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    The freedom of FREE WILL
    All_is_One posted:
    My viewpoint of reality is that every single person has the FREE WILL to choose how they want to live their reality.

    If you REALLY start to think about it more closely, what you perceive as "reality" is truly UNIQUE, only to YOU.

    Now picture as well that anyone else has what they perceive as "reality". And to each individual, it is a completely UNIQUE reality to them.

    Here is an example: A guy named John and a guy named Adam are walking together down a quiet neighborhood street and suddenly a small child who had been playing in a nearby yard suddenly darts into the road, and is struck by a slow moving car.

    The child isn't killed, but is seriously hurt... there is blood everywhere, the person operating the vehicle is hysterical with horror at what he has done... People are rushing out of their homes, the child's mother comes running out, crying and freaking out!

    Ok, so in this case, John's perception of "reality" in this moment, this horrific accident, is unique even when compared to Adam. Adam also witnessed the same event, but since he is a sovereign being of God, witnesses it in his unique way.

    Each one will form different emotions about the accident. Both will form their own ways to deal with it, talk about it. For that is our God-given POWER.

    What if John started becoming depressed over watching that event. What if he had lost someone in an accident. Well this is how he perceived this situation.

    What if Adam noticed that the guy driving the car was texting. Well what if he became inspired to talk to everyone he met the dangers of texting while driving... This is Adam's perception of the event.

    What about the parents of the child, or the child herself? All these people were touched by a single event. But EACH and EVERY individual has the right to make of the situation what they will.

    If only people realized the freedom that comes with truly knowing this truth... that no matter what you experience in life, Y - O - U have the C H O I C E to meet any situation realizing other people's reality doesn't have to be yours!

    If someone rapes you, for example, you do not have to let their choices be yours. You can accept it, forgive the perpetrator, and be truly FREED from the negative situation.

    To conclude, realize the potential freedom of allowing your free will to not be infringed upon, while at the same time accepting that every person has the free will choice to live as they want. In doing this, you will be walking down the path of true spiritual englightenment, regardless of whatever belief you hold of God, or what religion you identify with.

    Sorry this is so long. I felt this needed to come out, for whoever wants to take the time to read it lol. I didn't revise it so if some parts don't make sense, I apologize. I wrote it in one sitting so I'll just leave it as is.
    lukeperry responded:
    There is only one reality. People who are sick see all different kinds of reality, they aren't normal. Both men should have instinctively ran out and tried to save the boy. There aren't different realities, except for schizophrenics. Do what's right, and God is on your side, helping. Think all those crazy thoughts that you think, he will still be on your side, but you need a shrink, also.

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