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    So what helps you?
    Chris_WebMD_Staff posted:
    What helps you stay off cigarettes?
    What made you quit and helped you stay focused on that?

    I was hoping we could help each other. I quit 23 years ago.
    I don't know, looking back I'm not sure that I knew this then, but it's the best thing I ever did for my health, and continues to be.

    I had three young children at the time that I quit. Raising them and being an example really made me stay on track.

    What is it that helps you stay smoke free?
    BuddhaChick63 responded:
    My Dad was a long time smoker. He was told to quit for years and finally when his health got worse, he quit cold turkey. This was in 1994. My Dad had a stroke in 1999 and passed away 2 weeks later, I watched him everyday, slip away. This should have been my first wake up call.
    My friend whom I met when I started volunteering for our local food pantry in 2003. JoAnn died of lung cancer right before my eyes, I still kept smoking.
    I got the flu, rarely get sick and it happened on Christmas day. I coughed and coughed and decided I loved my lungs and quit on the morning of New Years Eve.
    I am still strugling, smoked for 35 years. I took the patch off around the 15th day, and cravings got so bad, I put it back on four days ago. I have tried this so many times....Like Mark Twain said, "Quitting smoking is easy, I've done it a Thousand times."
    Everything about me is about healthy living, this is a hypocritical part of me, I just want to go away. Thanks for listening! Shelley Jo Namaste'
    BuddhaChick63 replied to BuddhaChick63's response:
    Namaste' Shelley Jo Graham
    Melisious replied to BuddhaChick63's response:
    Hi Shelly Jo,

    I read your post and I have also smoked for a long time. Today is my 45th birthday and I decided that it is time to give this quitting smoking a real try. It has been exactly 15 hours and 7 minutes. I know it is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done. I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin. I just wanted to reach out to you..perhaps we can be a support to each other? Best of luck. Melissa
    2girls4boys responded:
    In two weeks, I'll be tobacco free for a year. After smoking for forty-five years, that's huge. Try to change your focus of attention as much as possible. There was a program in Healthy Life Style Rewards that helped me a lot. I visited daily, and kept my journal. I now chew sugar free gum, which I never did before. If you need to take meds to help, do it. If you need to chew a piece of nicotine gum occasionally, don't worry about it. You can do this!
    pinkcloudtracy replied to 2girls4boys's response:
    I quit a month ago with electronic cigarettes and am thrilled! It's been strangely easy. Don't let the BS hype about e-cigs scare you. Order from any reputable USA company and you'll be fine. I tried BLU and some disposables before I ran across Bloog. I am super happy. spending a lot less, feeling better and I actually am using zero nicotine now. I like the oral fixation and flavors and the feel of the vapor So that's my story. I pray it helps someone.
    Their website is and you can enter code INAA at checkout for a discount. WAY cheaper than cigarettes.
    Good luck and don't give up on yourself
    pinkcloudtracy replied to pinkcloudtracy's response:
    Opps, sorry I'm new here and see I replied directly to 2girls4boys instead of the thread, my bad.
    dlee31510 responded:
    I'm not smoke free
    sleepydumbdude responded:
    I quit with the help of electronic cigarettes. I lost my ecig then quit completely instead of buying another.
    Mainly I was getting sick much more than normal and I think smoking had something to do with it. Plus I finally started to notice a stain on my hand from holding cigarettes. Also didn't care for the smell.
    It also helped that I got a nasty sinus infection for half a week right after losing the ecig so I would have struggled to smoke if I tried.
    Other times that I quit people tried to talk me into it and I just went along with them. This time I did it myself and don't care to start again.
    msrytw responded:
    I am 49 yrs old. Been smoking since I was 19. I had 2 aunts die from emphysema & COPD. My older sister by 5 years has had 3 strokes (she quit). I kept smoking. About 5 years ago, my legs started hurting when I walked and have progressively gotten worse. I was recently told that I have blockages. It seems that circulation problems run in our family even with those who have never smoked. I've tried to quit before with no success. I saw a commercial on t.v. recently that showed people who have lost their legs and finger tips due to smoking. That did it. This time I am determined. I am using Chantix and this is my 2nd week on it and 4 days w/o a cigarette. I am determined to quit and pray that it is not too late.
    BloogLife replied to pinkcloudtracy's response:
    Hi pinkcloudtracy,

    How is everything going with your Bloog? Please feel free to contact us and tell them Flavio sent you. Our email address is And stayed tuned in the next few months because we are going to have some exciting product announcements!

    Regards, Flavio VP of Sales Bloog

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