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    Includes Expert Content
    Electronic Cigarettes?
    imaginationx posted:
    Hello all,

    Im wondering if anyone has had any experience/success using Electronic cigarettes? I saw these on the news yesterday, and they looked very intriguing.

    Im trying to quit (again) and thing this may be the ticket for me. Please let me know if anyone has any feedback or personal experiences with these.

    Thanks in advance. Jason
    catchthewind responded:
    Yes, I've been using the e-cigarette for 2 months now & I haven't bought cigs nor smoked one since. I've smoked for 40 years & smoked a pack or more a day and never thought I could quit, BUT I have . If your really serious about quitting the e-cigarette is the way to go!
    rho237 responded:
    I have smoked 1 to 2 packs per day for over 30 years and have tried to quit many times unsuccessfully. I tried the patch, nicotine gum and even the old school inhaler that looked like (for lack of a better description) a tampon. None even remotely worked. 2 weeks ago I purchased a DSE-801 pen style electronic cigarette and have cut my consumption down to 3 cigs max per day and it is very easy. The only reason i smoked the real cigs is because my e-cig wasn't ready to go. I have ordered more supplies and will rectify that problem very soon when supplies come in. I am confident that this time will be very successfull. I found the best place for price, and stock to be I wish one of the docs on here would chime in with their .02 worth on this topic. Good luck to all of us.
    imaginationx responded:
    I bought my first Electronic Cigarette!

    Thank you all so much for your help. After carefully reviewing all your posts from here and other forums, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. I have to say that after a week of using my electronic cigarette, I am VERY happy with it.

    After a few good recommendations, I ordered a Bloog online, and am very pleased with it. Its unbelievable how close to a real cig this thing is. I am pretty impressed that the technology actually exists to create such a thing.

    Ill keep you all posted on how it goes, but for now it looks pretty good. I am at 16mg right now, and plan on slowly reducing to 0 nicotine. I have to say it does feel better knowing that I'm not actually inhaling smoke.

    They also gave me a "Thank you for your order" discount code, that some of you may be able to use. I'm not sure how long its good for, or how many uses it gets, but its worth a shot for 20% off.

    Coupon Code: BLOOGJ20


    Ill keep you all posted on how it goes, and thanks again!
    xsmoker27 responded:
    Hey there Jason. I used the coupon code you listed and purchased my Bloog last week. Thank you. I've been using it for 3 days now and it is working very good. I just need to stock up on cartridges. Best of luck.
    imaginationx responded:
    Very cool, which color did you get White or Black? How about flavors, which ones did you try?

    I've been using the Marlboro flavor, but just tried Chocolate and it was yummy yummy. I also tried the Tobacco flavor, but didn't care for it much.

    Dor1945 responded:
    Hi! I just came upon this post today. I quit smoking 5 days a go cold turkey. My hardest part is at night watching TV even though I never smoked inside the house or car.

    What is an electronic cigarette and where can you get them? Thanks
    imaginationx responded:
    Hi Doreen,

    Electronic cigarettes are a new Nicotine delivery system that mimic the look and feel of a cigarette. This goess right down to inhaling and exhaling what appears to be smoke, but is actualy water vapor.

    I purchased mine from Bloog as I said in my post above, and am quite satisfied. There are many other companies out there, but I am happy with mine.

    If you need any other help, just let me know. Im still loving my ecig.

    martorana44 responded:
    Hey Jason,

    I spent $ 150.00 on one and used it for 3 days. They taste like crap! And putting a piece of steel in your month was not very satisfying. But it does help with the cravings. It would say it is the same as the patch or gum. You need the will power!

    jeni76 responded:
    live in oklahoma and i was wondering what is a electronic cigarettes ? i mean dont get me wrong i just never heard of it or about it but from the way that you were taking about it it sounds like something that i would be instreaded in trying i have tryed three times to quite and i am still smokeing but this does sound pritty good can you tell me any thing more about it ? i am needing to quite do to health reasons but i just cant find the way to do it. thank you
    blacksnake35 responded:
    My son and I tried these at a mall in Baltimore. I'm really glad I got the chance to try them because I was also thinking about buying and they are really awful!! They do not give you the sensation of smoking at all, it is like pulling on air...or you know how it is pulling on a light cigarette, only much worse. You get plenty of nicotine...we were both really buzzed from too much nicotine pulling to hard on the cig to try to get the right sensation. We both wanted a cigarette right away, it was like frustrating, teasing.

    I suggest Commit lozenges...we tried those and found them much better, you get the nicotine to kill or control the craving without the frustration of "smoking without smoking" that just makes you want a real cigarette.
    An_206780 responded:
    Hi Jason!

    I just started the electronic cigarette a couple of weeks ago and so far it's great. I wanted to quit, but my friend is the one that actually convinced to use the electronic cigarette; Smoke Star to be precise (now called Cigelex). I'm glad I listened to him because it's actually worked for me!

    I will be honest, it was disappointing in the beginning because even though my body was going through the smoking motions, I was expecting more from the inhale. There wasn't much. I fought myself to stay strong and focused on the e-cig.

    I'm still a quitter and I want to say thanks to those that created the electronic cig. You've saved my life....literally.
    spyderk replied to martorana44's response:
    I have not smoked for over nine years and I tried lots of different methods. I must say I agree with you Frank, you must have the will power and the drive to quit. I'm not saying its a cake walk, but if you want it you'll go to any means to stop and that's what I did. Now on these e-cigs it seems that they are costly as well. I'm looking at the over all picture and it seems to me the findings show there are chemicals in this product that may be harmful to the health. Now then in my opinion bad is bad, it just depend on how much bad you want to deal with.

    OldMidnightGemini responded:
    Just a FYI.. there is talk that the Federal Government will ban all types of Electronic cigarettes within the next year or so. They say that not all electronic cigarettes are the same... some incorporate a chemical that gives off the appearance of smoke coming from the electronic cigarette and they are claiming that that chemical is harmful.

    I have a friend who bought an electronic cigarete about 6 months ago. He had to purchase several chargers at a high cost and yet he still doesn't have enough charge to get through an entire day, so while his chargers are charging up, he reverts back to cigarettes. (he needs at least 1 cigarette per hour for his addiction)

    I quit using the gum and have been smoke free for 1 1/2 years. I am addicted to the gum, but as my doc keeps saying, "it's better to be addicted to the gum rather than the cigarettes," and I agree.

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