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    Ok I need the support!
    SupportiveFather posted:
    So, some of you may know me, but if not I'm SupportiveFather. I have 2 wonderful children, and as of yesterday my oldest just turned 2!! Man that went fast!

    We had he birthday party yesterday, and I was getting stressed about my fiances family and other things. I found myself wanting a cigarette, and I ened buying a pack this morning. I have 2 before work, and 1 or 2 after work before I get home and sleep.

    I am asking for your help because I realized something today. I was chasing my daughter around the house, and I got winded after about 5 minutes. I could barely keep up with her, and I got sp depressed about that. I have been wanting to quit for awhile now, and I have successfuly quit for around 2 months, but I fell back to it. This is the fourth time I've tryed to quit, and its gotten to the point where I am concerned that I wont be able to play with my children. I am setting the date for quitting in 10/13 and I really want this to happen this time.

    What can I do to ensure that I can get it done this time around? What happens if I have a weak moment and I want one? What types of things can I do to quitfor good and not fall back on them again? Please help me, for my families sake!
    SupportiveFather responded:
    OOHHH and btw I smoke Menthols, and I have heard they are MUCH harder to quit! Any advice on this as well?
    Chris_WebMD_Staff replied to SupportiveFather's response:
    Hiya and welcome!

    Well I read your post and walked away from the computer a bit, I had to think what I did when I quit and had an urge! But then I realized I was raising 3 little children. 4 and 2yrs old and newborn. I was really busy, and decided I could never smoke around them. And that was it.

    I smoked menthol too. Not sure how much harder it is, didn't matter, I had to quit. I wouldn't buy another pack. You need to start there. Don't buy another. I was also at home raising kids so I wasn't around smokers where I could bum a ciggy off someone. So for me, maybe it was just staying busy.

    Be done with it. You can do this. Don't let smoking have a hold on you, be stronger than the habit.
    Best thing I ever did for my health. It took a few months and I could breath again. Running up stairs was that much easier, as well as walking around, and anything else I had to do to keep up with the kids.
    Please look to the right of this page and read The First 30 Days under resources. It will encourage you as I hope I have.
    I'm smoke free 21 years.
    Good luck and keep us posted! If you have to answer to us would that help?
    SupportiveFather replied to Chris_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Well, I had a lapse since my last post. I found out my car is a pile, and it was deemed undrivable due to saftey issues. I am taking the bus systems, but they dont run after 10:00 at night and I work at midnight. It has been one roller coaster of a week for me, so I went out after 3 days of not smoking and ended up having one.

    I cant seem to stop!!! I hate myself for buying them, so I need the support from you guys! Thanks
    Chris_WebMD_Staff replied to SupportiveFather's response:
    Ok you need a jar, put in the money you would use to buy the packs of cigarettes in the jar, you'll have a darn new BMW by the time you realize it! Cigarettes are expensive!
    I support you in trying to quit, you need to keep trying. Heck I've raised 3 children, all teens at one point, if I can quit anyone can.
    Hey check in when you can!

    Spesh1 replied to SupportiveFather's response:
    one word...........Chantix. And I don't work for the company, it just works!

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