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    lukeperry posted:

    I missed Mass last Sunday, because I didn't have a ride. I couldn't find you anyplace on this board. All I see is the strange girl who see's death. Wow! What a weird night she had. Sorry for your weird life and death experience. Becca, what church do you go to, when your not working?

    How is your health today? I just remembered that today is Sat., so I have to go to Mass tomorrow. Sometimes I don't feel like going and I have to make myself!

    My neurosurgeon was Fri., and the tumor hasn't grown any! That's the great news. The bad news is, now I have to go to another doctor for my migraines,(a neurologist) and pay again! It seems neurosurgeons only do brain surgery.(how many could he be doing a day? what a joke!) They could have told me this on the phone, and I would have made my appt. with a neurologist, instead of having to pay for the same kind of doc twice! $$$$ All they care about is money!

    How's your hubby? Did you tell me that you were going to have to have some kind of surgery, I can't remember? My Chemo brain! Write me when you get the chance.
    lukeperry responded:
    Becca, where are you???? I'm worried!!!

    wpooh27 responded:
    Hey nancy,
    How are you doing. i have been writing you on here. Not sure if you have been getting them I have been worried about you as well. My email address is [email protected] put nancy in the subject so that i know it is you but there is another way we can keep in touch. Yes that is all doctors care about is money. That is why i cant go to one. My husband was back in the hospital over the weekend. They said he didnt have no blockages. He has been having really high blood pressure though. No i am not going to have to have surgery i need to go see a doctor but cant afford it. I have been having some complications but cant afford to go. WE are really haveing trouble right now financly. Trying to find a way to get our vehicle paid offf so that it doesnt get repoed. Also, a way to get money to get tires on my van and to get up to see my grandbaby when it gets born in febuary. I am excited about that but i dont know if i am going to be able to because we are struggling that bad. I just wish there was someway to get relief. Sorry you didnt get to make it to mass. Hate to hear that. Didnt you think that women talking about death was just weird? So glad that the tumors hasnt grown any. There is a little girl that goes to our church she is 11 years old and she has tumors on her brain. She had chemo first then radiation, They did a tumor and said that the tumors has grown instead of shrunk, So they are going to try chemo again. She is a very sick little girl. I go to Tennessee Ridge Baptist Church when i am not working. Well guess i will let you go for now. Talk to you later. LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wpooh27 responded:
    where are u i am worried now??????

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