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    Narcolepsy Network
    Aatif M Husain, MD posted:
    This is a good website for patients with narcolepsy to learn more about this condition and its treatment.
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    themanE responded:
    Hello Doc. i was diagnosed with symptoms of narcolepsy but they are not very severe. The only one that is somewhat severe is my sleeping problem that i get sleepy all the time any where and around the same time i would loose strenght in my legs for a very very short time (<1second).Caffeine had no effect If i sleep(<30min) the sleepy/tiredness goes aways.
    So my Doc. prescribed me adderall xr 10mg but had no effect so he gave 20mg, both of these swallowed twice daily. I now stay awake during the day, and i can still sleep when i want or my reg 7-8 hours during the night.
    1Is there any other drugs that i could suggest to my Doc?
    I know he knows what he is doing, i just want to know if trying other CNS stimulants is a good idea or if i just should stick to adderall xr. the thing is that with this pill i sometimes think my head is tense/expanding/like its been filled to the limit, and i get like blurred thinking like a bunch of information is just going in and out. but if i put some music i gets a bit better.

    2 Is there a way to know if i am getting "addicted" or creating a dependency on adderall xr.

    thanks for your help...

    3 what would you diagnosed someone who had the same symptoms of narcolepsy but not as intense?
    Sojourner11 replied to themanE's response:
    Hi! You are taking medications without knowing what is really wrong with you. Each doctor has his specialty and views illnesses through those eyes. I've been there. You have sleep issues so see a sleep specialist. Originally, I didn't pursue a sleep study that was non-conclusive (I couldn't sleep). Twenty years later my symptoms were out of my control. I couldn't stay awake to drive. I had to have my licence suspended to get me to take it all seriously. I had to go to the sleep clinic 5 times to be rigged up and observed. It took persistence. I couldn't stay awake in the day time and lived on No Dose. I couldn't sleep at night hardly at all. When I did, I would do strange things such as putting eye make-up on my friend's service dog, etc. I had symptoms of narcolepsy.The sleep specialist checked me for everything. I was only getting one REM cycle. But the main problem turned out to be surprising. I had an ultrasound done on my heart. My heart is perfectly healthy except that the electrical surge that stimulates the heart to pulse regularly, wouldn't surge regularly through the night. It caused carbon dioxide to build up in my brain and was irreparably destroying brain cells. I now use oxygen with a Bipap mask. I sleep at night and stay awake during the day. Thank God! It was a long time coming! Pursue it and persist. Don't take meds to just cover up the problem.

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    take meds at some time, don't eat after 7
    I meant the longer reply posted a few minutes ago to to go to donnajune2000 More
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