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    Facial Redness and Flaky Skin on Face After Quitting Smoking?
    Avadakadavra posted:
    I quit smoking 6 months ago. I used the nicoderm patch and it worked for me. When I was on the lowest dose patch I started to get redness and dry skin on my face and in my ears. Specifically on the sides of my nose, forehead, chin, and above my lip where the mustache grows and also a couple of places on my cheeks. The rash above my lips would burn and get irritated. The rest of my rash looked very much like the malar rash seen in lupus patients. Like a butterfly shape except it did not go over the bridge of my nose. The rash would get very scaly and peel constantly. The insides of my ears were doing this also. I thought it could be Seborrheic Dermatitis. I also got tested for lupus and it came back negative. So I bought some cream for psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis and it seemed to control the flakes and helped the redness somewhat. The only thing that made the redness go away completely was Cortisone cream. I could not keep using the cortisone cream and the Sebhorreic Dermatitis cream only controlled the flakes. The redness on my face makes me look sick and burns. The doctors did not know what it was and did not offer to send me to a dermatologist. The doctors said it almost looked like hives and gave me a prescription called Hydroxyzine that did not help at all. I also took benadrly that did nothing for it. My face would be so dry after the shower that I have to put cetaphil lotion on right away and I have never had to do this and I was only using cetaphil cleanser on my face to rule out some soap allergy. Has anyone else had this happen or know what it might be?

    After trying to rule out everything. I started smoking again and after three days the redness is gone and I don't even have to put on lotion after the shower. My skin has gone back to normal.

    The redness persisted for six months and I don't think it was going to go away. I was fighting it every day.

    Anyone know why this side effect is happening?

    An_254800 responded:
    am experiencing the exact same thing. did you find out why? will i have to start smoking again???
    dynafesto responded:
    I am also experiencing these facial lesions! Scaly dry skin on sides of my nose towards my cheekbones, the lower half of the inside of my nostrils, and the point between my eyes. I have been nicotine free for 16 days and symptoms started 10 days ago. Nothing helps as anything just aggravates the area. So if I start smoking again, then I will be healed?
    An_257274 responded:
    Sorry about the late arrival, but I quit smoking about 2 months ago and have been using ecigs to calm my nicotine hunger; gradually lowering the nicotine content (24mg then 16mg and now down to 11mg). 7 weeks ago I discovered what looks like Sebhorreic Dermatitis on my eyebrows.Tried using a topical Coal Tar ointment which helps a bit. So I did some quick research today and found some things:
    Dermatitis is more common with people who suffer from Celiac Disease, and a study has shown that adult onset Celiac Disease is PREVENTED by smoking cigarettes. Have you lost weight after quitting smoking? I've lost 10 pounds (regrettably) and the only thing I've changed was quit smoking. This is the total opposite of what most people experience after quitting, but very common with Celiac Disease.
    I have a history of both Crohn's Disease and Psoriasis in my family, but have no abdominal pain and I'm quite positive the flakes and redness are not Psoriasis.
    Just some thoughts, hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.
    brianburgess responded:
    Well my friends there can be many side effects after quitting the smoking habit. But one shouldn't be scared of it, rather all people in rehab centres are working closely to help those who are really getting issues even after giving up smoking habit. So one can easily discuss any issues they are facing & Doctors are there to help those in combating such problems.
    kelleybv replied to dynafesto's response:
    I quit 12 weeks ago and my face has red blotches on both cheeks and around my eyes. The skin is so raw it stings. WTF Ive been trying everything with no luck at all. How long will this last ? Or should I return to smokling ?
    An_260541 responded:
    I'm no doctor and I know you had said basically you wanted people to comment what it meant, but I highly would recommend you seeing a dermatologist. Hope you get better soon though.
    ryanfire responded:
    I know this post is 3 years old so hope you didn't get scared back to smoking. I talked to many docs to ask about this because it happened to me as well. When you stop smoking many things happen as your body is now in over drive to fix what you did to it. But all the the things going on are temp it will get better. Somethings can last days weeks or a few mouths but it will be better. Hang in their

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