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    Need Support while Quitting Cigaretts
    An_267095 posted:
    Greetings all..I am sooooo wanting to quit smoking, but have no support . All my friends smoke, I live alone, retired nurse(go figure) and have smoked everyday for the past 50 plus years, a pack a day..I am so sick of the smell, and financial burden, the knowledge I am addicted to a small long thin stinky smokey thing..My fear is going Cold Turkey, which is what I plan to do. I don't want to take a drug to quit, heck why quit one drug for another, makes no logical sense to me. I FEAR WITHDRAW, the Unknown, and with no support, or encouragement I know its gonna be hard. I need someones support who understands and has walked the walk. Would love to hear from anyone who is going thru this, or is beginning the journey, as I am. I have one pk left, and I have been TRYING to limit what I take out. I want so much to be free of this substance that has really robbed my of my ability to enjoy things without worrying about where or if I can afford a pack of cigarettes. That's shameful to me and very degrading. Everything is smoke free now, workplaces, apartments, just about everywhere you love to go, and feel like a criminal standing outside off the the side takin a drag, because your weak, or really under a serious addiction. I am sick of feeling like a second hand citizen , and looked upon as some kind of hood rat. I am an educated woman who raised two successful daughters as a single mother. I have been thru the thunderstorms of everything anyone could fathom. But, cant say no to a cigarette. I wonder why its seems so easy for Men to just quit. Women are really the stronger and more determined not to mention just a worthy, then why is it so much harder for Women than a man to just stop,throw the things out the window and go about your daily activities like IT AINT NO BIG THING. Most people I have talked to wouldn't quit because of weight, well everyone gains and looses weight, besides at my age, if I gain weight its just Gods way of preparing me for puree food. Not a joking matter, I know, but there has to be a happy medium some where. I was raised in a home where My dad smoked but my Mother never did. None of my 2 sisters smoke, and my daughters don't as well..Me, well, I was the youngest of 3 girls, and always marched to my own tune. Not defiant, but basically did what I felt was acceptable. Back in the day it was cool ta smoke, everyone did it, either the plain ones like Lucky Strike, Old Golds, or Camels, that I use to sneak out of the cigarette dish on our coffee table. Old Golds was my first smoke. Dad caught me, and took me down into our cellar, sat me on an old wooden box, handed me a pipe, cigar, and a cigarette..smoked'em all and never blinked an eye.That should have been my first red flag that I was gonna be a smoker, cause I liked it. Started in the 60's up until 2016. Common sense should tell me ITS TIME TO QUIT. My overall health is good. But I can feel myself slowing down a lot these days. Not much energy, and just so tired of having that feeling that everyone else can catch a whiff of an old woman as she passes buy. Not the smell of mold, moth balls, liquor, or old socks, but the smell of stale smoke. That always offended me, and I am a smoker as well. What do people that I pass along the street, mall, grocery store etc; smell? I can tell ya. its stale Cigarette smoke, and that is offensive to me. I have asked myself this question so many times, Why don't you just quit, never tried to, why? Because everyone else was. Sad but true. Now this was 40 years ago, now times have changed, as well as the social stigma associated with smokers. I don't know if this Discussion is appropriate, for this forum, but this is my truth. I wonder how many other people have had the same thoughts as I have had for many years but were too afraid, to take a different approach. Today there are so many self help groups, drugs to curb the desire(which I flat refuse to take) Group therapies,etc; As for me, I want to smell nothing but my perfume.

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