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    Includes Expert Content
    Acne after Quitting???
    DaniMarie73 posted:
    So, I quit smoking... technically... approximately 3 weeks ago and I'm happy I did. At the moment, I'm using an electronic cigarette as an alternative. I know people have mixed feelings on the subject and it's hard to get the full weigh in because it's still fairly new to the market and you keep hearing, "Not enough research/formal studies". I haven't had a traditional cigarette since the day my electronic starter kit came in and that's impressive for me. I'm 37 and have smoked for about 19 years. Ok, that's a bit of preface to my real inquiry.

    At about a week into quitting, I had an enormous breakout. Very out of the ordinary for me. I've never had a problem with acne, not even through my teens. I thought it was an allergic reaction to something, initially, that's how bad it was... and is.. unfortunately.

    I started searching the web and found several sites that list acne, or what they call "quitzits", as a side effect. Random Google sites don't give me much comfort though . So I came to WebMD. This is always my "go to" site when it comes to questions about health or body issues. I've not been steered wrong yet

    So, I'm here, with questions >.<

    I guess I'm just kind of worried that the acne might be caused by the electronic cigarette

    Can anyone tell me if this is a common sign of detox'ing from cigarettes?? And a possible duration *sigh*. I hate to admit it, but my vanity is getting hit pretty hard. That coupled with all the other side effects... headaches, irritability, etc... makes for a grumpy goose, indeed
    SBush34 responded:
    I quit smoking 11 days ago and have broken out terribly. I went cold turkey and it has been hell. The acne does not help one bit, I already feel fat, grumpy and edgy, the acne only adds to the misery. Please tell me this gets better?
    madsmurf replied to SBush34's response:
    I've been quit for 76 days cold turkey and my back is so broke out that it hurts like crazy. I am relieved to hear that I'm not the only one who is going through this. I've never had any problems with acne. Not even in my teens. This is the first time I have ever gone through this and I hate it! I have heard a few other people mention some acne after quitting so I'm gonna visit some of the quit smoking blogs and ask around about this! I'm also going to try the vinegar bath and the oatmeal mask...for my back. I've also just started taking Diatomaceous Earth which is supposed to be wonderful for the skin so hopefully....
    Deadfell responded:

    I switched to e-cigs after 20 years and didn't smoke for 9 monthes. After about 6 weeks I got acne, chest, shoulders, back and face. I never had skin problems like this even in my teens. I tried everything I could think of with no results. My doctor changed out medications, prescribed skin products and healthly eations recommendations. These too had no effect. I started smoking cigerettes again almost 4 weeks ago(I know I hate it even worse now), but the acne has cleared up; on my face almost completely, and the rest is a lot better as well and getting better. Slow to heal, but very few new spots. I used a 50/50 pg to vg mix and switched to 75 pg to 25 vg after reading about vg irritations. I do not want to seem like I am advertising so I won't use a the name, but the site I use offers the ability to change ratio by 10's anywhere from 100vg0pg to 0vg100pg. I am going to order some vg and start again, I prefer the e-cig and hope the problem does not reoccur.
    ChrissieRose42 responded:
    Yes, your acne is from quitting, but not because of eCig. I've quit twice in the past year. After a week my entire body broke out! I saw my doctor a week later and he told me it would get worse before it got better. He added it was a good thing though because it proved my body was detoxing. In the meantime he recommended using an acne body wash and that helped a lot. I fell off the wagon a few months later, but have now been cigarette free again for 6 weeks. And guess what?.... The dreaded body acne again!!! At least I know this time it will go away. And as far as the vanity the original poster wrote about...I'm VERY vain, but I'd rather endure the ugliness of temporary acne than the ugliness of black lungs, body odor, yellow teeth and cancer caused by smoking.

    BeauJolie replied to ChrissieRose42's response:
    Is there an end to this acne? I smoked for 18 years... and it's been almost 3 mths cigarette free. How much longer is this going to last?
    roseyjo replied to BeauJolie's response:
    as mean as this sounds i am glad its not just me.................... at 34 years of age and 16 years of that smoking I was handed an e-cig to see what i thought.
    i am now 4 months tobacco free.
    I am STILL getting the spots a few horrible beasties on my face and chest (most days), my back however, is the worst affected and can be agony some days.
    i have seen no reduction in the frequency of the spots, as soon as i think they are going im hit again with a painful batch. I read somewhere that they will start to dissipate at around the 6 months point. At the moment that is what is keeping me off the cigarettes, as the thought of getting the spots for another 6 months makes me want to cry!!!

    best of luck to all who are on the quitting quest.

    ps sudacrem (nappy rash cream) really helps on nasty raw spots
    skindirectcom replied to Tango805's response:
    Really nice and i am waiting for your new intertesting post.Thanks

    Acne Cream
    Pinky0601 responded:
    Since we talking today about quit smoking I just want to share my real life experience...

