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    Weight Gain from Quitting Smoking
    hart117 posted:

    I'm a 29 year old active, healthy female. I've been working out for years about 4 times a week, and maintain a clean diet, without much alcohol (a drink or 2 on the weekend). The only thing that did not fit in my lifestyle is smoking (about 1/2 - 1 pack a day). I quit 3 weeks ago using Chantix (which i started 2 weeks before the quit and stopped 1 week after quitting). During that time I also injured my foot, where I cannot do exercise or even do much walking. During that 5 weeks, I've gained nearly 8 lbs. I went from 130 lbs to 137.5 lbs.

    I know they say that you will gain weight when you quit smoking, but I'm not eating any more than I was, and I have an injured foot. How can I combat the weight gain? I'm scared it will continue! Is this bloating or REAL weight gain!?

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    Bella23 responded:
    I am only on day 2 of no smoking so I have not noticed weight loss yet, however I have done nothing but eat so I am sure I will be gaining weight which is terrifying to me and makes me want to start back up just because I can not afford health wise to gain more weight...I am only 28 an weigh 155 which my dr tells me is 5 pounds away from being obese so now with trying to quit the fear of weight gain has me freaking an very emotional...Good luck to you and for all of us I hope it is not permanent
    tflach1 responded:
    I stopped smoking 8months ago. At first I didn't gain as I went on the South Beach Diet at the same time I was quitting. After I quit the diet I've gained 10 pounds. A doctor I work with told me the average weight gain is 9 pounds but most people are able to lose it within a year. I have started exercising on an elliptical/stationary bike dual trainer. I try to eat very healthy, very little fast food/eating out. I feel like my age is against me too. I'm 55 and post menopausal so it's harder to take weight off it seems. Seems like portion control is my biggest problem.
    Lizzytish58 responded:
    Would any one really quit if they truly told us how much weight we would gain. 1/16/11 I was 5ft 8 inches, size 6 and 150 pounds, yes I was thin, I was and still am tall. so nearly 2 years and a much healthier eating habits not to mention exercise, I am 215 pounds. And regardless of everything I have tired doing, it will not come off. Why, well I smoked 33 years, smoking boosts your heart rate with each drag, the nicotine hits your heart, giving a false sense of activity, but nonetheless, it works to keep you thin. So your body goes into shock, the longer you smoked the more shock hits it,and your metabolism shuts down entirely. And if someone tells you it does not do this. They are lying to you. So by the books I am obese, to myself I am obese, and I hate it, my bodys gone, my legs hurt, but one thing is, my bodies healing from the toxins,and my lungs are clear as a blue sky. I am healthy, everything is healthy except my metabolism. It will eventually stop, but truly 1200 calories and loads of walking 50 miles worth a week, still made me gain, so have faith, one day it will just fall off, we dont realize what the smoking does until , we give it up.
    DoubleRainbows replied to Lizzytish58's response:
    Why don't you get your thyroid checked? As a basis your TSH should be around 2.00, your FT3 should be between 2.7-5.7 and your FT4 should be between 14-25. A shock to the system can cause and imbalance. Do some research and see if you have the symptoms of hypothyroidism.
    The best websites I have found for this info is:
    Suzanne Somers
    Lorna Vanderhaeghe
    Dr. Jonathan V. Wright
    Good luck!
    Lizzytish58 replied to DoubleRainbows's response:
    Thanks for the tip. yes I already have , I just did not post it. I am very healthy, just fover weight. I cannto off the top of my head tell you what my levels were but my doctor told me they were perfect. im not pre-menopausal either. So one doctor tells me, its the shock, a nutritionist tells me its the shock, a nurse tells me, its the shock and research on thissite tells me, it is the shock. Frankly I believe it. I will try to have faith that it will come off in it own time. Funny though, I have not gotten so much as a cold since I quite which is incredible. My point really was that it fpeople told you how much you really would gain, would most people quit, it is the number one reason people say they wont quit.... I would love it to be just 10 pounds
    lisalaprate replied to Lizzytish58's response:
    Thank goodness I am not alone! I am 6 months smoke free and have gained 45lbs eat right and gym 3-5 times a week. I am trying to run. Not so easy with extra weight. I am still gaining!!! Yes thyroid has been checked. I am just frustrated. Shock body is in shock,my mind is in shock and no If someone would have told me that I would have gained this much and not been able to get it off...I would have never quit. Cold turkey too after 30 years of smoking.
    tflach1 replied to lisalaprate's response:
    So glad to hear others having the same problem. I began using an elliptical trainer shortly after quitting smoking. Recently increased my time from 20 to 30 minutes. So maybe some of my weight gain is fat to muscle? I wish. I eat really healthy, however I eat a lot. Guess I eat more due to not smoking. I smoked an average of 14 cigarettes per day. (the 100ml) Smoked 40 years. I also don't see a big money gain. I've always heard you gain weight, so I started Atkins when I was quitting, AND started exercising. And I have still gained. So far, it's 20 pounds. But I am only 5'1" so it looks like 40. Kind of makes you wonder if it's worth it.
    Lizzytish58 replied to lisalaprate's response:
    Your not alone. And yes I agree, perhaps I would not have quit had I known. I quit cold turkey after 33 years. I have tried everything to stimulate my metabolism, As I found out on this site what the nicotine actually does to you heart with each drag. No wonder our bodys have plunged into shock as we fed it with nicotine for so very long.Do a search for Nicotine and your metabolism, there was another blog out there set up by a doctor, but we got so chatty he stopped it, I guess he didnt want us helping others like us to get better and lose. I am glad I am healthy but in the mean time, being this over weight over time cannot be healthy. Good luck ladies. Try try try.
    canadamomof3 responded:
    am in a similar situation minus the hurt foot i have been doing jillains shred for 2 weeks, i am on day 5 of no smoking i have gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I eat healthy always have I excersize and my weight has not fluctuated more than a pound or two in 3 years. Im concerned since i tried to go proactive as to not gain the weight I did last time i quit ( which was for 4 years i never should have started especially after the last weight gain of 45 pounds in 2 months) that took me 2 years to get off. Champix is supposed to help also minimize weight gain so im stumped as to why ive gained so much already.
    i dont bloat and ive had a hysterectomy so its not that time of the month extra weight gain

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