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    Weird pre-sleep issues, images, and sleeping on back problems
    jforrest1980 posted:
    Hello, I have a few questions. I plan on seeing a dr soon but unsure where to begin. I really am not 100% sure what my issue is. I have thought for years that I just have really bad sinus issues. I have headaches everyday on the top of my head, or around the sinus points. Sometimes even on the left side of my head wrapping around to my ear, and am always stuffed up. There has never been a day in the last 12 years I don't have what I think is a sinus headache, and my nose isn't clogged. Sometimes I can't even function and people notice like my manager and ask what's wrong. I have seen a dr many years ago and it helped a LOT, but didn't fix me completely. Not even quitting drinking and smoking helped. Things like ice cream, coffee, alcohol normally mean a instant headache. I've cut all that stuff out of my diet. Especially alcohol because one drink of a beer and I feel awful, and in the morning if I drink more than a few I get the worst nose pressure. OK, so this isn't sounding sleep related so far but please keep reading.

    My first issues is I think if I do indeed have chronic sinus issues which I have been told before, I really think it is because I can't fall asleep on my back and all the sinus drainage pools instead of going down. But it is only at night when I can't. For example I can fall asleep on the couch at work on my break when I exhausted and in a weird position. But at home in my bed as soon as I fall asleep on my back I feel like i'm falling. I guess that's why they call it falling asleep. But it's just too intense and wakes me up. I have to sleep on my stomach, with my leg bent upward toward my chest. I remember being very young and my grandma making fun of me because I would sleep on the couch and have my leg bent and hiked up as high up the back of the couch as possible. So I think I have always done this.

    Another weird issue that happens on rare occasions is that before falling asleep I get a headache, then I feel sort of weak, and I really start thinking maybe I don't have sinus issues, maybe i'm diabetic. Because I get so hungry and I get these weird images that are hard to explain, but I am very much awake. I can't really explain it but it is just weird abstract images usually of people. I try and tune them out and think of normal stuff like my girlfriend or family, but a crazy image always presents. When I get these really intense sinus headaches at bedtime, sometimes I don't get weird mental pictures. I hear stuff. But it's not like voices it's like there's a car outside and I can hear the bass and nothing else. There's no voices. I have read elsewhere online other people getting these images and some people say it's normal.

    I just really feel like I can't have all this stuff wrong with me, and there has to be one simple solution. Like my nose is always clogged and I don't get enough air while sleeping. Or that i'm diabetic. Not that i'm crazy. I work in a ER and I see crazy people all the time. I don't really think I fit that description.

    Does anyone know where I should start? I am thinking a sleep study. I test m,y sugar often at work. I'm going to get a glucometer and test it at home when I feel weird. Does any of this sound like it could be linked? Because I feel like if I go into a dr they are going to think I am a hypocondriac.

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