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    geoffrey1957 posted:
    Hello Everyone. After 35 years, I finally just took an immediate & spontaneous decision & quit smoking, about a month ago. I used to smoke Two Packs of 20 Cigarettes everyday, on an average.
    Actually, I am scared & confused too, at the same time. There are two issues that are worrying me a lot.

    1. ) The regular Phlegm / Mucous ( White in color with kind of lightish brown spots ) accumulation in my throat worries me a lot. Sometimes, I can't kind of cough it out and sometimes, I have difficulty in swallowing it. I have to keep clearing my throat at regular intervals to stop the irritation & drink warm water or tea with milk to soothe the throat.
    My Question :- Is there a solution to this problem ? And if so, how long will it take ?

    2. ) Constipation. After I quit Smoking, I have gone into Constipation Mode.
    My Question :- Is this part of the healing process ?

    3. ) Would appreciate it, if I could get your Expertize & Professional Advice.

    4. ) I started going for Regular One Hour Walks after Dinner, every night just to exercise my lungs.

    5. ) Are there any Home Remedies that are helpful & do have an effect.

    Thanks & Regards.,
    Geoffrey D'Brass
    rosecastillo_favio responded:
    Hi Geoffrey, Congratulations on your Quitting!

    I am not an expert here, I quit smoking 2 years ago, 2 months, 18 days,ago..It took me many attempts but I succeeded!.. and you will too.
    I went through all of the things you did.. Your body is learning how to re-heal it self from all the years of nicotine..
    1. Phlegm-/Mucus will eventually stop your lungs will in time get better and stronger. You will occasionally experience bad tastes in your mouth, especially after exercise.. i on occasion will still taste it..over time it will go away..
    2. Constipation- that will pass too..keep exercising daily. I exercise 6 days a week(walking on a treadmill, Recumben t bike 3 times a week, and Circuit training 3 times a week. I have a routine.

    Drink plenty of water throughout the day, it will begin to flush out your digestive tract and keep you hydrated plenty of fruits/vegetables too.
    Try not to worry, your body will go through so many changes but all for the better.
    Geoffrey, Congratulations again ! You are going to feel like a new person, I promise.
    I wish you many Blessings , all the best to you,

    geoffrey1957 replied to rosecastillo_favio's response:
    Wow Rose, Thank you so much for your very encouraging reply. No, I will never ever smoke again. Yes Rose, I do get some strange tastes, especially when I swallow the phlegm. At the moment, I kind of swallow the phlegm. And yes, at times, I am able to spit it out. Did you experience this Rose ? I would appreciate it, if, you can explain all that you went through after you quit smoking Rose.
    Thanks a lot and do stay in touch.
    God Bless.,
    Anon_1521 replied to geoffrey1957's response:
    Hello Geoffrey,
    That is part of the process of your lungs clearing out, it will get better, cough up anything you can get out..
    Get plenty of exercise when you can, just make it part of your day.
    Going thru withdrawal i would feel like i could not think clearly, but it passes in a few minutes, as you go along that will get lesser in time.. Stay by day..
    rosecastillo_favio replied to geoffrey1957's response:
    Hi Geoffrey, i responded to your last email and it posted anonymously, did not mean to check that, my bad.. sorry.. all the best to you . Stay strong..
    geoffrey1957 replied to Anon_1521's response:
    It's perfectly ok Rose whether you posted your reply as Anon or, with your name. it's just that your moral support is so very encouraging to me and that's why I like communicating with you.
    Take care and God Bless.
    Geoffrey D'Brass.
    extrahealthy responded:
    Hi Geoffrey, the first time I tried to quit smoking cold turkey I would cough a lot and seemed to produce a good amount of yellow phlegm daily for about 10 days. In addition to the phlegm, I experienced minor headaches, sleeplessness, and was easily aggravated. This all started to go away in about 3 weeks. Green Tea really helped me through all this and I swear it allowed my lungs to heal faster. Hope this helps!
    geoffrey1957 replied to extrahealthy's response:
    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and Green Tea solution. Actually, most of the time I swallow the phlegm. Sometimes though, I am able to kind of cough it out. I am into my second month of quitting smoking after I guess 35 years. These withdrawal symptoms kind of scare me. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke now. Yes, I also do get aggravated and irritated & restless. I do go for a walk every night after dinner.
    Any advice or words of encouragement are really helpful. Please do keep in touch. Thanks once again. God Bless. By the way, hope you have an Excellent 2014. Happy New Year to you.
    geoffrey1957 replied to rosecastillo_favio's response:
    Hello Rose, hope that all is well, 'cause long time, no hear. I guess you must have been busy during the holiday season. Well I guess it's not too late in wishing you a Happy New Year & an Excellent 2014. God Bless.
    rosecastillo_favio replied to geoffrey1957's response:
    Happy New Year Geoffrey!

    I am elated that you are doing so good!.. This will be an awesome new beginning for you becoming free from Nicotine.. I still can't believe I am free too!
    That is great your walking every day, keep it up, it does make you feel better and Sleep better too.
    Baby Steps.. As time goes on you will not even think about it anymore.
    Stay Strong Geoffrey, God Bless, Rose
    geoffrey1957 replied to rosecastillo_favio's response:
    Hello Rose,
    Thank you so much for the Moral Support and also, the Kind Words Of Encouragement.
    1. ) Well Rose, did you experience something like, " you want to take a deep breath, but you end up taking only a short breath ? "
    2. ) Did you also get that feeling that you want to yawn, but you kind of don't yawn the normal full yawn ?
    I did not experience these symptoms when I was smoking. I am so afraid. I know exercise will eventually cure me. Please suggest some breathing exercises and any other exercises that might help me.
    Thanks Rose. My apologies for asking you ridiculous questions.
    God Bless., Geoffrey.

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