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    How do you behave without sleep?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    According to Current Biology, new research shows that without sleep, the emotional centers of the brain can dramatically overreact to negative experiences.

    We already know that lack of sleep can cause these problems, but this explains why: Sleep loss can lead to emotionally irrational behavior because of a shutdown of the prefrontal lobe, an area that normally keeps emotions under control.

    What are you like when you go without sleep? Tell us about it!
    ellism9 responded:
    I went through a divorce recently and I noticed that when I didn't sleep well the night before, I was a lot more emotional. When I slept well, I was able to cope much better.
    LML73 responded:
    I definitely get more reactive when I don't sleep well, which unfortunately is often. I get really stressed out easily when I'm sleep deprived, I cry easily and don't handle things that I normally handle well.

    The worst is at work. I hate to cry at work and if I am going on several nights of very little or very bad sleep I will cry if I drop my paper clips!

    But it does seem to be a tough cycle - the more stressed out I feel, the worse I sleep.
    Andy2009 responded:
    I can not function at all. feeling tired all day every day, doesn't matter how much sleep i will be tired, seems like the more i get like 8-9 hours it just makes its a lot woriest then if i get a few hours of sleep. Hard to pay attention and function properly at school and work. and i get a lot more angry then i use to be.
    LoriSal responded:
    I suffer from bipolar disorder. I have gone as much as 3 weeks without a decent nights sleep (which I consider to be more than 3 hours). I become very irritable, can't stand living with myself!
    mosnarproject responded:
    I am a teacher and I've always noticed that children bring their emotional temperature into alignment with yours. So when I have had a broken nights sleep and I consequently enter the classroom with much less tolerance and patience, the children mirror it back. There is a lot more reactionary behaviour, and what would normally be low level complaints that are easily resolved become major incidents. I know that this is all just a 'copy cat' of the way I am behaving in class with the children. After a good nights sleep the atmosphere in the classroom the following day is incredibly different - light, pleasant, productive, even humourous!

    I've also noticed that when I'm tired I tend to lean towards melancholy, am more likely to take offense and more likely to feel the pain of injustice. The world is one big insurmountable half empty glass!

    Knowing that this is all simply the result of a bad nights sleep will make it easier to make it through such days.
    bubbles34119 responded:
    Telling not about myself but my husband. He works swing shifts from 1st to 2nd to 3rd shifts that rotate on a weekly basis in a factory setting. Especially when he works 3 rd shift, his sleep deprivation affects his reasoning skills and temperment and any little thing I say or do is wrong. Now he has NEVER been physically abusive but does get verbally abusive and I have just learned to agree with whatever he says regardless of whether I agree with him or not. When he is rested he is a totally different person, loving and gentle. Sleep definitely affects a person and the longer you go without it the worse things become.
    chrismom52099 responded:
    I can't function hardly at all when I don't get a good night sleep. I am going through a nasty separation/divorce and we have a child to top it off. At first I just thought I was just depressed but now, I really think I have a sleeping disorder (i.e. apnea). Over the past several months its like I am getting more and more tired at work, literally falling asleep at my desk in the early afternoon. I cannot even keep my eyes open. I am so moody at the end of the day and I feel like I am beyond being depressed. I don't even have the energy to properly clean my house or do my daily chores the way they should be done.

    Seems like I am barely getting by in life too.
    beaver1960 responded:
    I have worked as a Paramedic / Firefighter over the last 20 years and with each passing year I find myself becoming more & more sleep deprived, with an increase in calls each passing year and having to get up multiple times each night while on shift responding on calls. I find myself getting to feel like a zombie the more tired I get as well as feeling more irritable the more tired I get. I find it harder and harder to recover the next day with each passing year on the job.
    HeardingCatz responded:
    HI, well all I can say is not well. I've tried my medical provider but ended up shunted over to phyciactric for treatment of depression.. not helpfull I have no problem tracking my problems to lack of sleep but as my main problem starts with herniates disks, at least three two t-7 and t-8 that i'm told are inoperable. This causes me to miss alot of sleep the more I lose the worst I handle things. First trying to build a new carieer I was a long hual truck driver for twenty years, now a computer technician. But I still have to deal with constant pain, a recent bankrupsy, and am unable to find any help. Sorry I went off track there, any way the back problems mean I only sleep two to three hours at a streach most of the time. Thankfully my cats are there in the middle of the night to talk to otherwise I'd not have gotten this far. If I was completly alone I'd have given up years ago. Most people including doctors can't seem deal with people with cronic pain, and after awile you find yourself more and more isolated. Lacking sleep and the release of even dreams after awile everything seems to lose any sence of reality... certinly any sence of hope or meaning.
    Gerry15534 responded:
    It would help if those posting indicated their age, to the nearest decade at least.

    I am 73 and have rarely slept through even a five-hour period for at least ten years. I can detect no correlation with physical exercise, mental activity, love-making or socializing. I have learned to relax and let my mind wander as it does not seem to pay to think about things I need to do. I have also learned not to expect a lot of sleep. This seems to work for me as I am generally alert and good-humored during the day. It was true while I still worked full-time, up to age 69. My wife, who expected to sleep for at least eight hours, was distressed if this did not happen and was clearly less efficient and more stressed during the following day. I am not sure how much this reflects different physical characteristics, which would not be open to easy manipulation, or to differences in coping strategy, which would.
    itsMe0612 responded:
    I have not slept well for about 7 years, but am doing much better lately. I have found that when I am sleep-deprived, I cry easily, get paranoid in my relationships, and can be unnecessarily picky about stupid things. I would say that I have often been irrational, especially with PMS. I asked a close co-worker to remind me not to talk much to my bosses during that time, so I don't get myself into trouble. I was getting an average of 4 - 6 hours a night and felt edgy and unfocused much of the time. I could easily fall asleep, but could not stay asleep.
    akm1938 responded:
    wake up with fatigue, lower mental acuity, more worried
    jdwright1962 responded:
    I am in the midst of a nasty divorce. I rarely sleep more than 3 hours @ a stretch. Typically I wake up every hour. My emotions are a veritable roller coaster. I sink into a valley, talk myself out of it and then sink into another valley. My mom mentioned today that I am exhibiting signs of manic depression due to sleep deprivation.
    cenandra responded:
    I started getting insomnia about a month ago. It started out negative thinking doubting one night to the next I'll be able to sleep night to night

    Then I started getting anxiety attacks on a daily basis. Then had a severe panic attack one night my husband had to help me realize it was fake that I wasn't having a heart attack.

    The next day I went to the doctors and he started me on Klonipin. It helped but I was getting worse mentally I was getting dependent. And I refuse to do that.

    I did some research and found that my Armour Thyroid can cause anxiety and insomnia so I am now back on Synthroid. My mind has lifted I think its helping.

    I can tell u this much if I can't my sleep I feel like I am losing my mind and my diabetes neuropathy is ten times worse.

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