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    A reason for everyone to quit!
    ckinsey03 posted:
    Hi everyone! I am on day 50 with no smokes! Please read my story! I was starting to feel like passing out everyday for a week, I had to go to the hospital they kept me there for 5 days, they said I had a slow heart rate. My heart rate was 40, now that's a wake up call, I am a mother of 3 kids, I cried each day I was in the hospital, seeing my heart on the Echo, made me stop and think about my kids, my heart, my body in general. I love my kids right? In order to take care of them I need my heart, would I EVER stick a smoke in their mouths? NO! So why would I do it to my heart? I have since started thinking of my Heart as one if my children that I have to take care of. I smoked for 15 years, quit each time I got pregnant and started back each time after each kid. I loved to smoke, it was my "ME" time, I felt as if I had lost my best friend, I still do, life is hard the struggles have been VERY hard, my husband lost his job, I am still sick, there are lots of things, but I will have one thing, I will have my heart, and I will stay smoke free for me and for my FOUR kids! Please stay strong, reality is that smoking kills, we all say it cannot happen to me, but it can...Good luck to everyone!
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Way to go!!!

    I quit many years ago for some of the same reasons and it was during probably the most stressful year of my life. But, like you, I knew this is what I needed to do for ME and for my kids, and I was committed to the quit.

    Just like you are. Fantastic!
    dmb41fan responded:
    Hello, my girlfriend is on the patch and is currently going through the same issues of nausia, dizzy headed, and very faint. Did the doctors mention anything about why these symptoms were coming about? My girlfriend has called her Dr. and he doesn't call her back, and we have been on this same issue for almost a week? Any help would be appreciated.

