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    Provigil stopped working
    mogwai123456 posted:
    Hi, I was recently diagnosed with "Idiopathic Hypersomnolance" and began a trial of provigil to treat it. My doctor started me at 200 mg per day, and I felt FANTASTIC. I had energy all day - the only problem was I also had energy all night. After 5 days of barely sleeping I thought I might go a bit mad (although I still felt great during the day). My doctor told me to try taking 100 mg instead, so I did. It seemed to do nothing, so he said to increase to 150 mg. Again, I felt nothing. Partly out of curiosity and partly out of desperation to feel awake again, I went back to the 200 mg, only to discover it no longer made me feel any better at all. My doctor said he has never heard of this happening, but I have read a fair number of blogs and chat forums in which people say Provigil just stopped working for them after a short period of time. They also said increasing the medication did not help for more than a day or two, if that. Does anyone know what actually causes this to happen, and therefore what can be done about it?? In 1 or 2 places I read that drinking caffeine while on provigil will cause it to stop working, but these were hardly credible sources so I am not sure if it is true.
    2sleepy1971 responded:
    Provigil has also stopped working for me. I have been on it for about 1 1/2 years at 400mg. My Dr. just increased me to 600mg. I am so frustrated with being so sleepy. he as also tried things like antidepressants and Adderall and Ritalin. They did nothing but give me a headache and make me more tired. I just wanted you to know you are not the only one with this issue. :angry:
    mogwai123456 responded:
    I appreciate that - These days it really does feel like no one understands, so it helps to hear someone does (although I'm also sorry you're going through this as well, I don't wish it on anyone). I'm disappointed to hear the Ritalin and Adderall did not work for you either...I'm assuming once my doctor increases the Provigil several times and it continues to be ineffective he'll head in that direction. I just can't believe the Provigil only worked for 5 days!! And now I'm trying so hard to forget how great I felt for that short time (not that it's working), b/c slipping back into this lower-quality life seems even more unbearable now... Thank you for responding...I hope we all find a better solution someday.
    carmelanne responded:
    I am going through the same thing, its so frustrating, i am on 400 provigel also and it not having the effect it used to, i have hypersomnia too, dont know whats next, what happens if i get to top level and it doesnt work. or not using anything, ill probably go into a coma :pbpt:
    ted1735 responded:
    :crying: I have not decided if the Provigil stopped working or not yet? Obviously I must be considering this or I would not be searching the web. I am on Provigil 400mg once a day, or 200mg twice a day. I have played with the time I take it to see what works the best. I have OSA and use a CPAP at night I also work night shift 7p-7a. On my days off Provigil is the wonder drug. It does not give me energy but I do not get sleepy and can continue any activity I choose all day long. I usually dont want to go to bed. However, when I work at night it seems to be fading in effectiveness. I have tried to take it before work and at various times of the evening to get it to last me until I get home and in bed by 9am so I dont fall asleep at work or fall asleep while driving. The worst part is I have a 90 day supply that cost over $1500, of course my insurance paid for it but I still paid $70 for the medication. Hoping it will kick in I dont know what is next.

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