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    An_206837 posted:
    Has anyone had a problem with crying from quitting cigarettes?
    winner457 responded:
    YES!!!!! I have. I am just on day 6 and for the last 2 days I've cried. For no reason, too! Don't feel badly about it. Realistically, we are grieving a loss and this is a natural part of grieving.
    I'm a winner 2011. I beat cancer and I will beat nicotine too!
    cchavira79 responded:
    Watch out for depression though. If this lasts longer than 3 weeks, please talk to your doctor.
    alvera123 responded:
    Yes, I cry everytime I try to quit, but like the other person said, we are grieving what we perceive to be a loss, but it is really a gain. It's ok to cry. I'll cry as long as I need to, and then when I get done crying, I'll laugh!!!!!
    JacS599 responded:
    Oh my god, are you kidding me? I had my last cigarette on the night of Thursday April 21st, and spent ALL of the next day BAWLING like a baby, and hiding in bed. By the end of the day my eyes were SOOO red, swollen and sore, and all the next day. I went so far as to put tea bags on my eyes, and then when I was out on Saturday I bought some of that Garnier anti puff eye roller, and eye drops cause my eyes were all blurry and sore. You know you've cried a lot when you take extreme measures like that. Ha ha.

    My poor boyfriend quit with me, and hates seeing me cry, and he was grumpy, but wanted to make me feel better, but was trying to not lose his cool at the same time. It was just a really bad day, but we survived. At least he got a good laugh out of my swollen eyes which he though was cute, though I thought I looked gross.
    Shaw80 responded:
    I always cry when I try to quit.
    Has anyone every had the acupuncture done with their ear?
    talmocats3 responded:
    yes,I have been quit smoking since May and cry over nothing especially in the mornings.
    strwbrybabe responded:
    yes..thats why im affraid to quit because i have to work and go to school and im not usualy that emotional but when i quit for a day or two, i start crying over little things.
    Bella23 responded:
    I am only on day 2 of no smoking and I found myself in bed all day crying and when I was not crying I was stuffing my face with now not only am I very emotional but now I am gonna be gaining weight.
    MsDeb replied to strwbrybabe's response:
    hear ya been smoke free for 29 days and I cry all the time. i cry cos i want a darn cigarette and my usual life back .. I go to school too but not as a student as a worker., and my students are tough this year -- I leave and want a cig so bad i cry and cry. I cried this am (saturday) bawled and yelled too. I am using a patch . I tried the lozenges but didnt agree with me. developed a rash. I have thought of just going back to smoking cos I cant live like this. I do have some pills the dr gave me, but I am afraid I will get hooked on them! Its horrible. I have been a smoker for years .. All the advice says to do things differently, but I dont want to do things diffferently! I want to do things the same but not smoke, but I am finding it impossible. And, i feel so bad for my teenage daughter who is around. She said today mom go back to smoking, If its gona make ya feel better. I am thinking of going to doc and getting happy pills to help me get thru this cos I cant live like this. I cant smoke though either. What to do , its like somebody pulled the rug out from me.
    MsDeb replied to Bella23's response:
    weights the least of your problems its the cravings. How long have u smoked Bella? I am going nuts and its been 29 days! I thought I'd b ok but I'm not, each day I get cravings bad. I cry and holler al the time too. Sucks grr
    jellosea replied to MsDeb's response:
    This is exactly the worry I have. I haven't quit yet but I am in the process of setting the date. I've only tried quitting once in the 21 years I've been smoking, which only lasted 2 days. It was awful! I was nauseous all day. I couldn't function on that second day because I was so sick. I decided I wasn't ready to go through the tough part yet. I started using the e-cigs but found it was way too much trouble and it contained nicotine. I don't want to rely on nicotine to stop smoking. I feel like it's counterproductive. I also do not want to take Chantix. I have bipolar and am on a mood stabilizer but I refuse to take an anti-depressant. My moods become worse if I add anything else to my current medication. I'm already stressing out about the symptoms I know it will cause. Look up the potential symptoms, they're not what I was expecting. I'd never looked it up before. I'm tired of running out in the middle of the night just to buy cigarettes, smelling bad, and the time I spend smoking is such a waste. I smoke almost 2 packs a day and have for at least 15 years. I'm 34 years old. I'm going to die if I don't quit.
    mainship replied to jellosea's response:
    Well it's time to quit, Visit your doctor. enlist your friends and family to help. Don't Go It Alone . U named your reasons to quit. Set your resolve and proceed forward without looking back come hell or high water. I started at 13 quit at 50.. been 17 yrs now.
    It ain't easy..but you can do it ......Check the flip side of not stopping smoking. U think the discomfort of quitting are rough.. How about the discomforts of a cancer of type? Stop with the excuses
    retard1 responded:
    Not yet. I haven't quit yet even though I am 38 and have Emphysema. I do cry thinking of what will happen to me if I don't quit and soon. I don't understand why it is so hard for me to quit! I really love to smoke..and why? What do I get out of it besides wasting $ and stinking and most importantly, killing myself. I have no excuse..I use an e-cig and smoke about 3-4 in the mornings with my coffee and then only allow myself 5-6 in the evening. Drinking time is the hardest time not to smoke. I have 2 young kids (10 and 6) I really that damn selfish? I have made the first step in admitting that there is no way around it..I have no choice but to quit unless I don't like being active and playing with my kids or like carrying an O2 tank around..I am going to set a date after my kids go back to school. I am terrified of how hard I know it will be..but wait, shouldn't I be more terrified of dying?!
    sartre12 replied to retard1's response:
    You don't even know. I was terrified, have almost 9 months cig free, and am still terrified of picking it up again. I have a strong craving 2 or 3 times a week and a mild or mod one 5-6 days a week. Usually when I'm getting in the car (leaving the house), done with a task (relaxing). I smoked a lot because of anxiety. Since I was 11--so I had 37 or so years in. About the cravings: Chewing gum, brushing my teeth, walking the dogs, drinking water, and sucking on candy every minute of the day, and having little to no stress has helped me stay stopped. I have gained 70 freaking pounds because all I did was eat--all sugar--for months. I'm FINALLY in the last month or so, not craving food. It makes sense that I craved food and sugar because smoking is an oral thing, and food tasted so different after I quit that all I could stand to eat was sugar and fat. Some foods I've given up for good. Chicken,hamburger, yogurt, fruits, etc etc. Just don't taste right. I was also stone STONE depressed, and medicated for it.
    One last piece: My mom died of lung cancer at 65 about three years ago (smoker), My dad (54) and his father (75) both died within 3 months of each other--each from pancreatic cancer. I will take the Kevorkian route if I end up having either of these cancers. I was hospitalized for depression and anxiety and grief (over my mom's death) for 8 weeks. Obviously, I quit smoking there. I used all the nicorette they would give me. I always said I was gonna have to be locked up to quit Anyway--I never believed it when people were like:You can DO this rah rah! I want to punch people in the face who tell me that. Especially in the beginning I wanted to. Most of them have never smoked anyway. It gets easier every month. I think I was a born smoker. I;m also sober 23 years, also played around with drugs, and am a depressive by nature. See what I mean? Born smoker. Seeing a counselor has helped, she's good, but we don't talk about my ex-smoking except for a quick minute. Oh--deep deep breathing. Do that. Sorry to write a book. Stop hating yourself. That doesn't help.

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