    thanks jk
    tchrist57 responded:
    thank you for your story. That is a great analogy, to think of your heart as one of your children and how you love them and take care of them. I am hoping that this inspires me enough to quit. I used to smoke 4 cigs a day when I was working, and that is all i needed. I have been off work on disability for 8 yrs. now and my smoking gradually picked up, it is a half pack a day habit now. I shouldn't smoke at all, none of us should, I have weak lungs and of course can't afford it because I am not working. But, I always seem to find enough money to buy them, when I am telling my 10 yr old, NO, we can't afford that.........priorities stink......Good luck with your future being smoke free. Your children will be very proud of you...! Mine were when I quit for 2 wks about a year ago....I was doing great and then one weekend my youngest and only one still at home, spent the weekend with her dad, and I bought a pack.....couldn't stand the taste or smell for the first couple of days, but it didn't take long to get right backup there again. So, stick with the program and you will feel so much better, especially when your heart starts working at optimum performance again....
    cboban responded:
    Hi there. I really liked reading your message. I am trying to quit again. I to quit during each of my two pregnancies. Well now my son is 16 and my dtr is 11 and I still haven't stop all together. It is like I keep holding on to something for me, like you said its like "me" time. I am scared to and know I have to do this as my father just died from lung cancer. I started working out again and have changed my diet which I feel very good about but I still have not put the cigarettes down. I actually have a pack for about 3 days. Any advice I would appreciate it. This is the first time I checked out this discussion board, it seems helpful. Thanks for your story.
    stefabee responded:
    I am very happy for you! I try to encourage everyone to quit smoking. I am in favor of them being outlawed. Anyone who needs encouragement to quit, please read this story. I watched my dad suffer for six long years, and finally lose his life to emphazema and COPD at age 49...about a month before his 50th birthday. We all thought he was in fine health until one day he was out mowing our pasture and he passed out and fell from the tractor. He was in the hospital a week or so, and the doctors determined that if he didn't quit smoking immediately he would only have a few month to live. He never picked up another cigarette. Even after quitting cold turkey, he continued to get weaker. The crazy thing is, there were never any signs or symptoms previous to the incident on the tractor. He thought he was one of the lucky ones, that smoking would not effect him. Quitting did prolong his life for six years. They were not particularly pleasant for him though. He had always been an outdoorsmen, one of those real men who could do anything, fix anything, build anything...and then suddenly he could barely walk from the kitchen table to the living room, he could no longer stand in the shower, he couldn't even speak a full sentence without gasping for air. He was constantly on oxygen had to go to the hospital about every two months or so to get up to a liter of fluid drained from his lungs. Not only did our family of 5 at home lose his income (social security did not grant him benefits for several years) my moms income was cut in half as his medications alone per month added up to over $600 (after insurance). Looking back over the years, it makes me mad to see what a selfish stupid habit it was. He would get so mad when he ran out of cigarettes. I can remember times when I didnt have lunch money, but dad had cigarrettes. It's hard to believe that a man so strong and so capable let such a pathetic addiction rule his life. And then they took his life He got to come to my graduation and see me off to college in August of 2007, but he passed away that october. He didnt get to see my 14 yr old sister make varsity cheerleader as a freshman, he didnt get to see my six year old sister graduate from kindergarten. He has 5 daughters who he will never get to see walk down the aisle. There are so many things he will miss out on, and so many thing we need our daddy for, and we can't have him. And my poor mom, she's so strong. She worked so hard to take care of him all those years. He was the love of her life, and now at 37 years old, she is a widow tyring to raise 2 young girls alone. If you are a smoker, you need to quit now before its too late. Who cares if you "suffer" through cravings and jitters or put on 15 lbs? Smokers always say "its too hard to quit," "you don't smoke, you don't understand." They have no idea what suffering is, they have no idea what hard is. Believe me, I understand. You CAN put them down and never pick them back up. And you need to, because sooner or later, they will kill you.
    strivingtosurvive responded:
    hi,my name is cynthia. I read your post and found it inspiring. I have been smoking for 31 yrs. I have tried to stop many times, unsuccessfully. When I go to the doctor they always tell me that my lungs sound fine. However, I havent had a chest xray and they never recommend one even though I always state hoe long I 've smoked. I hate the smell, I hate the taste, but I can't seem to break the habit. My insurance only pays for generic patches and I continued to smoke while I was wearing them. Willpower doesn't seem to help. I don't know what it's going to take to finally quit. Any suggestions?
    davidscott12 responded:
    I am still 25 but i did't had touched and cigarette.. I read the above post and i will say that if you once start smoking then it' s quite hard to stop smoking..
    Gordiesmomtoo responded:
    I just want to say congratulations on your quit!!!!
    scubadad responded:
    Good for U. Hang in there and keep thinking of those kids. I stopped 20 yrs. ago . The day my son was born. I decided then I was not going to bring him up around smoke. I feel good and my health is good according to my Doctor. I get a physical every year. You have a long way to go, My first year was tuff. I quit cold turkey. Get out and stay active, find some hobbys to keep your heart working and you will feel good in the long run. Good luck and I hope the best for you.
    ZigsZag responded:
    Way to go!!! I quit 9 years ago and I feel so much better and can now do so much more! I don't miss it at all!! Keep up the good work!
    blueeyes1955 responded:
    I quit 10 days ago and i can't believe how easy it is this time around. I don't do good with cold turkey and Chantax made me a nut job, so this time I'm on the nicotine patch and zyban medication, which was made for depression but one of the side effects was a smoking deterent.I smoked at LEAST 2 packs a day. I have Lupus and smoking was killing me. Thank God for the patch and Zyban and thank God for you people for sharing your stories, thats what it's all about...Helping each other out.
    joobs67 responded:
    Hi All quit 39 days ago,whilst out with friends did have 1 cig the other night!!But rite back to not smoking again!I have never done anything so hard in my life!I eat sleep and dream cigs!As time is going on i think that its a little better?Most i believe is in my head,i have been a smoker for 27 years,since i was 14.Just kicking the habit of not having a cig when i want one.I am having patches and the inhaler.I have felt depressed,even felt like i am in mourning,bad tempered,irrational and very hungry!!i am doing lots of excercise and trying to eat healthy so not to put too much weight on.Keep at it if you can,after all if i can do it anyone can!!!! julie
    megangarces responded:
    That's a great achievement already, a friend of mine can't last two days without a smoke!

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