woke up very late sometime even in the evening you must break this habit now the longer it exists the harder it will be to resolve

    good luck
    mobile wrench

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    take meds at some time, don't eat after 7
    I meant the longer reply posted a few minutes ago to to go to donnajune2000 More
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