    I was a smoker for almost 3 years and while on a way to quit smoking it was so difficult to control the craving. I almost failed twice with just willpower...

    Then Finally, I consulted my doctor and he recommended me to use Nicorette Gum and Nicorette's 12 Week Nicotine Replacement Therapy...

    I thought about it for a week and I decided to take up the 12 Week Nicotine Replacement Therapy and hence I started using it...

    But the initial week was very difficult for me...because of the craving, but then since i followed the therapy for the next 12 Weeks it so happened that today I am smoke free....
    Today with the help of you, I actually got a chance to thank Nicorette and its 12 Week Replacement Therapy.
    I wish you big good-luck for future.
    Thanks & cheers...
    Kelbo_Chan replied to Jonathan Foulds, PhD's response:
    actually i do have a response even though this was so long ago. i recently quit smoking as well i have not had a regular tobacco cigarette since august 8th 2012. i recently switched to the non nicotine cartriges and i do have acne. i noticed it when i first switched to the e-cigs and still after a week of no nicotine at all i still have this awkward side affect of acne. it seems like it is only happening to females? maybe? but i have acne cream and normally it is great! gone the next day, but ever since the e-cig no matter what i do they just keep popping up!
    darnell695 replied to Jonathan Foulds, PhD's response:
    I have had the same problem. I am 2 weeks into my ecig. 2 of my friends are having the same problem. I haven't felt stressed or irritable either. I actually like the ecig a lot better than the real thing. But my face has broken our REALLY bad the past week.
    MsDeb replied to Jonathan Foulds, PhD's response:
    I am on day 37 (going out of my mind). I started w/ lozenges ( i had voice polyps removed) i liked using them but they could b a nusiance when it came to eating and they took a while to melt if you were using them correctly! However after a few weeks i developed a rash itchy on my back . So now i am using the patch. It hasnt been fun! I'm miserable -- no acne though !! I read somewhere though acne is body clearing itself up! I only had two small things figured it was the stress. I dont know how much longer i can live like this truly!! I have thought of E cigg but not sure of that. I am at the point of STOP the games i want my life back!!!!!
    fermented replied to rosieveg's response:
    I quit smoking 3 mos. ago and for the last month I've also experienced some acne breakouts and also a rash around my mouth. The Dermatologist gave me a retinae product for the breakouts, and a $100 cream for the rash, and the rash med has not helped at all. It dries up some, but the next morn. it's back in spades. Am also using an E Cig, and going to buy only the VG juice to see if it helps. Also going to try a fermented cabbage daily and see if that will help. I'm wayyy too old for an acne breakout, but after reading these I guess it's not uncommon at any age. I love vaping more than I loved smoking and don't want to quit it, so hoping something will work.
    Nicholete82 responded:
    Was really hoping for more on the topic as just since this was posted ecigs users have quadrupled! About 3-4 months after quitting and switching to ecigs I started to break out pretty bad. I NEVER had a problem with acne before. I have now had this persistent acne for over 3 months!

    My own research has turned up that yes this seems to be a common problem with quitting (not just those who then vape). The bulk of my acne is on my back and at times very itchy or painful (sometime both at the same time ). My chin and inside of my nose also seems to have been effected just no where near the extent my back has.

    A month after I started with ecigs I stopped hacking up really nasty stuff and 2 months after I could breath and walk up stairs again without being out of breath! So the acne is not not going to push me to start smoking again (and I am almost down to no nicotine).

    I'm hoping someone comes up with someway to get rid of these because tradition acne meds do NOTHING to stop/prevent these breakouts and from my reading it can continue on for up to a year while the body continues to get rid of all the residual toxins left behind from analogs. I'm hoping my massive increase in water intake as a result of vaping will decrease that time as my body should be able to flush all of that out a lot quicker.
    undefined replied to Jonathan Foulds, PhD's response:
    yes. this is something that every time i've quit without fail. My longest quit time was 8 months and it never siezed until month 7.
    It''s a depressing side effect but i suppose you can take some comfort knowing that your body HAS to expel toxins and this is as obvious as it gets.
    Persevere danimarie73 and get facials to reduce scarring etc. It will be worth it
    aletta12 responded:
    It could also be from quitting. I quite smoking 3 months ago and never have had a problem with acne. Until I quite, unfortunately I'm still dealing with the out break. So it could be from both. In my un-professional opinion I think what it is is the stress and anxiety of quitting along with the change that it causes, is what is causing the acne outbreaks.

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