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    How I quit smoking
    pinkcloudtracy posted:
    I've smoked most of my life and I'm over 50 now. I wanted to be able to play with my grand children and the cost and smell of cigarettes are horrible and all the toxic chemicals I'm inhaling.

    I ordered a starter packet from Bloog and I have not looked back! I've seen folks who hated the e-ciggs and I think it's because they got crappy products. The ones I ordered are made in the USA and all ingredients were listed. I smoked menthol and their menthol and mint were so great they tasted better by far than my old cigarettes. I got watermelon and several other fruit flavors. I went from 24 mgs down to 0 mgs in less than a month.

    It's water vapor and flavoring and it works. Lots of people have lots to lose if big tobacco business goes under. Why do you think they are still legal? If they are SO DEADLY, why on earth can we buy them? I break the law by not wearing a seat belt but not by smoking something that kills so many? Use common sense here. Big tobacco will do ANYTHING to keep us hooked.

    There is NO WAY my vapor can be 1000th as harmful as my smokes were.

    Folks use your heads here. It works and it works well. Get a quality e-cig and if you don't like the first, try another. It took me a while to get used to cigarettes when I was a kid, maybe it will take you a few trys. I just got lucky.

    Bloog has some great sales right now and I use a coupon code of INAA and get a discount. I am personally stocking up on my favorite products before "my government," protects me right to the grave.

    Let the REAL statistics speak for themselves. THEY WORK!

    When someone starts doing some real comprehensive studies and proves me wrong, groovy. Until then, it's my experience that wins out. I'm not smoking and have no desire to.

    I hope ONE person reads this and tries it for themselves. The proof is in the pudding.

    I love Bloog products, they are awesome and like I said having a coupon code helps; INAA

    But PLEASE order from anyone in the USA and see for yourself. Lets see if we can shut down big tobacco before they squish and censor any hope we may have.
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    What might work for those who have tried everything?Expert
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