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    Unable to wake up + Morning depression
    An_267279 posted:
    After years of dealing with morning depression, I have finally made some discoveries about possible causes for some of my morning sickness. Is there any disorder that causes morning depression when people sleep in lower than usual temperatures?
    For years I have been trying to wake up earlier than usual (target 6.30 AM), but I cannot. At first my parents thought it was because I was just lazy. However, it was because of severe mental pains that prevent me from waking up. I really need help with this and also with my morning depressions. Let me explain the details:
    The alarm wakes me up at 6.45AM. I find it very difficult mentally to push myself out of bed. So I hit the snooze button. 15 minutes later, the alarm rings again. I follow this routine until about 8AM. This has been happening for as long as I can remember. I'm 28 now. During the day, I'm a very hard working, social person. It is only when I wake up in the mornings that I face this problem.
    On 1-2 occasions I tried to push myself out of bed earlier than usual and into the living room, hoping the TV would jump start my brain. But it was just very painful (mentally). I just sat there on my couch, depressed and wanting to go back to sleep. This continued for about 30-45 minutes (TV running at the background and me falling in and out of semi-sleep in a seated position) until it no longer pained- the morning depression was finally starting to go away.
    I have been trying to eliminate environmental and food triggers or to find patterns that may be causing this. Today I discovered a break through. My inability to wake and get out of bed is significantly worse when I sleep with the Air Conditioning/Fan at full blast. When I go to sleep at night, the AC is very pleasant and does a good job of helping me sleep. But in the morning, it is the AC that makes my blood/skin feel very sluggish.
    Thus I would appreciate understanding if this is a known issue/ailment and also if there are any tests I can undergo to better understand my body's negative reaction to several hours of AC/Fan.
    igram12 responded:
    I have pretty regular insomnia. For me going to sleep has been a nightly battle. I hate not having a sleep schedule, and I'm pretty sure I've watched an episode of just about every show on late night tv this point.
    For me, the worst part is worrying about the health concerns attributed to it, as well as the side effects of sleep medication. I didn't like the idea of forcing sleep by drowning myself in sleeping pills, so I ended lying awake in bed every night.
    I did a little internet research looking for alternatives, and I found an article interviewing Insomnia Specialist Dr. Gregg Jacobs. He advocates for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or (CBT). He conducted research which showed that it was very effective in the majority of his patients. I figured I had nothing to loose so I tried few things such as limiting my bed only for sleep and I found that it helped.
    Here's the article
    It helped, but I still found that I still couldn't sleep consistently. I looked around and discovered that he had a 5-week sleeping CBT therapy program online. I completed it worked for me! The program gave me tips and guidelines which helped me. I felt that having a program to keep me in line helped me stay consistent. This helped me, and I am sleeping regularly.
    I would highly recommend it.

    anna089 replied to igram12's response:
    Have you tried using an bedtime calculator to plan your sleep ahead of time? It's an important part of CBT. I've been giving it a try recently and at least it keeps me in schedule. I found this one: - It's by a company doing a sleep tracker so it caught my eye. Let me know if it helps!

    A smart alarm can also be good for you so you don't oversleep and worsen your depression symptoms in the morning.[br>

    Helpful Tips

    take meds at some time, don't eat after 7
    I meant the longer reply posted a few minutes ago to to go to donnajune2000 More
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