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    Need to quit......NOW!!!
    mildew1945 posted:
    I have been smoking cigarettes over 50 years,....and the CONSEQUENCE of my action, has brought me C.O.P.D., Emphasema, lost teeth, wrinkles, a "wheezing" cough, and OBESITY, because I have been sitting for hours on end, playing Computer Games AND NOT EATING HEALTH FUL FOODS, AND THINGS "LOADED" WITH SUGAR. I need all the help/support I need, lick this MAJOR ADDICTION!!
    Regards, mildew1945
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Howdy Mildew1945 and thanks for posting! I wanted to check and see how you were doing on quitting smoking. Have you talked to your doctor about some programs and/or medications that might be right for you?

    Here's a slideshow of the 13 Best Quit Smoking Tips Ever . I hope they help you get started.

    Keep us updated on how you're doing. We're cheering you on!

    mildew1945 replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Thank you for responding to my post, I have been 5 days Smoke Free, I am in a Smoking Cessation Program, and my Quit Day, was Aug 26, and I stopped smoking cigarettes on the 25th of August,...whew...the day before Quit Day!! I have been on 21 mg Patches, and Nicotine Losenges. I get the "Fidgets",...and little "Nervous",.....BUT, I AM NOT BUYING ANY MORE CIGARETTES!! What do you think about, the E-Cigarettes, with "0" nicotine....?? Would be interesting, to know what other people used instead of Cigarettes. Regards, mildew1945.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to mildew1945's response:
    Hello again Mildew1945!

    I appreciate your posting your update. Congratulations on not buying more cigarettes! I know you can stay quit.

    Here are a couple of articles on e-cigarettes that may be of interest to you:

    Survey: E-Cigarettes May Help Smokers

    E-Cigarettes Under Fire

    FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes

    Let us know how this week's going for you,

    An_244575 responded:
    I know yours is an old post, but I'm wondering how you're doing? I too developed COPD and have smoked for 45 years......the wrinkles and teeth have been a problem as well. I've been struggling with quitting for 2 6 months free of cigs under my belt and then bought a pack. I smoked for 6 months and now have 1 week cigarette free under my belt . The only thing that gets me through the urges are nicotine lozenges. They really take the edge off until the urge leaves.....I'm tired of coughing, wheezing and being short of breath. I am also a golfer who loves to play the game. I in no way want to give up golf to carry around an oxygen tank. As far as the weight goes, I allow myself small snacks but I count the calories, which I've always done whether I smoke or not. Let me know how you're doing.....Hang in there! "intogolf"
    plc111111 replied to An_244575's response:
    Hi there,need help,this is tough,been 2 days on the patch, ,been a smoker for 40 years. coughing and wheezing and everything else got to me,beside health problems, go figure i go to the doctor and he tells me my lungs are clear,(they were that day,have no idea how that happen,expect I flet like I was coughing up a lung that morning,must of cough all the mucus out) howwever saw him for something else. I felt beside my health issues i was going to be adding more. Scared yes, and went to buy the patch. The urges are strong at times,mornigs was a bear,but I did not smoke...using a straw during strong urges,any other tips you can give me
    kam6400 replied to plc111111's response:
    Hi pic111111! I'm right there with you! I've only got my first day without smoking behind me and it sure is tough. I've quit a couple times before with Chantix and hypnosis, which was a lot easier than just using the lozenges. My husband and I are trying to quit together, which helps. He is the one with the health issues and he wasn't quitting on his own, so I'm trying to be supportive and quit too. I know some day we'll be glad we did this and really do look forward to not even thinking about it. One thing that has helped was that we quit smoking in the house over a year ago. That has helped set us up for success, without knowing it at the time.
    plc111111 replied to kam6400's response:
    Thanks for responding kam6400,how are you doing? Day 3 I can not believe this,started crying for no reason,go figure. I guess it is all the stress in quitting, I am doing this alone,yes alone,My husband who I thought was a wonderful man,just said to me get over it,everyone quit, He quit 20 years ago,and believe this had no problem...I was so proud of him, But did I quit,no just change smoking places like you,and would not smoke around him. Thanks for reading this,having a hard time...I am glad there are people out there like you..I am going to do this!!!
    kam6400 replied to plc111111's response:
    Hi plc! Good to hear back from you too! Its nice to know we really aren't alone. Beginning day 4 and I too have times when the mood is just weird. I'm getting a little more committed every day. I figure I made it thru this day, so I can't stop now. It sucks that your husband isn't being more supportive. I don't know anyone that quit that said it was easy. Oh wait...there was one woman at work... She sabotaged me once. But we can do it! We can't give up!

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