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    Basic Product Knowledge about Electronic Cigarette
    An_247848 posted:
    • An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette or an e-cig, or it is known as an electrical inhaler. It is a substitute of traditional electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette contains a propylene glycol or glycerin based liquid. The benefits or risks of electronic cigarette usage are a subject of uncertainty among health organizations and researchers. Limited studies are available due to their relatively recent invention. Laws governing the use and sale of electronic cigarettes, as well as the accompanying liquid solutions, vary widely, with pending legislation and ongoing debate in many regions.
    • Overall we can conclude E-cig is better than the normal Tobacco cigarette.
    • We have a wrong conception, we know that Cigarette contains nicotine and we believe that nicotine is the main effective product in a cigarette, but actually is not so. Nicotine is an addicted product. The main effective product is tar and that constitutes the tobacco cigarette. Electronic cigarette does not contain any tar.
    • Electronic Cigarette origins: - It was invented by Mr. Hok Lik, he was a Chinese pharmacist in 2004. In 2004 that device was fast introduced in China's domestic market as an aid for smoking replacement.

    • Components: - Mainly e-cig device has three components.

    ยท A plastic cartridge that is used as a mouthpiece.
    An atomizer that vaporize the liquid.
    A battery

    • Cartridge: - The cartridge, a small plastic container with openings on each end, serves the dual purpose of a liquid reservoir and mouthpiece. It allows the passage of liquid to the atomizer and the vapor from the atomizer back to the user's mouth, without leaking liquid into the mouth.
    • Atomizer: - The atomizer is a piezoelectric ultrasound device that vaporizes the liquid, and it generally consists of a simple filament and wicking metal mesh to draw the liquid in.
    • Battery: - Battery is the warehouse of power. You can charge your Electronic cigarette via A/C outlet, car or USB.
    This is the basic concept about Electronic cigarette. I got that information from Ecig69TM. For details please visit

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    HI- after smoking for 40+ years- I WILL/MUST STOP SMOKING! Why- IT IS TIME!! I don't the changes in my body- breathing, coughing, ashma-like breat...More

    Helpful Tips

    Careful with e-cigarette
    I guess a e-cigarette is for people who really like to smoke but don't want all the cigarette chemicals, except the nicotine , in my case. ... More
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